16 Letter Words That Start With 'D'

Find all the 16-letter words in the English language that start with D.

There are 33 16-letter words that begin with D.
There are 0 16-letter abbreviations that begin with D.
There are 75 16-letter phrases that begin with D.
Decentralisation19 Decentralization28 Declassification24 Deconstructivism26 Dedifferentiated25 Demilitarisation19 Demineralisation19 Demineralization28 Dendrochronology27 Denominationally22 Departmentalized31 Depoliticisation21 Dermatosclerosis21 Diacetylmorphine29 Diagrammatically27 Differentiations23 Dimethylglyoxime38 Disagreeableness20 Discombobulation25 Disconnectedness22 Disconsolateness19 Discontentedness20 Disembarrassment23 Disenfranchising26 Disestablishment24 Disfranchisement27 Dishonorableness22 Disingenuousness18 Disproportionate21 Disqualification31 Disreputableness21 Dissatisfactions22 Dolichocephalism31
Damping Off Fungus Dangling Modifier Day Of Remembrance Deadly Nightshade Deathwatch Beetle Decline In Quality Decoction Mashing Decoction Process Deed Of Conveyance Deep Cervical Vein Deep Temporal Vein Default Judgement Defecation Reflex Defence Mechanism Defense Mechanism Defensive Measure Definite Integral Definite Quantity Degree Centigrade Degree Fahrenheit Delicatessen Food Denatured Alcohol Dense Blazing Star Dental Technician Depreciation Rate Desert Four O'clock Desert Paintbrush Desert Rheumatism Designated Driver Designated Hitter Desperate Measure Desperate Straits Detergent Builder Deterrent Example Detonating Device Developmental Age Diabetes Mellitus Diabetic Acidosis Dialect Geography Diaper Dermatitis Diathermy Machine Diesel Locomotive Differential Cost Differential Gear Digital Audiotape Digital Voltmeter Discount Business Disease Of The Skin Dispersing Medium Dispersion Medium Displacement Unit Disposable Income Distribution Cost Distribution List Distributor Point District Attorney Diurnal Variation Divergent Thinker Divine Revelation Domestic Violence Dot Matrix Printer Dotted Gayfeather Double Gloucester Double Refraction Double-blind Study Double-hung Window Dramatis Personae Dressmaker's Model Drilling Platform Drinking Fountain Drop By The Wayside Dryland Blueberry Ductus Arteriosus Duodecimal System Dynamic Viscosity