12 Letter Words That Start With 'M'

Find all the 12-letter words in the English language that start with M.

There are 337 12-letter words that begin with M.
There are 0 12-letter abbreviations that begin with M.
There are 250 12-letter phrases that begin with M.
Machinations19 Mackintoshes23 Macrobiotics20 Macrocephaly26 Macrocytosis21 Macroglossia17 Mademoiselle17 Magistrature15 Magnetically20 Magnetograph21 Magnetometer17 Magnificence22 Magniloquent24 Magnoliopsid18 Maidenliness15 Maidservants18 Mainstreamed17 Maintainable16 Majestically26 Major-general22 Malacologist17 Maladjustive25 Malefactions19 Malevolently20 Malformation19 Malfunctions19 Malignancies17 Malleability19 Malnourished18 Malnutrition14 Malocclusion18 Malpractices20 Maltreatment16 Malversation17 Man-about-town19 Manageresses15 Managerially18 Maneuverable19 Mangel-wurzel27 Manipulating17 Manipulation16 Manipulative19 Manipulators16 Mannerliness14 Manoeuvrable19 Manoeuvrings18 Manslaughter18 Manspreading18 Mantelpieces18 Manufactured20 Manufacturer19 Manufactures19 Marginalised16 Marginalises15 Marketplaces22 Marksmanship25 Marlinespike20 Marlingspike21 Maroon-purple18 Marriageable17 Marshmallows22 Marvellously20 Marvel-of-Peru22 Masquerading25 Massproduced20 Mass-produced20 Mastectomies18 Master-at-arms16 Masterminded18 Masterpieces18 Masterstroke18 Mastigophore20 Masturbation16 Materialised15 Materialises14 Materialists14 Mathematical21 Matriarchate19 Matriarchies19 Matricentric18 Matriculated17 Matrilineage15 Matteroffact22 Matter-of-fact22 Maturational14 Maximisation23 Maximization32 Mealymouthed23 Mealy-mouthed23 Meanderingly19 Meaningfully21 Meanspirited17 Measurements16 Mechanically24 Mechanisable21 Medievalists18 Meditatively21 Meetinghouse18 Megalocardia18 Megalomaniac19 Megalosaurus15 Melancholiac21 Melancholies19 Melodramatic19 Memorability21 Memorisation16 Memorization25 Mendaciously20 Meniscectomy23 Menstruating15 Menstruation14 Mercantilism18 Merchandiser20 Merchantable21 Mercifulness19 Meretricious16 Meritocratic18 Merrygoround19 Merry-go-round19 Mesoamerican18 Mesothelioma19 Metalanguage16 Metal-colored17 Metal-cutting17 Metal-looking19 Metallurgist15 Metalworking22 Metamorphism23 Metamorphose21 Metamorphous21 Metaphorical21 Metaphysical24 Meteoritical16 Meteorologic17 Methacholine22 Methaqualone26 Methodically23 Methotrexate24 Meticulosity19 Meticulously19 Metrological17 Metropolises16 Metropolitan16 Metrorrhagia18 Mezzo-relievo35 Mezzo-rilievo35 Mezzosoprano34 Mezzo-soprano34 Michelangelo20 Microbalance20 Microbiology22 Microbrachia23 Microbrewery24 Microcephaly26 Microcircuit20 Microcytosis21 Microfilming22 Microgrammes21 Microgravity23 Microphallus21 Microphoning22 Microprogram21 Microscopist20 Microseconds19 Microsurgery20 Midafternoon18 Middleweight23 Mid-September21 Mid-seventies18 Midsummer-men21 Mifepristone19 Mildmannered18 Mild-mannered18 Militainment16 Militaristic16 Miller's-thumb21 Milliammeter18 Millionaires14 Milliseconds17 Mimeographed23 Mind-altering16 Mindboggling20 Mind-boggling20 Mindlessness15 Minedetector17 Mineralogist15 Minesweepers19 Minesweeping20 Mingle-mangle18 Miniaturised15 Miniaturises14 Minicomputer20 Minimalistic18 Minimisation16 Minimization25 Ministration14 Minneapoliss16 Miraculously19 Mirthfulness20 Misadventure18 Misalignment17 Misallocated17 Misanthropes19 Misanthropic21 Misapprehend22 Misbehaviour22 Miscalculate18 Miscarriages17 Miscellanies16 Misconceived22 Misconstrual16 Misconstrued17 Misdemeanour17 Misdiagnosis16 Misdirecting18 Misdirection17 Misfortunate17 Misinterpret16 Misjudgement25 Misleadingly19 Misogynistic20 Misplacement20 Mispronounce18 Misquotation23 Misreckoning21 Misrepresent16 Missionaries14 Misspellings17 Misstatement16 Mistranslate14 Mistreatment16 Mitochondria20 Mnemonically21 Mnemotechnic23 Mobilisation16 Mobilization25 Moderateness15 Moderate-size24 Modification20 Modularising16 Moisturisers14 Moisturising15 Molestations14 Mollycoddler21 Momentaneous16 Monetisation14 Monetization23 Moneygrubber22 Moneylenders18 Money-spinner19 Mongolianism17 Monkey-wrench29 Monochromacy26 Monochromasy24 Monochromous21 Monogamously20 Monomaniacal18 Monometallic18 Mononucleate16 Monophthongs23 Monophysitic24 Monopolising17 Monopolistic18 Monorchidism22 Monosyllabic21 Monosyllable19 Monotheistic19 Monotonicity19 Monotonously17 Monumentally19 Moonlighting19 Moon-splashed20 Moralisation14 Moralization23 Morbilliform21 Mordaciously20 Morphallaxis26 Morphologies20 Mortgageable18 Mosquitofish29 Most-valuable19 Motherboards20 Motherfucker26 Motherliness17 Mothersinlaw20 Motionlessly17 Motivational17 Motorcycling22 Motorcyclist21 Motorisation14 Motorization23 Mountaineers14 Mountainside15 Mournfulness17 Mouse-colored17 Mouthbreeder20 Mouthtomouth22 Mucilaginous17 Mucopurulent18 Muddleheaded21 Mulligatawny21 Multichannel19 Multicolored17 Multi-colored17 Multifaceted20 Multifarious17 Multilateral14 Multilingual15 Multimillion16 Multipartite16 Multiplexers23 Multiplexing24 Multiplexors23 Multiplicand19 Multiplicity21 Multipurpose18 Multi-stemmed19 Multistoried15 Multivalence19 Multivalency22 Multivariate17 Multiversity20 Multivitamin19 Mumble-the-peg24 Municipality21 Munificently22 Musicianship21 Musicologist17 Musky-scented24 Mycobacteria23 Myringectomy25 Myrmecophile26 Myrmecophyte29 Mysteriously20 Mythological23 Mythologised22 Myxobacteria28
Macadamia Nut Machine Rifle Machine Screw Mackerel Scad Mackerel Shad Macular Edema Madder Family Magazine Rack Magical Power Magical Spell Magic Lantern Magic Realism Magnetic Core Magnetic Disc Magnetic Disk Magnetic Flux Magnetic Head Magnetic Mine Magnetic Pole Magnetic Tape Mahogany Tree Maiden Flight Maiden Voyage Main Diagonal Maitre D'hotel Major Fast Day Majority Rule Major Leaguer Major Premise Major Premiss Major Surgery Male Genitals Mallow Family Maltese Cross Mammary Gland Mandarin Duck Mandrake Root Manganic Acid Manhole Cover Manila Maguey Manilla Paper Man-made Fiber Man Of Affairs Man Of Letters Man-of-war Bird Man's Clothing Mansion House Mantis Shrimp Manual Labour Manual Of Arms Marabou Stork Marching Band Margaric Acid Marginal Cost Marine Animal Marine Iguana Marine Museum Marine Mussel Mariposa Lily Market Forces Market Garden Market Keeper Market Letter Market Square Marmalade Box Marriage Mart Married Woman Marrowfat Pea Marrow Squash Marsh Felwort Marsh Gentian Marsh Harrier Marsh Trefoil Marsupial Rat Martial Music Mashed Potato Masking Paper Masking Piece Mason's Trowel Mass Hysteria Mass Murderer Mass Spectrum Material Body Matter Of Fact Maturity Date Maule's Quince Meadow Beauty Meadow Bright Meadow Fescue Mean Distance Mean Solar Day Measuring Cup Measuring Rod Medial Rectus Medicine Ball Medieval Mode Medullary Ray Meeting House Meeting Place Melodic Theme Melting Point Membrane Bone Memorial Park Memory Access Memory Device Menage A Trois Mental Energy Mental Health Mental Object Mental Strain Merchant Bank Merchant Ship Mercy Killing Meringue Kiss Mescal Button Mesh Topology Messenger Boy Metallic Bond Metal Plating Meteor Shower Meteor Stream Meter Reading Method Acting Methyl Orange Methyl Phenol Metrical Foot Metrical Unit Metric System Middle Buster Middle Finger Middle School Miles Per Hour Miliary Fever Military Band Military Pace Military Post Military Rank Military Unit Milking Stool Milk Sickness Mine Detector Mine Disposal Mineral Jelly Mineral Pitch Mineral Water Minor Expense Minor Fast Day Minor Leaguer Minor Premise Minor Premiss Minor Surgery Minstrel Show Mint Geranium Missel Thrush Mission Bells Mistle Thrush Mistletoe Fig Mixed Economy Mixed Farming Mixing Faucet Mizzen Course Moderate Gale Modern Ballet Modifier Gene Modus Vivendi Mogdad Coffee Molasses Kiss Mollusk Genus Monetary Fund Monetary Unit Money Changer Money Handler Monkey Around Monkey Bridge Monkey Jacket Monkey Ladder Monkey Puzzle Monkey Wrench Monocot Genus Monofocal IOL Month By Month Moo Goo Gai Pan Mooring Tower Morality Play Morning Dress Morning Glory Morris Dancer Mortgage Deed Mortgage Loan Mortise Joint Mosquito Bite Mosquito Boat Mosquito Fern Mosquito Hawk Mother Figure Mother Fucker Mother Tongue Motor Aphasia Motor Control Motor Scooter Motor Vehicle Mound Builder Mountain Bike Mountain Fern Mountain Goat Mountain Lily Mountain Lion Mountain Mint Mountain Paca Mountain Pass Mountain Peak Mountain Pine Mountain Rice Mountain Rimu Mountain Rose Mountain Tent Mourning Band Mourning Dove Mourning Ring Moustache Cup Movable Feast Movie Theater Movie Theatre Mulberry Tree Mulligan Stew Multiple Star Murder Charge Muriatic Acid Murine Typhus Muscle Memory Muscle System Musical Drama Musical Genre Musical Group Musical Scale Musical Score Musical Style Musical Theme Musk Kangaroo Mussel Shrimp Mustard Agent Mustard Sauce Mutton Tallow Muzzle Loader Myelin Sheath Myristic Acid Myrtle Family Myrtle Spurge Mystery Novel Mystery Story