14 Letter Words With 'X'

Did you mean? Words containing the letters X in any order

We have listed all the words in the English dictionary that have the exact letters X in (in order), have a look below to see all the words we have found seperated into character length.

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There are 80 14-letter words with X in.
There are 0 14-letter abbreviations with X in.
There are 136 14-letter phrases with X in.

Words with...
Actinomyxidian29 Approximations27 Blaxploitation25 Botulismotoxin25 Chevaux-de-frise33 Coarse-textured24 Convexo-concave33 Counterexample27 Coxsackievirus32 Crossexamining26 Cyclooxygenase32 Deoxyadenosine26 Deoxyephedrine31 Deoxyguanosine26 Deoxythymidine34 Detoxification27 Dextrorotation22 Dextrorotatory25 Dideoxyinosine26 Exasperatingly27 Excommunicated30 Excruciatingly29 Exhibitionists26 Existentialism23 Existentialist21 Exothermically31 Experimentally28 Exponentiation23 Expostulations23 Expressionists23 Expressionless23 Expressiveness26 Expropriations25 Extemporaneous25 Exterminations23 Extinguishable27 Extinguishment27 Extortionately24 Extraneousness21 Extraordinaire22 Extrapolations23 Heterosexually27 Hydroxybenzene42 Hydroxyproline33 Hyperextension29 Inexorableness23 Inexplicitness25 Inexpressively29 Inexterminable25 Inflexibleness26 Inframaxillary29 Jewish-Orthodox38 Juxtapositions30 Laryngopharynx33 Lexicalisation23 Lexicalization32 Lexicographers29 Monocarboxylic32 Nitrogen-fixing26 Nonexplorative26 Nonexploratory26 One-sixty-fourth30 Orthomyxovirus32 Overcomplexity33 Oxidoreductase25 Oxidoreduction25 Oxyhaemoglobin32 Pentoxifylline29 Prefixbeatniks32 Pseudosmallpox28 Re-experiencing26 Rickettsialpox29 Self-expression26 Smooth-textured27 Thyrotoxicosis29 Transsexualism23 Underexploited25 Unexchangeable29 Unexpectedness26 Xenotransplant23
Acquired Reflex Act Reflexively Aluminium Oxide Annual Parallax Anxiolytic Drug Auditory Cortex Axillary Artery Axillary Cavity Axis Of Rotation Bacterial Toxin Bar Examination Barium Monoxide Barium Peroxide Bill Of Exchange Bisexual Person Bissextile Year Botulinum Toxin Botulinus Toxin Box Huckleberry Brachial Plexus Carbon Monoxide Carboxylic Acid Cerebral Cortex Cervical Plexus Chickweed Phlox Circumflex Vein Common Foxglove Complex Absence Computer Expert Coordinate Axis Creeping Oxalis Cytotoxic T Cell Deuterium Oxide Diagonal Matrix Double-bitted Ax Economic Expert Electronic Text Exclusive Right Excretory Organ Execution Speed Exercise Device Exhibition Area Exhibition Game Exhibition Hall Expense Account Express Emotion Extended Family Extension Agent Extension Phone Extensor Muscle Extreme Unction Extrinsic Fraud Federal Tax Lien Fixed Phagocyte Fixed-point Part Fixed-width Font Flax Rust Fungus Flux Applicator Foxglove Family Gene Expression Gluteus Maximus Hapax Legomenon Heat Exhaustion Heather Mixture Herpes Simplex 1 Herpes Simplex 2 Hypoxic Hypoxia Identity Matrix Inheritance Tax Ischemic Anoxia Knee-jerk Reflex Law Of Proximity Lexical Meaning Life Expectancy Magnesium Oxide Matrix Addition Maxillary Sinus Medical Expense Modal Auxiliary Mossy Saxifrage Muscle Relaxant Naproxen Sodium Non-cash Expense Oedipal Complex Oedipus Complex Oxalacetic Acid Oxidation State Oxidizing Agent Oxybutyric Acid Parietal Cortex Patellar Reflex Pedal Extremity Peroxide Blonde Plexus Celiacus Plexus Dentalis Plexus Lumbalis Plexus Sacralis Prefix Notation Progressive Tax Public Exposure Rate Of Exchange Reflex Epilepsy Reflex Response Regular Hexagon Relaxation Time Risk Of Exposure Safe-deposit Box Sex Segregation Sexual Activity Sexual Congress Sexual Conquest Sexual Morality Sexual Pleasure Sexual Practice Sexual Relation Sigmoid Flexure Silicon Dioxide Singular Matrix Six-gilled Shark Smoking Mixture Suckling Reflex Suffix Notation Sulphur Dioxide Syntax Language Taxonomic Group Textile Machine To A Great Extent Toxic Condition Toxic Waste Area Toxic Waste Dump Toxic Waste Site Toxin Antitoxin Withholding Tax Xiphoid Process Yellow Foxglove Zirconium Oxide