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Use underscore '_' for wildcard/blankeg. 'LSAPTN' matches Plants, Pant, Alps
eg. 'D_RT' matches Dirt, Dart, Dry

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    Word Unscrambler Tool

    Need to unscramble letters for a word game? Look no further, our word scramble solver tool will help!
    Enter your letters in the box above and click search!

    Updated: 18th March 2024 - Highlighted most common words.

    How To Use

    How's it work?

    Our word unscrambler / word scramble solver tool will take any letters your provide and return any possible words that can be made. You can also include wildcards using an underscore(_) which will represent any letter! We will send your letters to our word unscrambler algorithm and ping back any matching words!

    Step-by-step Guide:

    1. Enter your letters: Enter the letters (or word) in the search box above, if you are playing a word game which has blanks or wildcards, you can enter an underscore(_) to represent this. The underscore will act as any letter and you can enter multiple underscores.
    2. Browse the results: After clicking the search button, you will be shown all the words that match. All the words returned can be made from the letters you have provided. 
      eg: If you entered "IHLPTAOS", our algorithm will return "HOSPITAL" which is a direct anagram, we will also provide other shorter words that can also be made such as "POLISH" or "SPOILT"
    3. Filter your results: We will list your results sectioned by word length for easy navigation, we will also show you the top scoring words if you are playing a word game. The default game is Scrabble but this can be changed if you are playing a different word game. You can filter or order your results based on points, alphabetical or various other methods.
    4. Get more info: If you're unsure what a word means or if its a suitable answer for your word game, click the word to find out more, we'll advise you what it means, the usuage and other specifics.

    Why Use Our Word Unscrambler Tool?

    A word unscrambler lets you find words for a jumble of letters, it rearranges all the letters to match against words in the English dictionary that can be made from all the letters provided. There are many games and quizzes that require unscrambling letters to find a word and this is where word unscramblers come in handy if you cannot find the answer.

    Some may call word unscramblers cheating at a game or quiz however it actually improves your vocabulary and helps you improve your natural unscrambling abilities so that you become better and faster at solving the puzzle. Once you start using an unscrambler you will quickly start remembering variations of words and their patterns of letters, the next time you need to find a word you will naturally remember there are many words that end in "ING" for example or contain double-o.

    When you start to realize that there are so many combinations of the same word you will start improving your games and find longer words. For example, you may need to unscramble 5 letters to make a word, but then you may see there are longer words that contain that same word simply by adding "est", "ing", "er" or even pluralizing with a "s", this makes you gain more points, improves your thought process, improves your volcabulary and makes you remember which words can have multiple tenses or lemmas applied to them.

    Hints & Tips!

    After returning your results, you will be provided with words that can be made from your letters. But if you added another letter you could create a better scoring word. That's where wildcards come in handy! If you enter an underscore with your letters(_) you can find potential words you could make if you managed to get another letter in the mix!

    Searching for "ESTT" will return words such as "TEST" which is a 4 point Scrabble word, however if you added a wildcard you could see there is a 8 point word "TESTY" which only needs an extra "Y". If there's a "Y" on the Scrabble board you could potentially secure this word earning you extra points! 

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