14 Letter Words That Start With 'O'

Find all the 14-letter words in the English language that start with O.

There are 79 14-letter words that begin with O.
There are 0 14-letter abbreviations that begin with O.
There are 64 14-letter phrases that begin with O.
Obsequiousness25 Obstreperously21 Obstructionism20 Obstructionist18 Occupationally23 Oceanographers22 Oesophagoscope24 Off-the-shoulder27 Oleaginousness15 Oligomenorrhea20 Omnium-gatherum24 Omphaloskepsis27 Onchocerciasis23 One-dimensional17 One-sixty-fourth30 Onomatopoeical20 Openhandedness21 Openmindedness20 Operationalism18 Operationalist16 Ophthalmectomy31 Ophthalmoscope28 Ophthalmoscopy31 Oppressiveness21 Optimistically23 Optoelectronic20 Orange-coloured18 Orange-flowered22 Orchestrations19 Organification20 Organisational15 Organizational24 Ornithological20 Ornithologists18 Orthographical25 Orthomolecular21 Orthomyxovirus32 Orthophosphate27 Ostentatiously17 Osteoarthritis17 Osteochondroma22 Osteodystrophy26 Osteosclerosis16 Otolaryngology22 Outlandishness18 Outrageousness15 Overallocation19 Overcapitalise21 Overcapitalize30 Overcommitment25 Overcompensate23 Overcomplexity33 Overconfidence25 Overdetermined21 Overemphasised25 Overestimating20 Overestimation19 Overgeneralise18 Overgeneralize27 Overindulgence21 Overoptimistic23 Overpopulation21 Overpoweringly26 Overproduction22 Overprotection21 Overprotective24 Overrefinement22 Oversimplified25 Oversimplifies24 Oversolicitous19 Overspecialise21 Overspecialize30 Oversubscribed24 Oversuspicious21 Over-the-counter22 Overwhelmingly29 Oxidoreductase25 Oxidoreduction25 Oxyhaemoglobin32
Obedience Plant Object Language Oblique Bandage Obtuse Triangle Occipital Gyrus Oculus Sinister Odd-pinnate Leaf Oedipal Complex Oedipus Complex Office Building Offset Printing Old-maid's Bonnet Oleaster Family Olfactory Brain Olfactory Nerve Olfactory Organ On A Higher Floor One-armed Bandit One Hundred Five On-line Database On The Coattails On The Offensive On The Other Hand Opencast Mining Open-door Policy Operating Table Operative Field Ophthalmic Vein Opposite Number Optical Density Optical Opacity Optic Radiation Oracle Of Delphi Orange Fleabane Orange Hawkweed Orange Milkweed Orange Milkwort Orbiculate Leaf Order Of Payment Ordinary Shares Organic Process Organized Crime Organized Labor Organ Of Hearing Oriental Cherry Oriental Person Oriental Spruce Origination Fee Orthoboric Acid Ortolan Bunting Os Trapezoideum Output Contract Outrigger Canoe Outside Caliper Overhand Stitch Overtime Period Overt Operation Oxalacetic Acid Oxidation State Oxidizing Agent Oxybutyric Acid Oyster Dressing Oyster Mushroom Oyster Stuffing