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Acre (noun)

a unit of area (4840 square yards) used in English-speaking countries

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Acerb9 Acers7 Acres7 Arced8 Areca7 Brace9 Caber9 Cadre8 Cager8 Caper9 Cared8 Carer7 Cares7 Caret7 Carle7 Carne7 Carte7 Carve10 Cater7 Caver10 Ceara7 Cedar8 Ceras7 Clear7 Crake11 Crane7 Crape9 Crate7 Crave10 Craze16 Creak11 Cream9 Erica7 Facer10 Farce10 Grace8 Lacer7 Macer9 Nacre7 Pacer9 Raced8 Racer7 Races7 Reach10 React7 Recap9 Scare7 Trace7 Accrue10 Acorea8 Acuter8 Amerce10 Apercu10 Arcade9 Arcane8 Arched12 Archer11 Arches11 Archie11 Arcsec10 Backer14 Braced11 Bracer10 Braces10 Breach13 Cabler10 Cadger10 Caesar8 Caffer14 Caffre14 Caller8 Calmer10 Camber12 Camera10 Camper12 Cancer10 Canker12 Canner8 Canter8 Capers10 Capper12 Carafe11 Carded10 Carder9 Careen8 Career8 Carers8 Caress8 Carets8 Caribe10 Caries8 Carmel10 Carpel10 Carper10 Carpet10 Carrel8 Carsey11 Carted9 Cartel8 Carter8 Carved12 Carven11 Carver11 Carves11 Casern8 Caster8 Caters8 Cavern11 Cavers11 Cedarn9 Cedars9 Cellar8 Cerate8 Cereal8 Cetera8 Chared12 Charge12 Chaser11 Chorea11 Claret8 Claver11 Clears8 Coarse8 Coaxer15 Cornea8 Cradle9 Craned9 Cranes8 Crater8 Crates8 Craved12 Craven11 Craves11 Crazed18 Crazes17 Creaks12 Creaky15 Creams10 Creamy13 Crease8 Create8 Credal9 Cretan8 Crimea10 Curare8 Curate8 Dancer9 Darice9 Ecarte8 Echard12 Eclair8 Eparch13 Ericas8 Escarp10 Eschar11 Exarch18 Facers11 Farces11 France11 Graced10 Graces9 Hacker15 Lacier8 Lancer8 Marcel10 Marice10 Nectar8 Orache11 Oracle8 Pacers10 Packer14 Parcel10 Parsec10 Placer10 Prance10 Preach13 Raceme10 Racers8 Rachel11 Rachet11 Racier8 Racked13 Racker12 Racket12 Reacts8 Recall8 Recant8 Recaps10 Recast8 Rectal8 Redact9 Redcap11 Reface11 Relace8 Repack14 Rescan8 Sacred9 Saucer8 Scaler8 Scarce10 Scared9 Scarer8 Scares8 Scarey11 Sclera8 Scrape10 Screak12 Scream10 Search11 Secpar10 Spacer10 Tacker12 Traced9 Tracer8 Traces8 Trance8 Wacker15