7 Letter Words That Start With 'N'

Find all the 7-letter words in the English language that start with N.

There are 269 7-letter words that begin with N.
There are 0 7-letter abbreviations that begin with N.
There are 26 7-letter phrases that begin with N.
Top Scoring 7 Letter Words That Start With N
Rank Word Length Scrabble WWF WordFeud
1 Nuzzled 7 26 29 27
2 Nozzles 7 25 27 25
3 Nuzzles 7 25 28 26
4 Natchez 7 21 22 22
5 Niqaabi 7 18 20 19
6 Naziism 7 18 20 18
7 Narthex 7 17 17 13
8 Nymphet 7 17 18 18
9 Non-zero 7 16 18 16
10 Newcomb 7 16 20 18
Nabbing12 Nacelle9 Nadolol8 Nagging10 Nailing8 Nailrod8 Nairobi9 Naively13 Naivete10 Naivety13 Nakedly15 Namibia11 Namings10 Nankeen11 Nannies7 Nanomia9 Naphtha15 Napkins13 Nappies11 Napping12 Narcism11 Narcist9 Narrate7 Narrows10 Narthex17 Narwhal13 Nasally10 Nascent9 Nastier7 Nastily10 Natasha10 Natator7 Natchez21 Nations7 Natives10 Nattily10 Natural7 Natured8 Natures7 Naughts11 Naughty14 Nauruan7 Nautili7 Navvies13 Naziism18 Ndebele10 Nealson7 Nearest7 Nearing8 Neatens7 Neatest7 Nebbech16 Nebbish14 Nebulae9 Nebular9 Nebulas9 Necking14 Necklet13 Necktie13 Necrose9 Nectars9 Nectary12 Needful11 Needier8 Needing9 Needled9 Needles8 Negated9 Negates8 Neglect10 Neglige9 Negroid9 Neighed12 Neilson7 Neither10 Nemesis9 Neolith10 Neology11 Neonate7 Neoteny10 Neotony10 Nephews15 Nephron12 Neptune9 Neritic9 Neritid8 Nervily13 Nervosa10 Nervous10 Nervure10 Nestegg9 Nesters7 Nesting8 Nestled8 Nestler7 Nestles7 Netback15 Netball9 Netlike11 Netmail9 Netting8 Nettled8 Nettles7 Network14 Neuroma9 Neurone7 Neurons7 Neuters7 Neutral7 Neutron7 Newbies12 Newborn12 Newcomb16 Newcome14 Newland11 Newlook14 New-made13 New-mown15 Newness10 Newsboy15 Newsies10 Newsman12 Newsmen12 Newtons10 Niagara8 Nibbled12 Nibbler11 Nibbles11 Niblick15 Nibling10 Nicaean9 Nicking14 Nicolas9 Nictate9 Nielsen7 Nielson7 Niftily13 Nigella8 Nigeria8 Niggard10 Niggled10 Niggler9 Niggles9 Nighest11 Nighted12 Nightie11 Nightly14 Nigrify14 Nilotic9 Nilsson7 Nimiety12 Ninepin9 Nineveh13 Niobite9 Niobium11 Nipping12 Nipples11 Niqaabi18 Nirvana10 Nitpick15 Nitrate7 Nitride8 Nitrify13 Nitrile7 Nitrite7 Nitrous7 Nitweed11 Noblest9 No-count9 Noctuid10 Nodding10 Nodular8 Noduled9 Nodules8 Nogales8 Nogging10 Noguchi13 Noisier7 Noisily10 Noisome9 Nomadic12 Nombril11 Nominal9 Nominee9 Nonaged9 Nonagon8 Nonplus9 Nonskid12 Nonslip9 Nonstop9 Nonsuch12 Nonuple9 Non-zero16 Noodles8 Noonday11 Norbert9 Nordman10 Nor'-east7 Norland8 Normals9 Normand10 Normans9 Norming10 Norther10 Northey13 Nortons7 Norwell10 Nor'-west10 Nosebag10 Nosegay11 Nosiest7 Nostril7 Nostrum9 Notable9 Notably12 Notates7 Notched13 Notches12 Notepad10 Nothing11 Noticed10 Noticer9 Notices9 Notions7 No-trump11 Nougats8 Noughts11 Nourish10 Novella10 Novelle10 Novelty13 Novices12 Nowhere13 Nowness10 Noxious14 Nozzles25 Nuances9 Nuclear9 Nucleic11 Nucleon9 Nucleus9 Nudging10 Nudists8 Nudnick14 Nuggets9 Nullify13 Nullity10 Numbers11 Numbing12 Numeral9 Numeric11 Nunatak11 Nunnery10 Nuptial9 Nursery10 Nursing8 Nurture7 Nutcase9 Nutlike11 Nutmegs10 Nutrify13 Nuttier7 Nuttily10 Nutting8 Nuzzled26 Nuzzles25 Nylghai14 Nylghau14 Nymphet17
Name Day Name Tag Navy Man Neo Jazz Nest Egg Net Ball Net Fish New Deal New Jazz New Line New Moon New Town New Wave Nim Tree No Doubt Nol Pros Non Pros Non Vult Nose Job Nose Out Null Set Number 1 Nun Buoy Nut Case Nut Pine Nut Tree