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Do you need to find words similar to another? Are you interested in learning new words or need help finding high scoring words for word games such as Scrabbble or Words With Friends? WordDB.com is the perfect place to help you. We have hundreds of thousands of English words, phrases and abbreviations all categorized for easy navigation.
Find words with similar endings, similar beginnings and words that contain a series of letters.
Search words and their meanings and find anagrams, related words or words with similar letters.

Database Statistics:
  • Rhymes: 100m+
  • Synonyms: 5m+
  • Antonyms: 3m+
  • Definitions: 500k+
  • Sentences: 5m+
  • Idioms: 8k+
  • Anagrams: 10m+
  • Crossword Answers: 6m+
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