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Known Letters Word Finder Tool

Stuck on a word puzzle but know the length and some letters? We've got you!

How To Use

How does it work?

Our "known letters tool" will help you when playing a word game where you know the length of the word and some of the letter. We take the length and any placement letters you know and send it to out algorithm to match up any words from our extensive database! We then return the results with all the possibilities!

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the tool:

  1. Select the length: Start by selecting the length of the word that you wish to find, this is required since it defines which letters need to be placed.
  2. Add any known letters: We will display a number of input boxes equal to the length of the word, if you know the first letter, enter that in the first box, and so on! Then hit search!
  3. Browse the results: After clicking "search", you will be presented with a list of potential words that match your requirements. We will display a maximum of 1,000 words in alphabetical order. You can further narrow down your search by adding more letters, the more letters known the better!
  4. Select your word: Review the suggested words and pick one that matches your puzzle, you can click on a word to get further information to help narrow down the possibilities.

Remember, while our known letters finder tool is a fantastic aid, it's also important to challenge yourself and use it wisely to enhance your puzzle-solving skills. So, the next time you're faced with a tough word game, trust WordDB to help you along the way! 

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