9 Letter Words With 'X'

Did you mean? Words containing the letters X in any order

We have listed all the words in the English dictionary that have the exact letters X in (in order), have a look below to see all the words we have found seperated into character length.

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There are 360 9-letter words with X in.
There are 0 9-letter abbreviations with X in.
There are 93 9-letter phrases with X in.

Words with...
Abaxially21 Acathexia21 Acathexis21 Adaxially20 Admixture19 Aflatoxin19 Amphioxus23 Antitoxic18 Antitoxin16 Anxieties16 Anxiously19 Areflexia19 Asexually19 Auxiliary19 Axiomatic20 Basifixed22 Battle-axe18 Battleaxe18 Bisexuals18 Box-shaped24 Boxoffice26 Buxomness20 Cacomixle22 Catalexis18 Celecoxib22 Climaxing21 Coaxingly22 Coexisted19 Complexes22 Complexly25 Connexion18 Convexity24 Cytotoxic23 Cytotoxin21 Deflexion20 Deoxidise18 Deoxidize27 Dexterity20 Dexterous17 Dextrorse17 Diazoxide27 Digitoxin18 Diplexers19 Doxazosin26 Dyslexics22 Effluxion22 Eighty-six23 Endotoxin17 Epiplexis20 Epistaxis18 Epitaxial18 Equinoxes25 Ex-gambler21 Ex-husband22 Exactness18 Examinees18 Examiners18 Examining19 Exanimate18 Exanthema21 Exarchate21 Exaugural17 Excavated22 Excavator21 Exceeding20 Excellent18 Excelling19 Excelsior18 Excepting21 Exception20 Excerpted21 Excessive21 Exchanged23 Exchanger22 Exchanges22 Exchequer30 Exciseman20 Excitable20 Excitedly22 Exclaimed21 Excluding20 Exclusion18 Exclusive21 Excoriate18 Excrement20 Excreting19 Excretion18 Excretory21 Exculpate20 Excursion18 Excursive21 Excusable20 Excusably23 Execrable20 Executant18 Executing19 Execution18 Executive21 Executors18 Executrix25 Exemplars20 Exemplary23 Exemplify26 Exempting21 Exemption20 Exercised19 Exerciser18 Exercises18 Exercycle23 Exergonic19 Exertions16 Exfoliate19 Exhausted20 Exhibited22 Exhibitor21 Exhorting20 Exhusband22 Existence18 Exmembers22 Exodontia17 Exodontic19 Exogamous19 Exogenous17 Exonerate16 Exorcised19 Exorciser18 Exorcisms20 Exosphere21 Exostosis16 Exoticism20 Exotropia18 Expanding20 Expansile18 Expansion18 Expansive21 Expatiate18 Expectant20 Expecting21 Expedient19 Expedited20 Expedites19 Expelling19 Expending20 Expensive21 Experient18 Expertise18 Expiation18 Expiative21 Expiatory21 Explained19 Explanans18 Expletive21 Explicate20 Exploders19 Exploding20 Exploited19 Exploiter18 Explorers18 Exploring19 Explosion18 Explosive21 Exponents18 Exporters18 Exporting19 Expositor18 Exposures18 Expounded20 Expounder19 Expressed19 Expresses18 Expressly21 Expulsion18 Expunging20 Expurgate19 Exquisite25 Exsiccate20 Extempore20 Extenders17 Extending18 Extensile16 Extension16 Extensive19 Extensors16 Extenuate16 Exteriors16 Externals16 Extirpate18 Extolling17 Extolment18 Extorting17 Extortion16 Extracted19 Extractor18 Extradite17 Extravert19 Extremely21 Extremest18 Extremism20 Extremist18 Extremity21 Extricate18 Extrinsic18 Extrovert19 Extrusion16 Extrusive19 Exuberant18 Exuberate18 Exudation17 Fixations19 Fixedness20 Fluxional19 Fluxmeter21 Foxhounds23 Gearboxes19 Heterodox20 Hexagonal20 Hexagrams22 Hexameter21 Hexestrol19 Hydroxide24 Hypertext24 Indexical19 Indexless17 Inexactly21 Inflexion19 Innoxious16 Jukeboxes29 Juxtapose25 Laxatives19 Letterbox18 Lexically21 Loxodrome19 Luxuriant16 Luxuriate16 Luxurious16 Mastopexy23 Maxillary21 Maximally23 Maximised21 Maximiser20 Maximises20 Mediatrix19 Minoxidil19 Multiplex20 Mycotoxin23 Myxoedema24 Myxovirus24 Neocortex18 Ninety-six19 Nonexempt20 Nonextant16 Nonsexual16 Noxiously19 Obnoxious18 Orthodoxy23 Overexert19 Oversexed20 Oxacillin18 Oxaprozin27 Oxidation17 Oxidative20 Oxidising18 Oxygenase20 Oxygenate20 Oxygenise20 Oxygenize29 Paddle-box22 Pansexual18 Paradoxes19 Paroxysms23 Pentoxide19 Peroxides19 Perplexed21 Phoenixes21 Piroxicam22 Pixilated19 Plexiglas19 Polymyxin26 Postboxes20 Postfixes21 Prefixing22 Prolixity21 Prothorax21 Proxemics22 Proximate20 Proximity23 Pyridoxal22 Pyroxenes21 Pyroxylin24 Quixotism27 Rattlebox18 Re-examine18 Re-explain18 Re-explore18 Reexamine18 Reflexion19 Reflexive22 Refluxing20 Relaxants16 Retroflex19 Rofecoxib23 Saxitoxin23 Saxophone21 Sex-linked21 Sexcapade21 Sextuplet18 Sexualise16 Sexuality19 Sexualize25 Shadowbox25 Simplexes20 Six-footer19 Sixteenth19 Sixty-five25 Sixty-four22 Sixty-nine19 Strongbox19 Subluxate18 Suffrutex22 Tamoxifen21 Tax-exempt27 Taxidermy22 Taximeter18 Taxistand17 Taxonomer18 Taxonomic20 Taxpayers21 Taxpaying22 Testatrix16 Tetroxide17 Textbooks22 Textually19 Thirty-six22 Thyroxine22 Tinderbox19 Toolboxes18 Twenty-six22 Unaffixed23 Unexcited19 Unexcused19 Unexpired19 Unisexual16 Unmixable20 Unrelaxed17 Uxoricide19 Vexations19 Vexatious19 Waxflower25 Waxmallow24 Well-fixed23 Woadwaxen23 Woodwaxen23 Xanthemia21 Xanthosis19 Xenograft20 Xenophobe23 Xeroderma19 Xerophile21 Xerophyte24 Xylophone24
Axe Handle Ballot Box Beaux Arts Blanc Fixe Box Camera Box Family Box Girder Box Number Box Office Box Spring Box Turtle Box Wrench Calyx Tube Card Index Cereal Box Coax Cable Common Axe Common Box Dialog Box Direct Tax Dot Matrix Epoxy Glue Estate Tax Ex Officio Ex Tempore Exam Paper Excise Tax Extra Time Factor XII False Flax Final Exam Fix-it Shop Fixed Cost Fixed Disk Fixed Star Flying Fox Fox Hunter Gag Reflex Goggle Box Hidden Tax Income Tax Index Case Index Fund Ipse Dixit Letter Box Major Axis Minor Axis Montan Wax Moss Phlox Moxie Plum Next Of Kin Nux Vomica Optic Axis Outlet Box Oxbow Lake Paddle Box Pas De Deux Pencil Box Pepper Box Pillar Box Prompt Box Reflex Arc Rock Hyrax Sand Phlox Sentry Box Sex Appeal Sex Change Sex Kitten Sex Manual Sex Object Sex Symbol Shadow Box Signal Box Silver Fox Single Tax Solar Apex Squawk Box Tax Credit Tax Income Tax Policy Tax Return Tax System Taxi Strip Toxic Site Vox Humana Vox Populi Wax Crayon Wax Figure Wax Insect Wax Mallow Wax Myrtle Western Ax Window Box