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Are (noun)

a unit of surface area equal to 100 square meters



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Acre6 Aery7 Ager5 Aire4 Aper6 Area4 Aren4 Arse4 Aver7 Bare6 Bear6 Brae6 Care6 Dare5 Dear5 Earl4 Earn4 Ears4 Eras4 Erna4 Eyra7 Fare7 Fear7 Fera7 Gear5 Hare7 Hear7 Kera8 Mare6 Near4 Pare6 Pear6 Race6 Rage5 Rake8 Rale4 Rape6 Rare4 Rase4 Rate4 Rave7 Raze13 Read5 Real4 Ream6 Reap6 Rear4 Rhea7 Sear4 Sera4 Tare4 Tear4 Tera4 Urea4 Vera7 Ware7 Wear7 Year7 Abler7 Acerb9 Acers7 Acres7 Adder7 Adore6 Adrea6 Aegir6 Aerie5 Afire8 After8 Agers6 Agree6 Aider6 Aimer7 Aired6 Alder6 Alert5 Alter5 Amber9 Ameer7 Anger6 Apery10 Arame7 Arced8 Ardeb8 Areal5 Areas5 Areca7 Arena5 Arent5 Arere5 Arete5 Argue6 Arise5 Arles5 Armed8 Armen7 Armer7 Armet7 Arose5 Arter5 Asker9 Asper7 Aster5 Auger6 Avers8 Avert8 Aware8 Azure14 Bader8 Baker11 Barbe9 Barde8 Bared8 Barer7 Bares7 Barge8 Barre7 Barye10 Baser7 Beard8 Bears7 Beira7 Berna7 Berta7 Blare7 Blear7 Brace9 Brake11 Brave10 Braze16 Bread8 Break11 Bream9 Caber9 Cadre8 Cager8 Caper9 Cared8 Carer7 Cares7 Caret7 Carle7 Carne7 Carte7 Carve10 Cater7 Caver10 Ceara7 Cedar8 Ceras7 Clear7 Crake11 Crane7 Crape9 Crate7 Crave10 Craze16 Creak11 Cream9 Dared7 Daren6 Dares6 Dears6 Deary9 Debar8 Debra8 Derma8 Dewar9 Drake10 Drape8 Dread7 Dream8 Drear6 Eager6 Eagre6 Eared6 Earls5 Early8 Earns5 Earth8 Eater5 Eggar7 Elgar6 Erase5 Erica7 Ermas7 Ewart8 Extra12 Facer10 Faery11 Faker12 Farce10 Fared9 Fares8 Fears8 Feral8 Feria8 Flare8 Frame10 Freak12 Freya11 Gamer8 Gears6 Glare6 Grace8 Grade7 Grape8 Grate6 Grave9 Graze15 Great6 Grega7 Haler8 Hared9 Harem10 Hares8 Harle8 Harre8 Hater8 Heard9 Hears8 Heart8 Herta8 Irate5 Korea9 Lacer7 Lager6 Lamer7 Large6 Laser5 Later5 Laver8 Laxer12 Layer8 Learn5 Macer9 Maker11 Marek11 Mares7 Marge8 Maser7 Mater7 Mazer16 Meara7 Merna7 Merta7 Metra7 Nacre7 Namer7 Nears5 Ohare8 Opera7 Orate5 Pacer9 Padre8 Pager8 Paler7 Paper9 Pared8 Parer7 Pares7 Parse7 Parte7 Parve10 Pater7 Pawer10 Payer10 Pearl7 Pears7 Petra7 Prate7 Raced8 Racer7 Races7 Raged7 Ragee6 Ragen6 Rages6 Raise5 Raked10 Rakes9 Ramee7 Ramie7 Ranee5 Range6 Raped8 Raper7 Rapes7 Raphe10 Rarer5 Rased6 Rated6 Ratel5 Rater5 Rates5 Raved9 Ravel8 Raven8 Raver8 Raves8 Rayed9 Razed15 Razes14 Re-arm7 Reach10 React7 Reads6 Ready9 Realm7 Reals5 Reams7 Reaps7 Rearm7 Rears5 Reata5 Reave8 Recap9 Regal6 Relax12 Relay8 Remap9 Renal5 Repay10 Reran5 Resea5 Saber7 Sabre7 Safer8 Saner5 Saree5 Sarge6 Saver8 Scare7 Sears5 Serai5 Serra5 Share8 Shear8 Smear7 Snare5 Spare7 Spear7 Stare5 Swear8 Taker9 Tamer7 Taper7 Tares5 Tater5 Taxer12 Tears5 Teary8 Teras5 Terra5 Tetra5 Trace7 Trade6 Trave8 Tread6 Treat5 Urate5 Velar8 Verda9 Verla8 Verna8 Versa8 Wader9 Wafer11 Wager9 Waker12 Wares8 Water8 Waver11 Wears8 Weary11 Wreak12 Yearn8 Years8 Zaire14 Zebra16