8 Letter Words That Start With 'L'

Find all the 8-letter words in the English language that start with L.

There are 528 8-letter words that begin with L.
There are 0 8-letter abbreviations that begin with L.
There are 147 8-letter phrases that begin with L.
Labdanum13 Labeling11 Labelled11 Laboring11 Laboured11 Labourer10 Laburnum12 Lacebark16 Lacelike14 Lacerate10 Lacertid11 Lacewing14 Lacewood14 Lacework17 Laconism12 Lacquers19 Lacrimal12 Lacrosse10 Lactogen11 Laddered11 Ladybird15 Ladyfish18 Ladylike16 Ladylove15 Ladyship17 Laetrile8 Lafferty17 Laggards11 Laid-back17 Lakeside13 Lallygag13 Lamasery13 Lambaste12 Lamb-chop19 Lambchop19 Lambency17 Lambkill16 Lamblike16 Lambskin16 Lameness10 Lamented11 Lamenter10 Laminate10 Lampoons12 Lamppost14 Lampreys15 Lancelet10 Lancelot10 Landfall12 Landfill12 Landform14 Landings10 Landlady13 Landless9 Landline9 Landlord10 Landmark15 Landmass11 Landmine11 Landside10 Landslip11 Landsman11 Landward13 Langsyne12 Language10 Languish12 Lankiest12 Lanterns8 Lapboard13 Lapidary14 Lapidate11 Lapidify17 Lapidist11 Lapwings14 Larboard11 Larcener10 Large-cap13 Largesse9 Larimore10 Larkspur14 Larynxes18 Lashings12 Lash-like15 Lassoing9 Latanier8 Latching14 Latchkey20 Lateness8 Laterals8 Laterite8 Lathered12 Latimore10 Latinate8 Latinise8 Latinism10 Latinize17 Latitude9 Latrines8 Latterly11 Latticed11 Lattices10 Lattimer10 Laudable11 Laudably14 Laudanum11 Laudator9 Laughing13 Laughter12 Launched14 Launcher13 Launches13 Laurance10 Laureate8 Laureled9 Laurence10 Lavalava14 Lavalier11 Lavation11 Lavatory14 Lavender12 Lavished15 Lavishes14 Lavishly17 Lawcourt13 Lawfully17 Lawgiver15 Lawmaker17 Lawrence13 Lawsuits11 Laxation15 Laxative18 Layabout13 Layering12 Laziness17 Lazuline17 Leaching14 Leadfree12 Lead-free12 Leadless9 Leadwort12 Leaf-book17 Leafiest11 Leafless11 Leaflets11 Leaflike15 Leaf-like15 Leakages13 Leakiest12 Leanings9 Leanness8 Leapfrog14 Leapyear13 Learners8 Learning9 Leasable10 Leashing12 Leathers11 Leathery14 Leatrice10 Leavened12 Leavings12 Lebanese10 Lecanora10 Lecithin13 Lectured11 Lecturer10 Lectures10 Ledgeman12 Leeching14 Left-eyed15 Left-hand15 Leftists11 Leftmost13 Leftover14 Leftward15 Left-wing15 Legacies11 Legalese9 Legalise9 Legalism11 Legality12 Legalize18 Legatees9 Legation9 Legerity12 Leggings11 Leghorns12 Leisured9 Lemmings13 Lemonade11 Lendable11 Lendings10 Lengthen12 Lenience10 Leniency13 Lenitive11 Lenticel10 Leonardo9 Leoncita10 Leonhard12 Leopards11 Leotards9 Lepidote11 Leporide11 Lesbians10 Lessened9 Lethally14 Lethargy15 Lettered9 Letterer8 Lettings9 Lettuces10 Leukemia14 Levanter11 Levelers11 Leveling12 Levelled12 Leveller11 Leverage12 Levering12 Levirate11 Levitate11 Levodopa14 Levulose11 Lewdness12 Lewinsky18 Lexicons17 Liaising9 Liaisons8 Libation10 Libelled11 Libeller10 Libelous10 Liberals10 Liberate10 Liberian10 Librarys13 Librated11 Librates10 Libretti10 Libretto10 Licenced13 Licences12 Licensed11 Licensee10 Licenser10 Licenses10 Lichened14 Lichgate14 Licorice12 Liegeman11 Lifebelt13 Lifeboat13 Lifehack20 Lifeless11 Lifelike15 Lifeline11 Lifelong12 Liferaft14 Lifesize20 Life-size20 Lifespan13 Lifetime13 Life-time13 Lifework18 Ligament11 Ligation9 Ligature9 Lightens12 Lighters12 Lightest12 Lighting13 Ligneous9 Lignosae9 Likeable14 Likelier12 Likeness12 Likening13 Likewise15 Lillians8 Lilliput10 Lilongwe12 Lilyturf14 Limacine12 Limacoid13 Limbless12 Limekiln14 Limerick16 Limiters10 Limiting11 Limonene10 Limonite10 Limousin10 Limpidly16 Limpness12 Linalool8 Linchpin15 Lineages9 Lineally11 Linearly11 Linefeed12 Linelike12 Lineouts8 Linesman10 Linesmen10 Lingered10 Lingerer9 Lingerie9 Linguica11 Linguine9 Linguini9 Linguist9 Liniment10 Linkable14 Linkages13 Linksman14 Linnaean8 Linoleum10 Linstock14 Lionfish14 Lionised9 Lion's-ear8 Lipaemia12 Lip-gloss11 Lipinski14 Lipogram13 Liposome12 Lipstick16 Lip-synch18 Liqueurs17 Listened9 Listener8 Listeria8 Listings9 Listless8 Litanies8 Literacy13 Literals8 Literary11 Literate8 Literati8 Litigant9 Litigate9 Littered9 Litterer8 Littlest8 Littoral8 Liveable13 Liveborn13 Livelier11 Livelong12 Liveness11 Livening12 Liveried12 Liveries11 Liverish14 Livewire14 Lividity15 Loadable11 Loadings10 Loadstar9 Loamless10 Loanable10 Loanword12 Loathing12 Lobbying16 Lobbyism17 Lobbyist15 Loblolly13 Lobotomy15 Lobscuse12 Lobsters10 Localise10 Localism12 Locality13 Localize19 Locating11 Location10 Locative13 Locators10 Lochness13 Lockable16 Lockdown18 Lock-gate15 Lockouts14 Lockport16 Lockring15 Lockstep16 Locomote12 Locoweed14 Locution10 Lodestar9 Lodgings11 Lodgment12 Loftiest11 Logbooks15 Logician11 Logicism13 Loginess9 Logistic11 Logogram12 Logomach16 Logotype14 Loitered9 Loiterer8 Lollipop12 Lollygag13 Londoner9 Lonelier8 Lonesome10 Longboat11 Longhand13 Longhorn12 Longings10 Longlegs10 Long-legs10 Long-life12 Longlost9 Longness9 Long-play14 Longshot12 Long-term11 Longtime11 Longueur9 Longways15 Longwise12 Long-wool12 Longwool12 Lookdown16 Looker-on12 Lookouts12 Look-over15 Loophole13 Loop-line10 Loosened9 Lop-eared11 Lopsided12 Lordless9 Lordosis9 Lordotic11 Lordship14 Lorikeet12 Lossless8 Lothario11 Loudness9 Loungers9 Lounging10 Lousiest8 Louvered12 Loveable13 Lovebird14 Loveless11 Lovelier11 Lovelies11 Lovelorn11 Loveseat11 Lovesick17 Lovesome13 Love-song12 Lovingly15 Low-class13 Lowering12 Low-grade13 Low-keyed19 Lowlands12 Low-level14 Lowliest11 Lowlying15 Low-lying15 Lowrance13 Low-toned12 Loxapine17 Loyalist11 Lozenges18 Lubberly15 Lucidity14 Luckiest14 Luckless14 Luculent10 Lucullan10 Lukewarm17 Lumbered13 Luminary13 Luminism12 Luminous10 Lumpfish18 Lumpiest12 Lumpkins16 Lunacies10 Lunatics10 Lunation8 Luncheon13 Lunchers13 Lunching14 Lungfish15 Lungfuls12 Lung-like13 Lunkhead16 Lurchers13 Lurching14 Luscious10 Lushness11 Lustiest8 Lustrate8 Lustrous8 Lutanist8 Lutecium12 Lutefisk15 Lutenist8 Lutetium10 Lutheran11 Luxation15 Luxuries15 Lxxxviii32 Lycaenid14 Lychgate17 Lycopene15 Lymphoid19 Lymphoma20 Lynching17 Lynchpin18 Lynx-eyed22 Lyrebird14 Lyricism15 Lyricist13 Lysogeny15 Lysosome13 Lysozyme25
Lab Bench Lace Fern Lace Into Lad's Love Lady Crab Lady Fern Lady Palm Lag Screw Lake Duck Lamb Chop Lame Duck Land Area Land Line Land Mass Land Mile Land Mine Land Rail Land Site Lang Syne Lap Choly Lap Joint Large Cap Last Gasp Last Half Last Mile Last Name Last Word Laugh Off Law Agent Lawn Cart Lawn Tool Lay Aside Lay Claim Laying On Lead Bank Lead Line Lead Time Lead Tree Leaf Beet Leaf Cast Leaf Form Leaf Lard Leaf Mold Leaf Node Leaf Soil Lean Back Leap Year Leave Off Leave Out Left Hand Left Over Left Wing Legal Age Legal Fee Lemon Oil Lens Hood Let Alone Let Drive Let Loose Level Off Lido Deck Lie About Lie Awake Life Belt Life Buoy Life Form Life Line Life Mask Life Peer Life Raft Life Ring Life Vest Lift Pump Light Air Light Arm Light Pen Like Hell Lily Turf Lima Bean Limber Up Lime Tree Lindy Hop Line Feed Line Item Lip Rouge Lip Synch Listen In Live Axle Live Body Live Down Live It Up Live Load Live Over Liver Rot Live Up To Live Wire Live With Load Down Load Line Lock Away Lock Ring Log Cabin Lone Hand Lone Wolf Long Bone Long Haul Long Iron Long Jump Long Moss Long Shot Long Suit Long Time Long Wave Look Away Look Back Look Into Look Like Look Upon Look Up To Loony Bin Loop Gain Loop Knot Loose End Loosen Up Loose Off Louis D'or Louse Fly Love Bite Loved One Love Knot Love Life Love Line Love Seat Love Song Love Vine Low Brass Lower Jaw Low Pitch Low Water Luck Into Lucky Dip Lumpy Jaw Luna Moth Lunar Day Lygus Bug Lynch Law Lynch Mob