9 Letter Words That Start With 'O'

Find all the 9-letter words in the English language that start with O.

There are 367 9-letter words that begin with O.
There are 1 9-letter abbreviations that begin with O.
There are 99 9-letter phrases that begin with O.
Oarswoman14 Obbligato14 Obedience14 Obeisance13 Obfuscate16 Objectify26 Objecting21 Objection20 Objective23 Objectors20 Objurgate19 Obligated13 Obliquely23 Obliquity23 Oblivious14 Obnoxious18 Obscenely16 Obscenity16 Obscurely16 Obscurest13 Obscuring14 Obscurity16 Observant14 Observers14 Observing15 Obsessing12 Obsession11 Obsessive14 Obsolesce13 Obstacles13 Obstetric13 Obstinacy16 Obstinate11 Obstipate13 Obstructs13 Obstruent11 Obtaining12 Obtention11 Obtruding13 Obtrusive14 Obturator11 Obviating15 Obviation14 Obviously17 Occasions13 Occipital15 Occlusion13 Occlusive16 Occultism15 Occultist13 Occupancy20 Occupants15 Occupiers15 Occupying19 Occurrent13 Occurring14 Ocellated12 Octagonal12 Octameter13 Octillion11 Octopuses13 Odalisque19 Odds-maker17 Odometers12 Odonoghue14 Odourless10 Oecumenic15 Oenophile14 Oestrogen10 Off-center17 Off-colour17 Offenders16 Offending17 Offensive18 Offerings16 Offertory18 Offhanded20 Officials17 Officiant17 Officiate17 Officious17 Off-limits17 Off-roader16 Offsaddle17 Off-season15 Offspring18 Off-street15 Off-the-peg21 Oftenness12 Oilfields13 Ointments11 Oldtimers12 Oleaceous11 Oleanders10 Olecranon11 Oleoresin9 Olfaction14 Olfactive17 Olfactory17 Oligarchy18 Oligopoly15 Olive-drab15 Olive-gray16 Olive-grey16 Olivelike16 Olive-like16 Olivenite12 Ombudsman16 Ombudsmen16 Omelettes11 Ominously14 Omissible13 Omissions11 Omnibuses13 Omnirange12 Omnivores14 Omophagia17 Oncologic14 One-and-one10 One-celled12 One-eighth16 One-fourth15 One-handed14 One-hitter12 One-humped17 One-member15 One-person11 Onerously12 One-seeded11 One-winged14 Onionskin13 On-license11 Onlookers13 Onlooking14 Onomancer13 Onomastic13 Onslaught13 On-the-spot14 Onychosis17 Oogenesis10 Open-chain16 Open-ended13 Open-eyed14 Openheart14 Operagoer12 Operating12 Operation11 Operative14 Operators11 Operculum15 Operettas11 Opponents13 Opportune13 Opposable15 Opposites13 Oppressed14 Oppresses13 Oppressor13 Opthalmic18 Optically16 Opticians13 Optimally16 Optimised14 Optimiser13 Optimises13 Optimists13 Optometry16 Opulently14 Orangeade11 Orange-red11 Orangutan10 Orbicular13 Orb-weaver17 Orchestra14 Orchotomy19 Ordaining11 Orderings11 Orderless10 Orderlies10 Ordinance12 Ordinands11 Ordinates10 Organelle10 Organised11 Organiser10 Organises10 Organisms12 Organists10 Organized20 Organizer19 Organizes19 Orgiastic12 Orientals9 Orientate9 Orienting10 Oriflamme16 Originals10 Originate10 Ornaments11 Ornithine12 Orography18 Orphanage15 Orrisroot9 Orthodoxy23 Orthopnea14 Orthopter14 Orthoptic16 Orwellian12 Oscillate11 Oscitance13 Oscitancy16 Osculator11 Ossicular11 Ossiculum13 Ostensive12 Ostentate9 Osteocyte14 Osteology13 Osteopath14 Osteotomy14 Ostiarius9 Ostracise11 Ostracism13 Ostracize20 Ostriches14 Osullivan12 Otherness12 Otherwise15 Otologist10 Otoplasty14 Oubliette11 Ourselves12 Out-and-out10 Out-basket15 Outbreaks15 Outbursts11 Outdoorsy13 Outermost11 Outerwear12 Outfitted13 Outfitter12 Outgoings11 Outgrowth16 Outhouses12 Outlander10 Outlasted10 Outlawing13 Outlining10 Outliving13 Outnumber13 Out-of-date13 Out-of-door13 Out-of-town15 Outpacing14 Outplayed15 Outraging11 Outriders10 Outrigged12 Outrigger11 Outshines12 Outsiders10 Outskirts13 Outsource11 Outspoken15 Outspread12 Outstayed13 Outstrips11 Outstroke13 Outthrust12 Outwardly16 Outweighs16 Outwitted13 Ovalbumin16 Oven-ready16 Overacted15 Overblown17 Overboard15 Overcloud15 Overcoats14 Overcomer16 Overcomes16 Overcrowd18 Overdoing14 Overdosed14 Overdoses13 Overdraft16 Overdrawn16 Overdress13 Overdrive16 Overeager13 Overexert19 Overflown18 Overflows18 Overgorge14 Overgrown16 Overhangs16 Overhasty18 Overhauls15 Overheads16 Overheard16 Overhears15 Overjoyed23 Overladen13 Overlarge13 Overlayer15 Overloads13 Overlooks16 Overlords13 Overlying16 Overnight16 Overpower17 Overprice16 Overprint14 Overproud15 Overrated13 Overreach17 Overreact14 Overrides13 Overruled13 Overseers12 Oversexed20 Overshoot15 Oversight16 Oversized22 Overskirt16 Oversleep14 Overslept14 Overspend15 Overspent14 Overspill14 Overstate12 Oversteps14 Overstock18 Overstuff18 Overtaken16 Overtaker16 Overtakes16 Overthrew18 Overthrow18 Overtness12 Overtones12 Overtrump16 Overtures12 Overturns12 Overvalue15 Overviews18 Overweary18 Overwhelm20 Overwrite15 Overwrote15 Oviparous14 Ovoflavin18 Ovotestis12 Ovulation12 Ownerless12 Ownership17 Oxacillin18 Oxaprozin27 Oxidation17 Oxidative20 Oxidising18 Oxygenase20 Oxygenate20 Oxygenise20 Oxygenize29 Ozocerite20 Ozokerite22
Oak Blight Oast House Objet D'art Ocean Pout Ocean Trip Odd Fellow Odd-job Man Odd Man Out Of All Time Of A Sudden Office Boy Oil Beetle Oil Burner Oil Cartel Oil Change Oil Colour Oil Filter Oil Future Oil Heater Oil Rigger Oil Tanker Oil Tycoon Okra Plant Old Codger Old Geezer Old Growth Old Master Old Person Old School Old Sledge Old Stager Oleic Acid Olive Drab Olive Tree Omelet Pan On Average Once Again Onion Dome Onion Roll Onion Salt Onion Smut Onion Stem On One Hand On Purpose On Request On The Hook On The Nose On The Road On The Side On The Spot On The Wing Opal Glass Opaque Gem Open Chain Open Frame Open House Open Order Open Sight Open Weave Opera Hood Opera Star Operate On Optic Axis Optic Disc Optic Disk Oral Phase Oral Smear Oral Stage Orange Bat Orange Red OR Circuit Order Arms Order Book Order Code Order Form Organ Loft Organ Pipe Organ Stop Orlop Deck Os Hamatum Os Lunatum Oswego Tea Other Than Outlet Box Out Of Gear Out Of Hand Out Of Play Out Of True Out Of View Out Of Work Ovate Leaf Oven Broil Over Again Owlet Moth Oxbow Lake Oyster Bar Oyster Bed Ozark Harp Ozone Hole
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