15 Letter Words That Start With 'R'

Find all the 15-letter words in the English language that start with R.

There are 57 15-letter words that begin with R.
There are 0 15-letter abbreviations that begin with R.
There are 118 15-letter phrases that begin with R.
Radio-controlled19 Radio-gramophone24 Radio-phonograph27 Radiomicrometer22 Radiophotograph27 Radioprotection20 Radiotelegraphy25 Radiotelephonic23 Rationalisation15 Rationalization24 Re-afforestation21 Re-establishment22 Reafforestation21 Reapportionment21 Recommendations22 Recommissioning22 Reconciliations19 Reconfiguration21 Reconsideration18 Reconstructions19 Reddish-lavender24 Redetermination18 Redistributable20 Redistributions18 Refractory-lined24 Regionalisation16 Reharmonisation20 Reharmonization29 Reintroductions18 Reinvestigation19 Renormalisation17 Reorganisations16 Repetitiousness17 Representations17 Representatives20 Reproachfulness25 Reproducibility25 Reservationists18 Resourcefulness20 Responsibleness19 Restrictiveness20 Retransmissions17 Retrospectively25 Revolutionaries18 Revolutionising19 Rhinotracheitis23 Rhombencephalon29 Right-handedness24 Righthandedness24 Ring-around-a-rosy20 Ritualistically20 Rocket-propelled26 Roentgenography25 Romanticisation19 Romanticization28 Round-shouldered21 Russian-speaking22
Rabbit Bandicoot Rabbit's-foot Fern Racial Profiling Radial Asymmetry Radio Brightness Radioactive Dust Railroad Station Railway Junction Rain Cats And Dogs Rainbow Lorikeet Rainbow Seaperch Raisin-nut Cookie Ranalian Complex Rate Of Attrition Rate Of Inflation Rationalise Away Rationalize Away Rattlesnake Fern Rattlesnake Root Rattlesnake Weed Reacquired Stock Reaction Turbine Read-only Storage Read/write Memory Reading Material Ready And Waiting Real Estate Agent Receiving System Recessive Allele Reciprocal Cross Recording Studio Recording System Rectifying Valve Rectus Lateralis Red Morning-glory Red Osier Dogwood Red-bellied Snake Red-berried Elder Red-skinned Onion Redundancy Check Reed Canary Grass Reed Meadow Grass Reentering Angle Reference Manual Reference System Reflective Power Reflux Condenser Refractive Index Refresher Course Refrigerator Car Refuse Collector Regional Anatomy Regional Ileitis Registered Nurse Regression Curve Relative Density Relative Pronoun Releasing Factor Religious Belief Religious Leader Religious Mystic Religious Person Religious Ritual Religious School Religious Trance Remember Oneself Replacement Cost Reporting Weight Requisition Form Res Ipsa Loquitur Rescue Equipment Rescue Operation Research Project Residential Area Resisting Arrest Resonant Circuit Respiratory Rate Restaurant Chain Restriction Site Retinal Scanning Retirement Check Reusable Program Reusable Routine Revolving Credit Rhythmic Pattern Ribonucleic Acid Right Hemisphere Right Of Election Ring Containment Ring Rot Bacteria Ring Vaccination Ring-necked Snake Ring-tailed Lemur Risk Of Infection Riveting Machine Rock Rattlesnake Rocket Launching Rocket Scientist Roly-poly Pudding Romantic Realism Roofing Material Room Temperature Roseola Infantum Rosid Dicot Genus Rotary Converter Rough Green Snake Rough-legged Hawk Round-headed Leek Round-trip Ticket Rubber-base Paint Rubiaceous Plant Running Headline Rupestrine Plant Rupicolous Plant Russian Dressing Russian Orthodox Russian Roulette Rydberg Constant