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Use underscore '_' for wildcard/blankeg. 'LSAPTN' matches Plants, Pant, Alps
eg. 'D_RT' matches Dirt, Dart, Dry

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    Scrabble Word Finder

    Struggling to make words out of your Scrabble letters? Bish, bash, bosh, let's get it!
    Enter your letters below and hit search to instantly find the best scoring words!

    How To Use

    How's it work?

    Our Scrabble word finder tool helps you choose high scoring words with the letters you have available on your tile rack. We will take your letters and send it to our Scrabble algorithm to extract all the words that can be made with your letters! Our database of words include official Scrabble words for both US and EU versions of the game.

    Step-by-step Guide:

    1. Enter your rack letters: Enter the letters you have available on your tile rack, if you have a blank enter an underscore(_). You dont need to enter all your letters if you want to save some, enter whatever you want to use. 
    2. Check the results: We will instantly return every word you can make from the letters you provided. Let's say for example you have the letters "POLKIHY", you'll probably be stuck for words, and rightly so, thats a terrible rack! However, WordDB to the rescue...we will ping back words such as "HOKILY" and "POKILY" which can get you 16 or 15 points! Who knew they were words, right? Well, now you do!
    3. Filter your results: Depending on where you live, theres a different official Scrabble dictionary of allowed words...  hmm, how do we know what's allowed then? Hooray, WordDB to the rescue yet again, we've got a filter to only show allowed words in your region. US and Canada can choose Scrabble US and Europe can choose Scrabble EU. There's other filters too such as maximum word length and word type.
    4. Get more info: If you're unsure about a particular word, just click it to find out more information. We will show you the meaning, context, synonyms, antonyms, example sentences, rhymes and lots more! Think we could add something else? Tell us.

    Why Use Our Scrabble Tool?

    1. Our database: The WordDB database is rather large, consisting of over 350k words and phrases. Not all of these words are official Scrabble words, but we've highlighted allowed words with the number of points it can score. New official words get added continuously so you'll never be out of date with possible score busting words!
    2. Time-saving: Scrolling through the dictionary is a time of the past, we can instantly return every single word that is available to play, listed in an easy and concise table ranked by the best score! Lickety-split!
    3. Knowledge: Using our tool can be considered cheating by some, especially by an opponent who is not happy with your choice of word, but the more you use our tool the more you will remember alternative words for future games. It improves your knowledge over time which will also help you in various other aspects of life!
    4. Free to Use: We're free to use, always and forever! We'll never put the site behind a paywall or force you to enable ads. We do display some ads to help cover the cost of running the servers, with millions of users, the server costs are rather expensive, but if you dont like our ads, feel free to use an ad blocker such as AdBlock.

    Need Examples?

    Heres some examples in case you're still confused...

    1. Entering these letters will return..
    2. OOALIKS: Returns: LOOKS, KILOS, OAKS, SILK, SO, etc. Try it
    3. NPKOGI: Returns: POKING, PINK, KING, INK, KOI, etc. Try it
    4. NPKOGI_: Returns: JOKING, PORKING, ZING, POKING, PINK, KING, INK, KOI, etc (the wildcard/underscore can be anything). Try it
    5. NPKOGI__: Returns: ZINKY, ZONKING, JINX, GIZMO, JOKING, PORKING, ZING, POKING, PINK, KING, INK, KOI, etc (the 2 wildcards/underscores can be anything). Try it
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