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(noun, adj.sat, verb)


There are 21 meanings of the word Dress.

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Dress - as an adjective satellite

Suitable for formal occasions

Example: "A full-dress uniform"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)

(of an occasion) requiring formal clothes

Example: "A dress dinner"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)

Dress - as a verb

Provide with clothes or put clothes on

Example: "Parents must feed and dress their child"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)
apparel11clothe11enclothe13fit outgarb7garment10habilitate15raiment9tog4
Hypernyms (Closely Related)
change stateturn4
Hyponyms (Broadly Related)
Antonyms (Opposite Meaning)

Put a finish on

Example: "Dress the surface smooth"

Dress in a certain manner

Example: "She dresses in the latest paris fashion"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)
dress up
Hypernyms (Closely Related)
dress6get dressed
Hyponyms (Broadly Related)

Dress or groom with elaborate care

Example: "She likes to dress when going to the opera"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)

Kill and prepare for market or consumption

Example: "Dress a turkey"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)
dress out

Arrange in ranks

Example: "Dress troops"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)
line up

Decorate (food), as with parsley or other ornamental foods

Synonyms (Exact Relations)

Provide with decoration

Example: "Dress the windows"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)

Put a dressing on

Example: "Dress the salads"

Cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of

Example: "Dress the plants in the garden"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)
clip8crop8cut backlop5prune7snip6trim6
Hypernyms (Closely Related)
thin out
Hyponyms (Broadly Related)

Cut down rough-hewn (lumber) to standard thickness and width

Convert into leather

Example: "Dress the tanned skins"

Apply a bandage or medication to

Example: "Dress the victim's wounds"

Hypernyms (Closely Related)
care fortreat5
Hyponyms (Broadly Related)

Give a neat appearance to

Example: "Groom the dogs"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)

Arrange attractively

Example: "Dress my hair for the wedding"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)
Hypernyms (Closely Related)
Hyponyms (Broadly Related)

Example Sentences

"I bought a new dress for the party."
"She wore a beautiful red dress to the event."
"The little girl twirled around in her pretty princess dress."
"He attended the wedding wearing an elegant tuxedo dress."
"My mother gave me her old wedding dress."
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Word Game Points

Is DRESS a valid Scrabble word?
Yes, dress is valid for both Scrabble US and EU
US/CA Valid UK/EU Valid

DRESS has a SCRABBLE points total of 6.

Is DRESS a valid Words With Friends word?
Yes, dress is valid for Words With Friends
Valid Word
DRESS has a WORDS WITH FRIENDS points total of 6.

Is DRESS a valid WordFeud word?
Yes, dress is valid for WordFeud
Valid Word
DRESS has a WORDFEUD points total of 6.

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