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    Our database has hundreds of rhymes for over 350,000 words and phrases! That's millions of rhyming words all categorized, ranked and filterable to help you find the perfect match for your project! We strive to be the best! Don't think we are? Tell us

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    How To Use

    How's it work?

    Similar to other sites such as RhymeZone or Rhymer.com, enter a word into the search box and our algorithms will work out the phonetic sound of the word and match similar sounding words from our extensive database, we have a mix of algorithmic phonetical sounding words, similar ending words and manually assigned rhymes for each word in the English dictionary. Our tool will then work out which words are the best rhymes and assign a rank to each word, presented to you in a nice easy to read format.

    How To Use Guide:

    1. Enter your word: Enter any word into the search box, it doesn't even need to be a valid word, it can be a name, place, slang, anything! Then hit the search button!
    2. Get the results: We will scan our database for matching rhymes and present them in blocks separated by syllables for easy navigation. We'll also provide a "Top 20" list of rhymes which you can filter to help you find the best rhyme for your use case.
    3. Filtering: Filter by "Top 20" to "Top 100" rhymes, minimum letters, syllables, words/phrases and verbs/nouns etc. 
    4. More info: Click on any word to find out more information, pronunciations, lemmas, synonyms, antonyms, example uses and more!

    Why Use Our Rhyme Finder Tool?

    We have worked on our rhyming dictionary since 2016 (with RhymeDB.com) and have constantly been fine tuning our algorithms since including manual additions, we're pretty proud of what we've accomplished with rhymes for over 350,000 words and phrases, ranked and presented in a concise way for our users.

    There are a few other rhyming dictionaries available, however when it comes to quality of results, we're confident we're the best, of course we may be biased! If you think we can do better, please let us know! We're always looking to improve!

    Here's an example...

    Nothing rhymes with "Orange" right? Or so some lead you to believe!
    Well actions speak louder than words.. check out our rhymes for Orange

    Depending on how you pronounce words can have a huge impact on potential rhymes, as well as accents and syllable pronunciation speed. We've taken this all into account to present the best possible rhymes for each and every word. Check out other rhyming dictonaries for "Orange" and see the difference!

    We've helped millions of people across the globe find rhymes for multiple use cases, ranging from poetry to rap! Whatever your use case, we've tried to accomodate each and every aspect of your needs!
    Think we can add more features? Tell Us Here

    Hints & Tips!

    Struggling to find a perfect rhyme for a rare word or a slang term? Our tool supports invalid words, just enter the word how you would usually pronounce it and our algorithm will take care of the rest!

    Names are a common request for rhymes, names are also not dictionary words and it's an ever changing list! There's several different pronunciations of names with the same spelling for instance! Not a problem with our tool!

    Let's take the name "Leah", it's not in the dictionary but it's pronounced "Lear" or "Layer" depending on where you're from. We do our best to handle these situations so "Leah" will return plenty of results, however you can also search for "Lear" or "Layer" to fine tune your individual needs!

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