8 Letter Words With 'X'

Did you mean? Words containing the letters X in any order

We have listed all the words in the English dictionary that have the exact letters X in (in order), have a look below to see all the words we have found seperated into character length.

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There are 317 8-letter words with X in.
There are 0 8-letter abbreviations with X in.
There are 62 8-letter phrases with X in.

Words with...
Affixial21 Affixing22 Anatoxin15 Annexing16 Anorexia15 Anorexic17 Anoxemia17 Anoxemic19 Apomixis19 Apoplexy22 Appendix20 Asexuals15 Asphyxia23 Ataraxia15 Ataraxic17 Ataraxis15 Aviatrix18 Axeheads19 Axillary18 Axiology19 Axletree15 Axolemma19 Battle-ax17 Bauxitic19 Biconvex22 Bisexual17 Bordeaux18 Boxberry22 Boxthorn20 Breadbox20 Break-axe21 Breakaxe21 Broadaxe18 Cachexia22 Camelpox21 Carboxyl22 Cathexis20 Cicatrix19 Climaxed20 Climaxes19 Coexists17 Contexts17 Convexly23 Coxcombs23 Coxswain20 Crucifix22 Cybersex22 Detoxify22 Dextrose16 Dextrous16 Dioxides17 Doxology20 Dyslexia19 Dyslexic21 Epicalyx22 Ex-spouse17 Exacting18 Exaction17 Exalting16 Examined18 Examinee17 Examiner17 Examines17 Examples19 Exanthem20 Exbibyte22 Excavate20 Exceeded19 Excelled18 Excepted20 Excerpts19 Excesses17 Exchange21 Excising18 Excision17 Excitant17 Exciting18 Exclaims19 Excluded19 Excludes18 Excursus17 Excusing18 Execrate17 Executed18 Executes17 Executor17 Exegesis16 Exegetic18 Exemplar19 Exempted20 Exercise17 Exerting16 Exertion15 Exhaling19 Exhausts18 Exhibits20 Exhorted19 Exhuming21 Exigency21 Exiguity19 Exiguous16 Existent15 Existing16 Exmember21 Exocrine17 Exoergic18 Exogamic20 Exogenic18 Exorcise17 Exorcism19 Exorcist17 Exorcize26 Exordium18 Exoteric17 Exotherm20 Exotoxin22 Expanded19 Expander18 Expanses17 Expected20 Expedite18 Expelled18 Expended19 Expender18 Expenses17 Expertly20 Expiable19 Expiring18 Explains17 Explicit19 Exploded19 Exploder18 Explodes18 Exploits17 Explored18 Explorer17 Explores17 Exponent17 Exported18 Exporter17 Exposing18 Exposure17 Expounds18 Expunged19 Expunges18 Extended17 Extender16 Extensor15 Exterior15 External15 Extolled16 Extoller15 Extorted16 Extracts17 Extrados16 Extremal17 Extremes17 Extremum19 Extropic19 Extruded17 Exultant15 Exulting16 Exuviate18 Fifty-six24 Fixation18 Fixative21 Fixtures18 Flaxseed19 Flexible20 Flexibly23 Flextime20 Flexuous18 Fortknox22 Forty-six21 Foxberry23 Foxglove22 Foxholes21 Foxhound22 Foxhunts21 Foxiness18 Foxtrots18 Galaxies16 Glovebox21 Gloxinia16 Hexagons19 Hexagram21 Homeobox22 Horsebox20 Huxleian18 Hydroxyl25 Indexers16 Indexing17 Inexpert17 Influxes18 Intermix17 Intersex15 Larynxes18 Laxation15 Laxative18 Lexicons17 Loxapine17 Luxation15 Luxuries15 Lxxxviii32 Lynx-eyed22 Marxists17 Matchbox24 Matrixes17 Maximise19 Maximize28 Mexicans19 Mixology21 Mixtures17 Monoxide18 Myxedema23 Naloxone15 Naproxen17 Nontoxic17 One-sixth18 Opopanax19 Orthodox19 Ototoxic17 Outfoxed19 Outfoxes18 Oxazepam28 Oxbridge19 Oxidants16 Oxidised17 Oxidiser16 Oxidized26 Oxidizer25 Oximeter17 Oxtongue16 Oxymoron20 Oxytocic22 Oxytocin20 Paintbox19 Parallax17 Paroxysm22 Peroxide18 Pickaxes23 Plateaux17 Pontifex20 Poxvirus20 Preexist17 Prefixed21 Prefixes20 Pretexts17 Proximal19 Pyroxene20 Pyxidium23 Quixotic26 Ready-mix21 Reflexed19 Reflexes18 Reflexly21 Refluxed19 Relaxant15 Relaxing16 Sardonyx19 Saxatile15 Sexiness15 Sexology19 Sextants15 Sextette15 Sextuple17 Sexually18 Siloxane15 Six-sided17 Sixpence19 Sixpenny20 Sixtieth18 Sixty-one18 Sixty-six25 Sixty-two21 Smallpox19 Snuffbox23 Soundbox18 Suffixed22 Suffixes21 Superfix20 Supertax17 Sweatbox20 Tableaux17 Taxation15 Taxonomy20 Taxpayer20 Teletext15 Textbook21 Textiles15 Textural15 Textured16 Textures15 Thyroxin21 Toadflax19 Toxaemia17 Toxicant17 Toxicity20 Transfix18 Trioxide16 Tuxedoed17 Untaxing16 Uxorious15 Vexation18 Vixenish21 Vortexes18 Waxberry23 Waxiness18 Waxpaper22 Waxworks25 Xanthate18 Xanthine18 Xanthoma20 Xanthous18 Xenolith18 Xenotime17 Zootoxin24
Ax Handle Black Box Black Fox Bollix Up Box Elder Box Kodak Box Pleat Cigar Box Common Ax Dead Axle Death Tax Earth Wax Ex Gratia Ex Libris Ex Nihilo Exit Poll Extend To Factor IX Factor XI Fixed Oil Flax Rust Floor Wax Flux Unit Fox Grape Fox Shark High Jinx Idiot Box Live Axle Miter Box Mitre Box Mixed Bag Mixed Bud Money Box Music Box Next Door Oral Exam Pix Chest Press Box Prix Fixe Proxy War Pyx Chest Quick Fix Sales Tax Scale Wax Sex Crime Sex Drive Sex Gland Sex Organ Six Times Stamp Tax Tax Boost Tax Break Tax Haven Taxi Fare Taxi Rank Text File Voice Box Wax Light Wax Paper Wax Plant White Fox White Pox