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Use underscore '_' for wildcard/blankeg. 'LSAPTN' matches Plants, Pant, Alps
eg. 'D_RT' matches Dirt, Dart, Dry

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    Jumble Solver Tool

    Need to unjumble letters? No problem!
    Enter your letters in the box above and hit search!

    How To Use

    How's it work?

    Our jumble solver tool will return all the words available that can be made from the letters you provide. Our unjumbler is extremely useful if you're stuck on a particular word game or puzzle and need a little help! You can also use it for games such as Scrabble, simply enter your letters and it will ping back all the words you can make!

    Step-by-step Guide:

    1. Enter your letters: Enter your letters in the search box above, if your word game has blanks or wildcards, you can enter an underscore(_) to represent this. The underscore will act as any letter and you can enter multiple underscores.
    2. Browse the results: After clicking search, you will be provided a list of results that have matched. All the words returned can be made from the letters you provided. 
      eg: If you entered "NALPRET", you've probably come up with some words by yourself such as "PLANE", "TRAP" etc, and these a great but you're missing out on better words, there are actually multiple 7 letter words you can make, such as "PLANTER" and "REPLANT". Our results instantly shows you the best words with the highest points.
    3. Filter your results: Our results page will show you every word you can make in clear and concise table. We've even gone above and beyond by allowing you to filter your results by game, region, maximum letters and more! Simple, efficient and most importantly...score smashing!
    4. Get more info: For each result, you can click on the word to find out more information, we've got meanings, alternative word forms, lemmas, plurals, synonyms, antonyms....you name it, we've got it! Think we don't?  Let us know

    Why Use WordDB's Jumbler Solver?

    1. Extensive database: We've put in a LOT of work to get every possible English word we can find, thats hundreds of thousands of words! New words are added every day as the dictionary is ever evolving.
    2. Time-saving: Spending ages trying to unjumble words yourself, then checking if the word is actaully a word? Forget that! Our average response time is less than 100ms, thats 0.1seconds! 
    3. Knowledge: You may think using our tool is cheating, but in fact it will improve your vocabulary immensely. You'll find words you never knew existed, and you'll be able to remember words and meanings like never before!
    4. Free to Use: Yep, we're free! No hidden agenda, no fees, no requirements, free for all! We do display some ads to help with keeping the servers running, but feel free to use ad blockers if you hate ads!

    Need Examples?

    Heres some examples in case you're still confused...

    1. Entering these letters will return..
    2. NALPRET: Returns: PLANTER, ENTRAP, PLAN, NEAT, AT, etc. Try it
    3. NLAP: Returns: PLAN, PAN, LAP, etc. Try it
    4. NLAP_: Returns: ZAP, PLANK, PLAN, PAN, LAP, etc (the wildcard/underscore can be anything). Try it
    5. NLAP__: Returns: LAZY, LYNX, ZAP, PLANK, PLAN, PAN, LAP, etc (the 2 wildcards/underscores can be anything). Try it
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