18 Letter Words That Start With 'T'

Find all the 18-letter words in the English language that start with T.

There are 12 18-letter words that begin with T.
There are 0 18-letter abbreviations that begin with T.
There are 65 18-letter phrases that begin with T.
Tarred-and-feathered27 Telecommunications26 Territorialisation18 Territorialization27 Tetrachlorethylene29 Tetrachloromethane28 Tetraiodothyronine25 Transmogrification26 Transubstantiation20 Trichlormethiazide38 Triphosphopyridine34 Twin-propeller-plane27
Table-tennis Racquet Tactual Exploration Talk Through One's Hat Tall Field Buttercup Tangible Possession Telephone Directory Telephone Extension Telephone Interview Television Receiver Television Reporter Temporary Expedient Tendonous Synovitis Terminable Interest Territorial Reserve Thalamostriate Vein Theater Of The Absurd Theoretical Account Theory Of Indicators Theory Of Relativity Therapeutic Cloning Thermal Equilibrium Thermionic Emission Thermoplastic Resin Thermosetting Resin Thin-leaved Bilberry Third Battle Of Ypres Thirst For Knowledge Thoroughbred Racing Threatened Abortion Threshold Operation Thyrotropic Hormone Time And Motion Study Time Deposit Account Time-and-motion Study To The Highest Degree Tobacco Mosaic Virus Top Fermenting Yeast Topical Anaesthesia Topical Anaesthetic Topographic Anatomy Totalitation Regime Toxic Shock Syndrome Trade Union Movement Trailing Four O'clock Transfer Of Training Transitive Verb Form Translating Program Transmission System Transmitting Aerial Transsexual Surgery Transuranic Element Travel Purposefully Travelling Salesman Trichloracetic Acid Trisodium Phosphate Tropical Rain Forest Trumpet Honeysuckle Tuberculin Skin Test Tuberculoid Leprosy Tussock Caterpillar Type Of Architecture Typesetting Machine Typewriter Carriage Typewriter Keyboard Typographical Error