7 Letter Words With 'X'

Did you mean? Words containing the letters X in any order

We have listed all the words in the English dictionary that have the exact letters X in (in order), have a look below to see all the words we have found seperated into character length.

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There are 310 7-letter words with X in.
There are 0 7-letter abbreviations with X in.
There are 53 7-letter phrases with X in.

Words with...
Top Scoring 7 Letter Words With X
Rank Word Length Scrabble WWF WordFeud
1 Xxxviii 7 31 32 19
2 Lxxxvii 7 31 33 19
3 Lxxxiii 7 28 29 16
4 Jukebox 7 27 31 27
5 Waxwork 7 24 24 20
6 Hydroxy 7 24 21 20
7 Cachexy 7 24 24 22
8 Lxxviii 7 24 26 16
9 Waxycap 7 24 25 22
10 Oxidize 7 24 24 20
Abaxial16 Adaxial15 Adnexal15 Affixal20 Affixed21 Affixes20 Annexal14 Annexed15 Annexes14 Antapex16 Antefix17 Anthrax17 Anxiety17 Anxious14 Apraxia16 Apraxic18 Asexual14 Auxesis14 Auxetic16 Auxinic16 Axehead18 Axially17 Axolotl14 Bandbox19 Bauxite16 Beeswax19 Benelux16 Betwixt19 Biaxate16 Biaxial16 Boxcars18 Boxed-in17 Boxfish22 Boxings17 Boxlike20 Boxtops18 Boxwood20 Braxton16 Breakax20 Broadax17 Bruxism18 Bureaux16 Buxomly21 Cachexy24 Cashbox21 Centrex16 Claxton16 Coaxial16 Coaxing17 Coexist16 Complex20 Conflux19 Context16 Coxcomb22 Deedbox18 Deep-six17 Dextral15 Dextran15 Dextrin15 Digoxin16 Dioxide16 Dioxins15 Doxepin17 Drexler15 Elixirs14 Epitaxy19 Epoxies16 Equinox23 Ex-mayor19 Exabyte19 Exacted17 Exactly19 Exalted15 Examine16 Example18 Exbibit18 Exceeds17 Excepts18 Excerpt18 Excised17 Excited17 Excites16 Exciton16 Exclaim18 Exclude17 Excreta16 Excrete16 Excused17 Excuser16 Excuses16 Execute16 Exegete15 Exempts18 Exerted15 Exhaled18 Exhales17 Exhaust17 Exhibit19 Exhorts17 Exhumed20 Exhumes19 Exigent15 Exiling15 Existed15 Exiting15 Exocarp18 Exoderm17 Exogamy20 Exotica16 Exotics16 Exotism16 Expands17 Expanse16 Expects18 Expends17 Expense16 Experts16 Expiate16 Expired17 Expires16 Explain16 Explode17 Exploit16 Explore16 Exports16 Exposed17 Exposes16 Exposit16 Expound17 Express16 Expunge17 Extends15 Extents14 Externs14 Extinct16 Extorts14 Extract16 Extrema16 Extreme16 Extropy19 Extrude15 Exudate15 Exuding16 Exulted15 Exurbia16 Exuviae17 Exuvial17 Exwives20 Fairsex17 Firebox19 Fixable19 Fixated18 Fixates17 Fixedly21 Fixings18 Fixture17 Flexile17 Flexing18 Flexion17 Flexure17 Flummox21 Fluxion17 Fox-trot17 Foxhole20 Foxhunt20 Foxiest17 Foxtail17 Foxtrot17 Galaxys18 Gateaux15 Gearbox17 Halifax20 Helixes17 Hendrix18 Hexagon18 Hexapod20 Hoaxers17 Hoaxing18 Hydroxy24 Hypoxia22 Indexed16 Indexer15 Indexes15 Inexact16 Jukebox27 Klaxons18 Kleenex18 Laxness14 Lexemes16 Lexical16 Lexicon16 Lockbox22 Luxuria14 Lxxviii24 Lxxxiii28 Lxxxvii31 Mailbox18 Marxism18 Marxist16 Maxilla16 Maximal18 Maximum20 Maxwell19 Meataxe16 Mexican18 Milieux16 Mixable18 Mixed-up19 Mixture16 Narthex17 Noxious14 Overtax17 Oxalate14 Oxfords18 Oxheart17 Oxidant15 Oxidase15 Oxidate15 Oxidise15 Oxidize24 Oxonian14 Oxtails14 Oxyacid20 Oxyopia19 Oxytone17 Paradox17 Perplex18 Perspex18 Phalanx19 Pharynx22 Phoenix19 Pickaxe22 Pillbox18 Play-box21 Playbox21 Poleaxe16 Postbox18 Postfix19 Pretext16 Proxies16 Proximo18 Pyrexia19 Rectrix16 Relaxed15 Relaxer14 Relaxes14 Relaxin14 Remixed17 Remixes16 Salpinx16 Saltbox16 Sandbox17 Saxhorn17 Sexiest14 Sexists14 Sexless14 Sextant14 Sextets14 Sextons14 Shoebox19 Simplex18 Six-fold18 Six-pack22 Six-spot16 Sixfold18 Sixpack22 Sixsome16 Sixteen14 Sixthly20 Sixties14 Soapbox18 Spandex17 Subtext16 Tax-free17 Taxable16 Taxfree17 Taxicab18 Taxiing15 Taximan16 Taxiway20 Telefax17 Telexes14 Textile14 Textual14 Texture14 Thaxter17 Thaxton17 Toolbox16 Tortrix14 Toxemia16 Triplex16 Tuxedos15 Unfixed18 Unmixed17 Unsexed15 Untaxed15 Unwaxed18 Uxorial14 Waxlike21 Waxwing21 Waxwork24 Waxycap24 Willcox19 Workbox23 X-linked19 X-raying18 Xerotes14 Xeroxes21 Xraying18 Xxxviii31
Ader Wax Alms Box Anal Sex Axe Head Axle Bar Bar Exam Bay Lynx Blue Fox Boom Box Box Beam Box Calf Box Coat Box Kite Box Seat Boxed In Cake Mix Call Box Coin Box Dice Box Excel At Factor X Fair Sex Faux Pas Fox Hole Gear Box Gift Tax Gray Fox Grey Fox Hand Axe Have Sex Jury Box Land Tax Milk Pox Mite Box Oral Sex Poll Tax Poor Box Safe Sex Sex Bomb Sex Cell Six Pack Tax Base Tax Bill Tax Form Tax Hike Tax Lien Tax Rate Tuck Box Water Ox Wax Bean Wax Moth Wax Palm XOR Gate