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End Of The Earth Crossword Clue

There is 1 exact and 159 possible answers.
We've checked our database and believe the answer is POLE which was last seen in the New York Times crossword.
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We think the answer to this crossword clue is: POLE

Best Possible Answers

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199%4Exact Match!
221%9 Festival celebrating the end of Mary's life on earth
321%10 Opposite end of the Earth from the North Pole

About This Clues Answer

We think the answer is "POLE" which means:

  • • A long (usually round) rod of wood or metal or plastic
  • • A native or inhabitant of poland
  • • One of two divergent or mutually exclusive opinions
  • • A linear measure of 16.5 feet
  • • A square rod of land
  • • One of two points of intersection of the earth's axis and the celestial sphere
  • • One of two antipodal points where the earth's axis of rotation intersects the earth's surface
  • • A contact on an electrical device (such as a battery) at which electric current enters or leaves
  • • A long fiberglass sports implement used for pole vaulting
  • • One of the two ends of a magnet where the magnetism seems to be concentrated
  • verb
  • • Propel with a pole
  • • Support on poles
  • • Deoxidize molten metals by stirring them with a wooden pole

An example sentence would be:

  • • "He planted a flag on top of the pole."
  • • "I need to buy a new fishing pole."

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New York Times11 Jun 2024 Across 21
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