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Use underscore '_' for wildcard/blankeg. 'LSAPTN' matches Plants, Pant, Alps
eg. 'D_RT' matches Dirt, Dart, Dry

    Anagram Finder Tool

    Looking to solve an anagram? No problem with our tool! 
    Let's say you have the word "AUCTIONED", enter that in our anagram solver tool and you'll be instantly provided with every word that can be made from "auctioned"! Little spoiler... "CAUTIONED" and "EDUCATION" are direct anagrams. But we'll provide you with shorter words too!
    Go ahead, enter any word or mix of letters...

    How To Use

    How's it work?

    Our anagram finder tool will take the letters you provided and scan our entire database for your letters in every possible combination to match any words that can be made. We can also handle wildcards too which you can enter using an underscore character(_), this will represent any character. We'll return any direct anagrams first (words that match the length of your search) and then any other shorter words that can also be made!

    How To Use Guide:

    1. Enter your letters or word: Enter any letters or word into the search box below, if you would like to use a wildcard that represents any character, enter an underscore(_). Then hit the search button!
    2. Get the results: We'll scan our database and return all the matches in a clear and concise table for you to browse through. 
      eg: If you entered "AUCTIONED", our algorithm will return "CAUTIONED" and "EDUCATION" which are direct anagrams with the same number of characters, we will also provide other shorter words that can also be made such as "CONDUIT" or "COUNTED"
    3. Filtering: You can filter the results to narrow down words that you would like to use, you can choose a maximum length, word game type, order by several metrics or display the top 10-100 matches.
    4. More info: Click on any word to get more information about the definition, usage and various other information.

    Why Use Our Anagram Solver Tool?

    An anagram solver tool is super helpful when playing word games, crosswords, puzzles, riddles and many other uses. Instead of trying to think of potential anagrams, you can simply enter your letters or word into our search box, hit search and be presented with every possible English word that can be made from your letters.

    Anagrams are regularly used in crossword puzzles as clues and can be somewhat tricky to work out at times, but fear not! WordDB's anagram solver can instantly return the answer! But what if the answer is not a dictionary word? No problem, try our crossword solver which has more than 6 million clues in the database from popular crossword puzzles such as The New York Times and many more.

    We've tried very hard to make WordDB the only palce you need for solving word games and puzzles, think we can do more? Tell Us Here

    Hints & Tips!

    Wildcards are your friends! Use an underscore(_) to represent any character. 

    Searching for "BANNER" will return words such as "BANE" and "BARE", but if you add in a wildcard, "BANNER_" will return "BRAZEN" and "ZEBRA".

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