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Wordle Solver Tool

Stuck on todays Wordle? Need a little help? We've got you with our Wordle Solver Tool!
Enter any placed letters, valid letters and/or invalid letters below and click that search button!

Updated: 24th April 2024 - Fixed a bug when using the same letter more than once. 
Updated: 18th April 2024 - Auto selects next field after input, as requested by users. 
Updated: 2nd March 2024 - Ordered potential answers by most likely to be correct.

How To Use

How's it work?

We have an extensive database of 5 letter words, over 10k actually! So trying to find the correct Wordle word can be somewhat tricky! We will take any placed letters, valid letters and invalid letters and send them through our algorithm to ping back any potential words which match! Our Worlde Solver is rather amazing and takes 0.1 seconds!

Step-by-step Guide:

  1. Enter any placed letters: If you know any letters that have been placed in the correct position, enter them in the green boxes above in the correct position, this will help narrow down the results! This is not required but helps!
  2. Enter any valid letters: If you have any gold/yellow letters which are valid but in the incorrect order, enter them in the gold boxes above. Any order will do fine.
  3. Enter any invalid letters: If you have any grey letters (invalid letters), enter them in the grey box above in any order.
  4. Check the results: Hit the search button and we will show you every possible word that matches! If there are too many results, try another word on Wordle to add more valid or invalid letters. The more letters you provide us, the better we can narrow down any possibilties until you're left with the correct answer! It's like magic!
  5. Get more info: Got the answer but have no idea what the word means? Click the word to find out more information from definitions, synonyms, rhymes and more!

Why Use Our Wordle Solver Tool?

  1. Our database: We've got every 5 letter English word available in our database so you can be assured we have the correct Wordle word each and every day!
  2. Less attempts: We all want to get the Wordle answer on the first attempt, that would be great wouldn't it! Somewhat impossible though! It's entirely possible to get the answer on the second attempt however with our tool. 
  3. Improve knowledge: Without our tool, you'll be trying the same old words you've got in your vocubulary, using our tool will let you in on a plethora of 5-letter words to entend your vocabulary in everyday use!
  4. Free to Use: We're free to use, we love words and developed WordDB for other word lovers and puzzle addicts across the globe! We do place some ads from time to time to help pay the server costs due to the millions of users we have. If you're not into ads, feel free to use an ad blocker such as AdBlock.

What Is Wordle?

Wordle was created by Josh Wardle and rapidly became extremely popular with players returning every day to keep their Wordle streak and find the answer. The game is simple, you are given six attempts to find a five letter word, if you guess incorreectly on the first go the letter will be highlighted either green, yellow or grey. If you have letters returned in green, this means that the letter is correct and in the right place, the yellow letters mean that the letter is valid but in the incorrect place and finally grey means the letter is not in the word at all.

You continue guessing words using your new found knowledge of the letter placements until you find the correct word, if you guess the correct word by the 6th turn, you win! Obviously, the quicker you guess the word the better your score!

Wordle Versions

The official and original Wordle game was bought by The New York Times for a reported sum of over $1M, you can now find the game as part of the New York Times games. There are various other Wordle games available where you don't have to wait a whole day to play, check out the Android and Apple app stores to find similar games.

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