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New York Times Answers - Wednesday, 15th May 2024

There are 38 across clues and 39 down clues for the New York Times crossword on Wednesday, 15th May 2024. View the answers below..

The Answers

Number# Clue Answer
AAcross 1: Befitting the circumstances
AAcross 4: "Belling the Cat" storyteller
AAcross 9: Bing Crosby's record labelDECCA
AAcross 14: Bovine expression
AAcross 15: "Borat" follow-up from Sacha Baron Cohen
AAcross 16: Belief system
AAcross 17: Buzzer you wouldn't want to hit?
AAcross 19: Budweiser beer is aged using this wood
AAcross 20: Break up, as a knot
AAcross 21: Barrier for an aspiring D.A.LSAT
AAcross 23: Biathlete's need
AAcross 24: Byron, by ancestry
AAcross 25: Breast milk containerBABYBOTTLE
AAcross 28: Bottom of a dress
AAcross 29: Beatles hit "And I Love ___"
AAcross 30: Beldames
AAcross 31: Big name in D.C.
AAcross 34: Burst, as of wind
AAcross 35: Brewer's implement
AAcross 38: Bad-tempered sort
AAcross 40: Blasphemes
AAcross 41: Bacterium requiring oxygen
AAcross 44: "Born in the ___" (Bruce Springsteen hit)
AAcross 44: "Born in the ___" (Bruce Springsteen hit)
AAcross 45: Block, in a way
AAcross 48: Blissful soak
AAcross 51: Blind, to a duck
AAcross 52: Benedict follower?INE
AAcross 53: By the 1980s, this sea had become two lakesARAL
AAcross 54: "Behold, the kingdom of God is in the ___ of you": Luke
AAcross 55: Battery type
AAcross 57: "Best wishes for your once-a-year celebration!" (and a wish for solvers of this puzzle)HAPPYBDAY
AAcross 60: Bach exercise
AAcross 61: Buy a drink for, say
AAcross 62: Body part with a ball and socket
AAcross 63: Brims (with)
AAcross 64: Break into pieces
AAcross 65: Barley brew
DDown 1: Blindside, say
DDown 2: Big cats and opportunists both do this
DDown 3: Basic drum
DDown 4: Blessed with skills
DDown 5: Before, in verse
DDown 6: Benchwarmer
DDown 7: Box of spaghetti's weight: Abbr.ONELB
DDown 8: Burns books?
DDown 9: Bondservant, often
DDown 10: Bordeaux summerETE
DDown 11: Brownish-red shade
DDown 12: Bivalve mollusks
DDown 13: Beyond the pale?
DDown 18: Bridle attachment
DDown 22: "Bachelor in Paradise" network
DDown 25: Bieber's "That Should ___"BEME
DDown 26: Bedouins, e.g.ARABS
DDown 27: "Ben-Hur" getups
DDown 29: Bears, as a child
DDown 31: Beef on a skewer, e.g.
DDown 32: "Buckle up! It's the ___"
DDown 33: Bering Sea islander
DDown 35: Backyard get-together
DDown 36: Bind with rope
DDown 37: Bali product
DDown 38: Biden's advisers
DDown 39: Bring back together
DDown 42: Business ends of swords
DDown 43: Bard's "always"
DDown 45: Bo tree meditator
DDown 46: Beset
DDown 47: Bang out again, as a text
DDown 49: Bangkok coins
DDown 50: Burglar deterrent
DDown 51: Bone in a cage
DDown 54: Belief that bulls hate the color red, e.g.
DDown 56: Byrd's rank: Abbr.ADM
DDown 58: Black-eyed ___
DDown 59: Ballet step
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