15 Letter Words That Start With 'D'

Find all the 15-letter words in the English language that start with D.

There are 100 15-letter words that begin with D.
There are 0 15-letter abbreviations that begin with D.
There are 111 15-letter phrases that begin with D.
De-Stalinisation16 De-Stalinization25 Dead-man's-fingers23 Dead-men's-fingers23 Decalcification25 Decarboxylation30 Decentalisation18 Decommissioning23 Decompositional22 Decontaminating21 Decontamination20 Decriminalising21 Dedifferentiate23 Defencelessness21 Defenselessness19 Defragmentation22 Demagnetisation19 Demagnetization28 Democratisation20 Democratization29 Demographically29 Demonstrability23 Demonstratively24 Demystification26 Depersonalising19 Depolarisations18 Dermatoglyphics29 Dermatomyositis23 Dermatophytosis26 Descriptiveness23 Desensitisation16 Desensitization25 Desertification21 Dessertspoonful21 Destabilisation18 Destabilization27 Destalinisation16 Destalinization25 Destructibility23 Destructiveness21 Desynchronizing34 Determinateness18 Detribalisation18 Detribalization27 Developmentally26 Diagonalisation17 Diagonalization26 Dichloromethane26 Dichotomisation23 Dichotomization32 Dideoxycytosine32 Diesel-hydraulic25 Differentiating23 Differentiation22 Differentiators22 Diphenhydramine30 Disadvantageous21 Disappointingly24 Disappointments22 Disciplinarians20 Discombobulated25 Disconcertingly24 Discontinuation18 Discontinuities18 Discontinuously21 Discountability23 Discouragements21 Disenfranchised25 Disenfranchises24 Disentanglement19 Disestablishing22 Disgracefulness22 Disillusionment18 Disinterestedly20 Disorganisation17 Disorganization26 Dispassionately21 Dispensableness20 Disproportional20 Disreputability23 Disrespectfully26 Dissatisfaction21 Dissatisfactory24 Dissimilarities18 Distastefulness19 Distinctiveness21 Distinguishable22 Distinguishably25 Distressfulness19 Distressingness17 Distrustfulness19 Diversification24 Dolichocephalic30 Domineeringness19 Double-barrelled21 Doublebarrelled21 Downheartedness23 Downward-arching29 Downward-sloping26 Draughtsmanship27
Daisy Print Wheel Damp-proof Course Danaid Butterfly Data Input Device Data Multiplexer Date Of Reference Daylight Savings Decanedioic Acid Decimal Fraction Decimal Notation Declarative Mood Default Judgment Defence Reaction Defense Attorney Defense Reaction Deferred Payment Deficit Spending Definite Article Degree Of Freedom Dehydrated Foods Delirium Tremens Deliver The Goods Deltoid Eminence Demarcation Line Dementia Praecox Demonstrative Of Dental Appliance Dental Assistant Dental Consonant Dental Hygienist Denticulate Leaf Department Store Departure Lounge Dependent Clause Depressor Muscle Depth Psychology Derived Function Descending Aorta Descending Colon Desert Sunflower Desktop Computer Destroyer Escort Destroying Angel Destruction Fire Detective Agency Detention Centre Diacritical Mark Diagnostic Assay Dialysis Machine Diapensia Family Dictionary Entry Difference Limen Diffusing Screen Digestive System Digital Arteries Digital Computer Dihydric Alcohol Dining Companion Dining-room Table Diningroom Suite Diplomatic Corps Diplomatic Pouch Dipterous Insect Direct Discourse Direct Marketing Direct Quotation Directed Verdict Direction Finder Disability Check Discovered Check Dishwashing Soap Dispersing Phase Displaced Person Dissolving Agent Distributed Fire Distribution Law District Manager Diurnal Parallax Dividend Warrant Divine Messenger Docking Facility Dog's-tooth Violet Dollar Diplomacy Domestic Partner Domestic Prelate Domestic Science Double Indemnity Double Leg Circle Double Pneumonia Double-bitted Axe Downy Bromegrass Downy Woodpecker Drag Coefficient Dressing Station Drill Instructor Drive Line System Drive-by Shooting Drogue Parachute Drooping Juniper Drug Trafficking Drunken Reveller Dry Plate Process Dual Carriageway Dual Scan Display Due Process Of Law Duodecimal Digit Duplex Apartment Dusky Salamander Dyadic Operation Dynamic Headroom Dynamical System