15 Letter Words That Start With 'B'

Find all the 15-letter words in the English language that start with B.

There are 24 15-letter words that begin with B.
There are 0 15-letter abbreviations that begin with B.
There are 177 15-letter phrases that begin with B.
Bacteriological22 Bacteriologists20 Bacteriophagous25 Balanoposthitis22 Basidiomycetous25 Bed-and-breakfast28 Behind-the-scenes26 Beta-lipoprotein21 Bibliographical27 Bibliothecarial24 Biogeographical26 Bioluminescence23 Biotechnologist23 Blameworthiness25 Bloodthirstiest21 Boustrophedonic25 Brachycephalism34 Brachydactylous31 Brightly-colored27 Broad-mindedness22 Broad-shouldered23 Broadmindedness22 Brownish-striped26 Butterfly-shaped29
Bachelor's Button Bachelor's Degree Backgammon Board Background Level Background Noise Backpacking Tent Bacteria Species Bacterial Plaque Badminton Racket Baked-apple Berry Baking Chocolate Balaclava Helmet Bald-faced Hornet Ballast Resistor Ballroom Dancing Banded Palm Civet Banded Sand Snake Bandwagon Effect Bank Examination Banking Industry Barium Hydroxide Barium Protoxide Basal Metabolism Baseball Diamond Baseball Manager Basic Assumption Basilar Membrane Basket Spikemoss Basketball Court Basketball Score Bastard Feverfew Bastard Toadflax Batch Processing Bathroom Cleaner Bathroom Fixture Bathyal District Beach Strawberry Bean-caper Family Bearberry Willow Beauty Treatment Bed And Breakfast Bedding Geranium Bedding Material Beefsteak Fungus Beefsteak Tomato Behavior Therapy Bell-shaped Curve Belladonna Plant Bellbottom Pants Benefactive Role Benefit Of Clergy Benthic Division Benzoyl Peroxide Beryllium Bronze Bicameral Script Big-toothed Aspen Bigtoothed Aspen Bill Of Attainder Billiard Parlour Bimetallic Strip Binary Operation Binocular Vision Binomial Theorem Biological Agent Biological Clock Biological Group Biosafety Level 1 Biosafety Level 2 Biosafety Level 3 Biosafety Level 4 Biotic Community Bipolar Disorder Bird's Foot Clover Bird's-nest Fungus Birth Prevention Birthday Present Birthwort Family Bitter Almond Oil Bitter Chocolate Bitter Principle Black Cherry Tree Black Cottonwood Black Elderberry Black Fritillary Black Greasewood Black Nightshade Black Rhinoceros Black Rudderfish Black Spleenwort Black Walnut Tree Black-backed Gull Black-legged Tick Black-tailed Deer Blackwater Fever Blasting Gelatin Bleaching Powder Bleeder's Disease Blistering Agent Block Anesthesia Bloodwort Family Blue False Indigo Blue Mockingbird Blue-headed Vireo Blueberry Yogurt Board Of Trustees Boatswain's Chair Bodily Structure Body Temperature Bog Whortleberry Bolt Of Lightning Bomb Calorimeter Bond Certificate Bone-forming Cell Book Of Knowledge Border Patrolman Botanical Garden Bottlenose Whale Bottom Rot Fungus Botulinum Toxin A Bounded Interval Boxing Equipment Boysenberry Bush Brace Oneself For Bracketed Blenny Brass Instrument Breach Of Promise Breathing Device Bricks And Mortar Brightness Level Brilliant Pebble Bristlecone Pine Bristly Oxtongue Broad-leaved Dock Broadcast Medium Broadly Speaking Bromophenol Blue Bromothymol Blue Bronchial Artery Bronchial Asthma Bronzed Diabetes Broom Beard Grass Broomcorn Millet Broomrape Family Brown Onion Sauce Brussels Sprouts Bubble And Squeak Buckthorn Family Buckwheat Family Buffered Aspirin Building Complex Building Society Built-soap Powder Bulletproof Vest Bullhead Catfish Bunker Mentality Burnet Bloodwort Bush Honeysuckle Business Address Business College Business Concern Business Expense Butter-bean Plant Buttercup Family Buttercup Squash Butterfly Effect Butterfly Flower Butterfly Orchid Butterfly Orchis Butterfly Stroke Butternut Squash Button Snakeroot By Fits And Starts By Hook Or By Crook By Right Of Office By Trial And Error Bypass Capacitor Bypass Condenser