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Bottom Of A Dress Crossword Clue

There is 1 exact and 96 possible answers.
We've checked our database and believe the answer is HEM which was last seen in the New York Times crossword.
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We think the answer to this crossword clue is: HEM

Best Possible Answers

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199%3Exact Match!
223%10 Classic women's dress with a distinct top and bottom
323%7 May have a flat bottom or rounded bottom

About This Clues Answer

We think the answer is "HEM" which means:

  • • The edge of a piece of cloth; especially the finished edge that has been doubled under and stitched down
  • • The utterance of a sound similar to clearing the throat; intended to get attention, express hesitancy, fill a pause, hide embarrassment, warn a friend, etc.
  • verb
  • • Fold over and sew together to provide with a hem
  • • Utter `hem' or `ahem'
  • interjection
  • • Used to fill in the gap of a pause with a vocalized sound.
  • pronoun
  • • Them (now only in unstressed position following a consonant).

An example sentence would be:

  • • "She carefully folded the hem of her dress."
  • • "The tailor had to shorten the hem of the pants."

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Clue Last Found In...

Source #Number Answer
New York Times15 May 2024 Across 28
This clue was last seen in the publications above.

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