15 Letter Words With 'X'

Did you mean? Words containing the letters X in any order

We have listed all the words in the English dictionary that have the exact letters X in (in order), have a look below to see all the words we have found seperated into character length.

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There are 36 15-letter words with X in.
There are 0 15-letter abbreviations with X in.
There are 133 15-letter phrases with X in.

Words with...
Cyclooxygenase-132 Cyclooxygenase-232 Decarboxylation30 Dideoxycytosine32 Exchangeability33 Excommunicating31 Excommunication30 Exemplification31 Exhibitionistic29 Expeditiousness25 Experimentalism28 Experimentalist26 Experimentation26 Expressionistic26 Extemporisation26 Extemporization35 Exteriorisation22 Exteriorization31 Externalisation22 Externalization31 Extracurricular26 Extralinguistic25 Extraordinarily26 Heterosexualism27 Heterosexuality28 Hexachlorophene35 Inexpensiveness27 Lexicographical32 Lexicostatistic26 Marxist-Leninist24 Oxyphenbutazone41 Psychosexuality35 Self-examination27 Self-explanatory30 Unexceptionable28 Xeroradiography32
Aerobic Exercise Alto Saxophonist Amplexicaul Leaf Anorexia Nervosa Anthrax Bacillus Antianxiety Drug Anxiety Disorder Anxiety Hysteria Anxiety Neurosis Anxiety Reaction Arsenic Trioxide Atomic Explosion Autonomic Plexus Autumnal Equinox Auxiliary Boiler Auxiliary Engine Bank Examination Barium Hydroxide Barium Protoxide Bastard Toadflax Bathroom Fixture Benzoyl Peroxide Botulinum Toxin A Boxing Equipment Bristly Oxtongue Building Complex Business Expense Capital Gains Tax Chlorine Dioxide Coccygeal Plexus Complex Body Part Complex Fraction Complex Quantity Complex Sentence Crux Of The Matter Data Multiplexer Dementia Praecox Diurnal Parallax Double-bitted Axe Duplex Apartment Eastern Orthodox Exchange Premium Exclamation Mark Executive Agency Executive Branch Exhaust Manifold Explosive Charge Explosive Device Exposure Therapy Express Feelings Expressive Style Extension Course Extension Ladder External Carotid External Orifice External Storage Extinction Angle Extramarital Sex Fixed Intonation Flux Density Unit Foreign Exchange Freezing Mixture Futures Exchange Golden Saxifrage Grape Phylloxera Hearing Examiner Hexanedioic Acid Hydroxyl Radical Hypertext System Income Tax Return Interest Expense Ischemic Hypoxia Lamellar Mixture Lexical Database Lighting Fixture Lobbying Expense Locomotor Ataxia Manual Dexterity Matrix Inversion Matrix Operation Maxillary Artery Meadow Saxifrage Medical Examiner Mental Dexterity Mexican Standoff Moral Excellence Move Reflexively Myenteric Plexus Myotactic Reflex Nitrogen Dioxide Occipital Cortex One Hundred Sixty Oral Examination Oxaloacetic Acid Oxidation Number Personal Expense Pilomotor Reflex Pilot Experiment Plexus Cardiacus Plexus Caroticus Plexus Coccygeus Plumbing Fixture Postfix Notation Preliminary Exam Proportional Tax Pterygoid Plexus Pulmonary Plexis Pupillary Reflex Purple Saxifrage Ranalian Complex Reflux Condenser Refractive Index Russian Orthodox Same-sex Marriage Saxicolous Plant Saxifrage Family Sense Experience Sexual Inversion Sixty-fourth Note Slang Expression Sodium Hydroxide Stagnant Hypoxia Starry Saxifrage Stay Of Execution Stellar Parallax Stomach Exercise Temporal Ccortex Titanium Dioxide To A Lesser Extent Vitamin B Complex Wax-myrtle Family Writ Of Execution Xerophytic Plant