16 Letter Words That Start With 'R'

Find all the 16-letter words in the English language that start with R.

There are 22 16-letter words that begin with R.
There are 0 16-letter abbreviations that begin with R.
There are 92 16-letter phrases that begin with R.
Radioimmunoassay24 Radiophotography31 Radiosensitivity23 Rationalisations16 Recapitalisation20 Reclassification23 Reconfigurations22 Reimplementation22 Reincarnationism20 Reinitialisation16 Reinterpretation18 Relativistically24 Remilitarisation18 Remilitarization27 Remote-controlled21 Reprehensibility26 Representational18 Responsibilities20 Rhabdomyosarcoma31 Rhinolaryngology27 Rhinosporidiosis22 Roentgenographic25
Radial Keratotomy Radiation Diagram Radiation Pattern Radiation Therapy Radio Observation Radio Transmitter Radioactive Decay Radioactive Waste Radiocarpal Joint Ragtag And Bobtail Railroad Engineer Railroad Terminal Range Of A Function Range Of Mountains Rapid Eye Movement Rare-earth Element Rayless Chamomile Real Estate Broker Reality Principle Receptive Aphasia Recessional March Reciprocating Saw Recording Machine Recreational Drug Recurring Decimal Recursive Routine Red Angel's Trumpet Red-backed Lemming Red-bellied Turtle Red-breasted Snipe Red-light District Red-spotted Purple Redwood Penstemon Reef Squirrelfish Reentrant Polygon Refining Industry Reflection Factor Reflexive Pronoun Refractory Anemia Refractory Period Register Language Registration Fire Regression Of Y On X Regulatory Agency Relative Humidity Relative Majority Relative Quantity Relativistic Mass Relativity Theory Relaxation Method Relay Transmitter Releasing Hormone Religious Holiday Religious Outcast Religious Service Religious Writing Rental Collection Repeating Decimal Repeating Firearm Repertory Company Reproduction Cost Reproductive Cell Research Director Research Facility Respiratory Organ Respiratory Tract Resting Potential Restraint Of Trade Resurrection Fern Retail Price Index Returning Officer Revealed Religion Reverse Lightning Rhetorical Device Rheumatoid Factor Rhinoceros Beetle Rhinoceros Family Right Gastric Vein Righteye Flounder Rima Respiratoria Ringlet Butterfly Road Construction Rocket Propellant Rocket Propellent Rocket Propulsion Roseate Spoonbill Rosid Dicot Family Rough-leaved Aster Rough-skinned Newt Round-bottom Flask Royal Velvet Plant Rule Of Morphology