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There are 2 29-letter words, 118 29-letter phrases and 0 29-letter abbr's.
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united arab emirate monetary unitsouth-central dravidian languagesecond council of constantinoplescrutin uninominal voting systemsao thome e principe monetary unitnational volunteers associationmiddle east respiratory syndromemale internal reproductive organinternational olympic committeegiovanni pierluigi da palestrinafriedrich wilhelm august froebelferdinand joseph la menthe mortonedward george earle bulwer-lyttondmitri dmitrievich shostakovichdisseminated multiple sclerosisdisorganized type schizophreniacongregational christian churchcombination in restraint of tradechemical decomposition reactioncapital of the russian federationcapital of the dominican republicbusiness interruption insurancebusiness environmental analysisbaron de la brede et de montesquieuautomatic data processing systemantisocial personality disorderaleksandr nikolayevich scriabinacrylonitrile-butadiene-styrenewestern diamondback rattlesnakevyacheslav mikhailovich molotovvigna unguiculata sesquipedalisunited states department of stateunited states army special forcesultrasonic pulse velocity testertripleurospermum tchihatchewiitravel and entertainment accounttheory of punctuated equilibriumtheodore roosevelt national parkthelypteris palustris pubescensteodor josef konrad korzeniowskisupreme court of the united statessuperficial middle cerebral veinsuper-automatic espresso machinesubacute bacterial endocarditisstephanus johannes paulus krugerspecial weapons and tactics squadsir paul gavrilovich vinogradoffsir alfred charles bernard lovellsimulative electronic deceptionseven wonders of the ancient worldsetaria italica stramineofructasergei vasilievich rachmaninoffsecondary sexual characteristicsecond epistle to the corinthianssatureja calamintha officinalissalafast group for call and combatreverse transcriptase inhibitorrene antoine ferchault de reaumurreduced instruction set computerreceived pronunciation languageprinciple of liquid displacementprince william, duke of cumberlandpressure-feed lubricating systempresident william henry harrisonperisoreus canadensis capitalisodocoileus hemionus columbianusnational intelligence communitynational association of realtorsmeteorological observation postmaturity-onset diabetes mellitusmanuel rodriquez patriotic frontlydia kamekeha paki liliuokalanilauritz lebrecht hommel melchiorketoacidosis-resistant diabeteskendall partial rank correlationkatmai national park and preserveinternational sea and swell scaleimaginary part of a complex numberhydrangea macrophylla hortensishelmut heinrich waldemar schmidthealth maintenance organizationgrigori aleksandrovich potemkingeorges joseph christian simenongeorg friedrich bernhard riemanngeneral services administrationgaius plinius caecilius secundusfyodor mikhailovich dostoyevskyfrancisco jose de goya y lucientesfourth council of constantinoplefibrocystic disease of the breastfeodor mikhailovich dostoyevskyfederal aviation administrationexecutive office of the presidentenvironmental protection agencyenvironmental business analysiselectronic simulative deceptionelectron paramagnetic resonancedrug enforcement administrationdirector of central intelligencedenali national park and preservedecimal system of classificationcypripedium calceolus pubescenscouncil of basel-ferrara-florencecontinuity irish republican armyconstitution of the united statescomplex instruction set computercommand processing overhead timecombined transport bill of ladingcockcroft and walton acceleratorcharles louis napoleon bonapartebreach of the covenant of warrantybernd heinrich wilhelm von kleistbergen-belsen concentration campautoclaved lightweight concretearrhenius theory of dissociationanonymous file transfer protocolalfred habdank skarbek korzybskiage-related macular degeneration
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