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New York Times Answers - Tuesday, 11th June 2024

There are 37 across clues and 37 down clues for the New York Times crossword on Tuesday, 11th June 2024. View the answers below..

The Answers

Number# Clue Answer
AAcross 1: Trunk appendage
AAcross 5: Schleps
AAcross 9: Goes clubbing?
AAcross 14: Danish shoe brand
AAcross 15: Up to the task
AAcross 16: Poet Frank who led the 1950s-'60s "New York School"
AAcross 17: *Crazy forGAGAABOUT
AAcross 19: Stringed Indian instrument
AAcross 20: Camera type, for shortSLR
AAcross 21: End of the earth
AAcross 22: Verbal equivalent of tomato-throwing
AAcross 23: *Title role for Lee Marvin in a 1962 westernLIBERTYVALANCE
AAcross 26: Trees that produce moth-repelling oil
AAcross 27: Aware of, as a plot
AAcross 28: Increase
AAcross 29: Exec's helper: Abbr.ASST
AAcross 31: Cutting onomatopoeia
AAcross 35: Goose egg
AAcross 36: *Get seriously fortunate
AAcross 39: Gold, in GaliciaORO
AAcross 40: Pedometer unit
AAcross 42: Bring up
AAcross 43: "Gimme five!"UPTOP
AAcross 45: Word with history or exam
AAcross 47: Nuts for a squirrel
AAcross 48: *Meteorological description in a Beatles songMARMALADESKIES
AAcross 53: Changes with the times, say
AAcross 54: Leaves might get stuck in its teeth
AAcross 55: Not very bright
AAcross 57: "Impression, Sunrise" painter
AAcross 58: Title for Jackie or Jill, and a hint to the answers to the starred clues
AAcross 60: Oven setting that can be "Hi" or "Lo"
AAcross 61: Not buy, perhaps
AAcross 62: "You said it!"
AAcross 63: Proulx who wrote "Brokeback Mountain" ANNIE
AAcross 64: Just about
AAcross 65: Site for a cliff dwelling
DDown 1: Arachnid's octet
DDown 2: "Told you so!"ICALLEDIT
DDown 3: Popular fast-food breakfast sandwichMCGRIDDLE
DDown 4: Accessory for a flapper costume
DDown 5: Grinds away
DDown 6: Fastener used in securing pipesUBOLT
DDown 7: Sticky
DDown 8: "I'm all ___"
DDown 9: Emulate Paul Simon in 1972 or Harry Styles in 2017GOSOLO
DDown 10: BuckeyesOHIOANS
DDown 11: Language of much legalese
DDown 12: Currency of Switzerland
DDown 13: Military address?
DDown 18: Red alcohol in a spritzAPEROL
DDown 22: ___ knots (hairstyle)
DDown 24: Dracula's alternate form
DDown 25: Sun blocker
DDown 26: Sends packing
DDown 29: Train line between Boston and D.C.ACELA
DDown 30: Jamaican music genre
DDown 32: Noted example of French Gothic architectureNOTREDAME
DDown 33: Nickname for Oliver Cromwell
DDown 34: Goes like a weasel?
DDown 37: Range that separates Europe and Asia
DDown 38: Trumpet flourish
DDown 41: Unfortunate neighbor of Mount Vesuvius
DDown 44: Pounded taro dish
DDown 46: Maraca, e.g.
DDown 47: Invites along forASKSTO
DDown 48: Deadly African snake
DDown 49: Festoon
DDown 50: RambledRANON
DDown 51: Less interesting
DDown 52: Deserves
DDown 56: Talkative bird
DDown 58: Curly hairstyle, for short
DDown 59: Hasty escape
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