15 Letter Words That Start With 'C'

Find all the 15-letter words in the English language that start with C.

There are 136 15-letter words that begin with C.
There are 0 15-letter abbreviations that begin with C.
There are 276 15-letter phrases that begin with C.
Cardiopulmonary25 Carnivorousness20 Categorisations18 Catheterisation20 Catheterization29 Centrosymmetric26 Cephalochordate28 Cephalohematoma29 Cerebrovascular24 Ceremoniousness19 Chaletsashtrays26 Characteristics24 Charismatically27 Chemoimmunology30 Chestnut-colored23 Chicken-breasted29 Chloramphenicol29 Cholangiography30 Cholecalciferol27 Cholecystectomy32 Cholecystokinin29 Chorioallantois20 Chorioretinitis20 Chromatographic30 Chronologically26 Chuck-will's-widow36 Churrigueresque30 Cinematographer25 Cinnamon-colored22 Cinnamon-scented22 Circularisation19 Circularization28 Circumferential24 Circumlocutions23 Circumlocutious23 Circumnavigated26 Circumnavigates25 Circumscription25 Circumstantiate21 Classifications22 Closed-captioned23 Cloud-cuckoo-land27 Coccidiomycosis29 Codlins-and-cream23 Coldheartedness22 Collaboratively25 Combustibleness23 Comfortableness24 Commercial-grade25 Commonplaceness25 Communicational23 Compassionately24 Compatibilities23 Competitiveness24 Complementarity26 Complementation23 Complicatedness24 Comprehensively30 Compressibility26 Comptrollership26 Computationally24 Computerisation21 Computerization30 Conceivableness24 Conceptualising22 Conceptualistic23 Condescendingly25 Confidentiality24 Configurational21 Confrontational20 Congratulations18 Congressionally21 Connoisseurship22 Conscientiously22 Consciousnesses19 Consequentially29 Conservationist20 Conservatorship25 Considerateness18 Conspicuousness21 Constructionist19 Consubstantiate19 Contemporaneity24 Contemporaneous21 Contemptibility26 Contentiousness17 Contraclockwise28 Contradictorily23 Controversially23 Conventionalise20 Conventionalism22 Conventionalist20 Conventionality23 Conventionalize29 Conversationist20 Cooperativeness22 Correspondences22 Correspondingly24 Corticoafferent25 Corticoefferent25 Corticosteroids20 Corynebacterium26 Costochondritis23 Counter-sabotage20 Counteractively25 Counterargument20 Counterattacked24 Counterbalanced22 Counterirritant17 Countermeasures19 Counterproposal21 Crease-resistant17 Criminalisation19 Criminalization28 Cross-linguistic20 Cross-questioner26 Cross-sentential17 Crossopterygian23 Crossreferenced23 Crossreferences22 Crown-of-the-field30 Cryoanaesthesia23 Cryptographical30 Crystallisation20 Crystallization29 Crystallography29 Cuckoo-bumblebee31 Cyclobenzaprine35 Cyclooxygenase-132 Cyclooxygenase-232 Cylindricalness23 Cytomegalovirus26 Cytophotometric29 Cytoplasmically29 Czechoslovakian38 Czechoslovakias38
Cabbage Palmetto Cabbage-bark Tree Cabinet Minister Cable Television Cactus Euphorbia Cadmium Sulphide Calabar-bean Vine Calathian Violet Calcarine Sulcus Calcium Chloride Calcium Stearate Calcium Sulphate Call On The Carpet Calling Together Calque Formation Canary Whitewood Candlepower Unit Canine Distemper Cannonball Along Cantering Rhythm Capacitance Unit Capacity Measure Cape Forget-me-not Capeline Bandage Capillary Action Capillary Artery Capillary Tubing Capillary Vessel Capital Gains Tax Car Manufacturer Carbonated Water Carbonic Acid Gas Carcinoma In Situ Cargo Helicopter Caricature Plant Carillon Playing Carnal Knowledge Carnassial Tooth Carnation Family Carpenter's Level Carpenter's Plane Cartridge Holder Cash In One's Chips Castor Bean Plant Cataract Surgery Catch One's Breath Caudal Appendage Cavity Resonator Celestial Sphere Cell Respiration Center Of Gravity Centigrade Scale Central American Centre Of Gravity Centrifugal Pump Ceremonial Dance Certified Cheque Cesarean Section Cesarian Section Change Intensity Channel Capacity Chaparral Mallow Chardonnay Grape Charge D'affaires Charitable Trust Chattel Mortgage Chaulmoogra Tree Checking Account Checking Program Checkout Counter Chelate Compound Chemical Balance Chemical Defence Chemical Defense Chemical Element Chemical Formula Chemical Reactor Chemical Science Chemical Warfare Chequing Account Chernozemic Soil Cherrystone Clam Chicken Sandwich Chicory Escarole Child Psychology Chinese Checkers Chinese Chequers Chipping Sparrow Chlorinated Lime Chlorine Dioxide Chocolate Eclair Chocolate Fondue Chocolate Liquor Chocolate Mousse Chokecherry Tree Cholera Infantum Chorionic Villus Choroidal Artery Chromatic Colour Chromatic Vision Chronic Glaucoma Chronic Leukemia Cigarette Holder Cigarette Smoker Cinnamon Colored Circadian Rhythm Circular Measure Citric Acid Cycle Civil Censorship Clammy Chickweed Clarified Butter Clarinet Section Class-action Suit Classical Ballet Classified Stock Cleanup Position Clear Liquid Diet Climbing Boneset Clinical Anatomy Close-order Drill Closed-class Word Clothes Designer Cluster Headache Coal-tar Creosote Coast White Cedar Coat-of-mail Shell Coattails Effect Coccygeal Plexus Cochineal Insect Coconut Macaroon Coffee-table Book Cognitive Factor Collared Peccary Collateral Fraud Collection Plate Collision Course Color Television Colored Audition Colour Blindness Colour Constancy Columbiform Bird Combination Lock Combining Weight Combretum Family Combtooth Blenny Come To Think Of It Coming Into Court Comity Of Nations Command Guidance Command Language Command Overhead Commencement Day Commercial Paper Committee Member Common Allamanda Common Amsinckia Common Arrowhead Common Bean Plant Common Bearberry Common Blackfish Common Booklouse Common Buttercup Common Chickweed Common Cockscomb Common Coral Tree Common Corn Salad Common Dandelion Common Grape Vine Common Gum Cistus Common Horehound Common Horsetail Common Iliac Vein Common Kingsnake Common Knowledge Common Logarithm Common Roundworm Common Snowberry Common Speedwell Common Spoonbill Common Stinkhorn Common Sunflower Commonplace Book Community Center Commuter Traffic Company Operator Complex Body Part Complex Fraction Complex Quantity Complex Sentence Composite Number Composite School Compositor's Case Compound Protein Computer Address Computer Display Computer Graphic Computer Program Computer Science Computer Storage Computing Device Computing System Conclusion Of Law Conditional Sale Conductance Unit Condylar Process Conference House Conference Table Confervoid Algae Confidence Trick Conic Projection Conscience Money Consonant System Consumption Weed Container Vessel Contempt Of Court Continental Plan Continuous Tense Contour Language Contract Killing Control Function Convenience Food Convertible Bond Copper-base Alloy Coraciiform Bird Corkscrew Flower Cornelian Cherry Cornflower Aster Corona Discharge Coronary Failure Coronoid Process Corpus Mamillare Corrugated Board Cosmetic Surgeon Cosmetic Surgery Cosmic Radiation Costal Cartilage Costume Designer Cottage Industry Country Of Origin Course Catalogue Court Of Chancery Covert Operation Creation Science Creative Thinker Creeping Charlie Creeping Juniper Creeping Thistle Crepitation Rale Crested Screamer Criminal Offence Criminal Offense Crookneck Squash Cross Of Lorraine Crosscut Handsaw Crossword Puzzle Crowberry Family Crustal Movement Crustose Thallus Crux Of The Matter Crystal Detector Crystalline Lens Ctenophore Genus Cubic Centimeter Cubic Centimetre Cubic Millimeter Cubic Millimetre Cultivated Plant Cultural Attache Curlew Sandpiper Curlycup Gumweed Curriculum Vitae Cushion Calamint Customer's Broker Cutaneous Senses Cynipid Gall Wasp Cypriniform Fish