5 Letter Words That Start With 'M'

Find all the 5-letter words in the English language that start with M.

There are 380 5-letter words that begin with M.
There are 0 5-letter abbreviations that begin with M.
There are 6 5-letter phrases that begin with M.
Top Scoring 5 Letter Words That Start With M
Rank Word Length Scrabble WWF WordFeud
1 Muzzy 5 28 29 29
2 Mezzo 5 25 26 25
3 Muzak 5 20 22 21
4 Majka 5 18 21 20
5 Mujik 5 18 22 21
6 Mazed 5 17 18 17
7 Marjy 5 17 19 19
8 Maltz 5 16 18 16
9 Muffy 5 16 17 17
10 Mixup 5 16 19 14
Mabie9 Macaw12 Macer9 Maces9 Macha12 Macho12 Macon9 Macro9 Madam10 Madia8 Madly11 Mafia10 Mages8 Magic10 Magma10 Magna8 Magus8 Mahoe10 Maids8 Mails7 Maims9 Maine7 Mains7 Maize16 Majka18 Major14 Maker11 Makes11 Malar7 Malay10 Maleo7 Males7 Malia7 Malik11 Malin7 Malis7 Malls7 Maloy10 Malta7 Malts7 Malty10 Maltz16 Malva10 Mamas9 Mamba11 Mambo11 Mamey12 Mamma11 Mammy14 Manak11 Manas7 Manat7 Manda8 Maned8 Manes7 Manga8 Mange8 Mango8 Mangy11 Mania7 Manic9 Manis7 Manky14 Manly10 Manna7 Manor7 Manse7 Manso7 Manta7 Manul7 Manus7 Maori7 Maple9 Maras7 March12 Marek11 Mares7 Marga8 Marge8 Margy11 Maria7 Maris7 Marjy17 Marks11 Marlo7 Marls7 Marly10 Maroc9 Marri7 Marry10 Marsh10 Marum9 Maser7 Masks11 Mason7 Massa7 Masse7 Masts7 Matai7 Match12 Mated8 Mater7 Mates7 Matey10 Maths10 Matin7 Matta7 Matte7 Matzo16 Mauls7 Maund8 Mauve10 Maven10 Mavin10 Mavis10 Maxed15 Maxim16 Mayas10 Maybe12 Mayor10 Mazed17 Mazer16 Mazes16 Meals7 Mealy10 Means7 Meant7 Meany10 Meara7 Meats7 Meaty10 Mecca11 Mecum11 Medal8 Media8 Medic10 Meets7 Melee7 Melia7 Melon7 Melts7 Memos9 Mends8 Mensh10 Menus7 Meows10 Mercy12 Merge8 Meris7 Merit7 Merle7 Merna7 Merry10 Merta7 Mesic9 Meson7 Messy10 Metal7 Meted8 Meter7 Metic9 Metra7 Metre7 Metro7 Mezzo25 Miami9 Miaou7 Miaow10 Miasm9 Miaul7 Micro9 Mid-on8 Midas8 Middy12 Midge9 Midst8 Might11 Mikes11 Mikol11 Milam9 Milan7 Milch12 Miler7 Miles7 Milks11 Milky14 Mills7 Milos7 Mimed10 Mimeo9 Mimer9 Mimes9 Mimic11 Minah10 Mince9 Mincy12 Minds8 Mined8 Miner7 Mines7 Minge8 Mingo8 Mingy11 Minim9 Minis7 Minke11 Minks11 Minor7 Minsk11 Mints7 Minty10 Minus7 Mired8 Mires7 Mirid8 Mirky14 Mirna7 Mirth10 Misdo8 Miser7 Mises7 Missy10 Mists7 Misty10 Miter7 Mites7 Mitra7 Mitre7 Mitts7 Mix-up16 Mixed15 Mixer14 Mixes14 Mixin14 Mixup16 Mizen16 Moans7 Moats7 Mocha12 Mocks13 Modal8 Model8 Modem10 Moder8 Modes8 Modus8 Mogul8 Moina7 Moire7 Moist7 Moksa11 Molal7 Molar7 Molds8 Moldy11 Moler7 Moles7 Molle7 Molly10 Molto7 Molts7 Momma11 Mommy14 Momot9 Monad8 Monal7 Monas7 Monda8 Money10 Mongo8 Moniz16 Monks11 Monro7 Monte7 Month10 Mooch12 Moods8 Moody11 Mooed8 Moons7 Moony10 Moors7 Moose7 Moped10 Mopes9 Mopey12 Mopin9 Moral7 Moray10 Morel7 Mores7 Morga8 Morns7 Moron7 Morph12 Morse7 Moses7 Mosey10 Moshe10 Mosso7 Mossy10 Motel7 Motes7 Motet7 Moths10 Mothy13 Motif10 Motor7 Motto7 Mould8 Moult7 Mound8 Mount7 Mourn7 Mouse7 Mousy10 Mouth10 Moved11 Mover10 Moves10 Movie10 Mowed11 Mower10 Moxie14 Moyna10 Msasa7 Mucin9 Mucks13 Mucky16 Mucor9 Mucus9 Muddy12 Mudra8 Muffs13 Muffy16 Mufti10 Muggy12 Mujik18 Mulch12 Mulct9 Mules7 Multi7 Mumbo11 Mummy14 Mumps11 Munch12 Muncy12 Munis7 Munja14 Muons7 Mural7 Murky14 Murre7 Mused8 Muser7 Muses7 Musha10 Mushy13 Music9 Musks11 Musky14 Mussy10 Musth10 Musts7 Musty10 Muted8 Mutes7 Muton7 Mutts7 Muzak20 Muzzy28 Mylar10 Mynah13 Myoid11 Myoma12 Myope12 Myrna10 Myrrh13 Myrta10 Myths13
Many A Mat Up Mix In Mix Up Mop Up Mug Up