14 Letter Words That Start With 'L'

Find all the 14-letter words in the English language that start with L.

There are 50 14-letter words that begin with L.
There are 0 14-letter abbreviations that begin with L.
There are 134 14-letter phrases that begin with L.
Labor-intensive19 Labyrinthodont23 Ladies'-eardrops18 Lady-of-the-night28 Larger-than-life21 Laryngopharynx33 Lasciviousness19 Lateralisation14 Lateralization23 Latitudinarian15 Lavender-tinged20 Lechatelierite19 Lefthandedness22 Left-handedness22 Legislatorship20 Legitimisation17 Leiomyosarcoma23 Lexicalisation23 Lexicalization32 Lexicographers29 Liberalisation16 Liberalization25 Liberationists16 Libertarianism18 Licentiousness16 Life-sustaining18 Lighter-than-air21 Lightheartedly25 Light-heartedly25 Light-sensitive21 Limnologically22 Linguistically20 Longitudinally19 Long-sufferance23 Longwindedness20 Long-windedness20 Lookingglasses20 Loquaciousness25 Loranstrongman17 Lords-and-ladies17 Love-in-idleness18 Loving-kindness23 Lugubriousness17 Lusterlessness14 Lustrelessness14 Lymphangiogram28 Lyophilisation22 Lyophilization31 Lysogenisation18 Lysogenization27
Labor Agreement Laboratory Coat Labor Organizer Labor Resources Lace-flower Vine Lacertid Lizard Lachrymal Gland Lacrimal Artery Lacrosse Player Ladybird Beetle Lady Of Pleasure Lady Of The House Lambda Particle Laminated Glass Lanceolate Leaf Language School Language System Laptop Computer Large Crabgrass Large Cranberry Large Intestine Largeleaf Holly Largemouth Bass Last In First Out Latent Diabetes Lateral Condyle Lath And Plaster Lavender Cotton Law Enforcement Law Of Parsimony Law Of Proximity Leaded Gasoline Lead Tetraethyl Leadwort Family Leaf-cutting Bee Leaf-nosed Snake Leafy Liverwort Leafy Vegetable League Together Learner's Permit Least Sandpiper Leathery Turtle Leave Of Absence Left Hemisphere Legal Assistant Legal Blindness Legal Community Legal Principle Legal Residence Legislative Act Lending Library Lesser Anteater Lesser Bullrush Lesser Calamint Lesser Centaury Lesser Duckweed Lesser Galangal Lesser Knapweed Letter Of Credit Letter Of Intent Letter Of Marque Letter Security Letter Telegram Lettre De Cachet Lexical Meaning Library Catalog Library Program Library Routine Library Science Life Expectancy Light Flyweight Light Intensity Lightly Armored Like Blue Murder Liliopsid Genus Lily Of The Incas Limicoline Bird Limited Company Limited Edition Linear Equation Linear Operator Line Management Line Of Business Line Of Latitude Line Of Products Linguistic Rule Linguistic Unit Linoleum Cutter Lion-jaw Forceps Liquid Nitrogen Listed Security Listening Watch List Processing Literary Critic Literary Pirate Literary Review Literate Person Little Black Ant Little Brown Bat Little By Little Little Clubmoss Little Club Moss Littleneck Clam Liveborn Infant Living Quarters Loan Collection Lobar Pneumonia Lobe-finned Fish Lobster Newburg Local Authority Locus Classicus Logical Diagram Logical Fallacy Logic Operation Longtail Weasel Long-term Memory Lookout Station Lose One's Temper Lounging Jacket Lounging Pajama Lounging Pyjama Louvered Window Low-calorie Diet Low-carbon Steel Lower Criticism Low Level Flight Low Temperature Lubricating Oil Luggage Carrier Lumbar Puncture Lumbar Vertebra Luminous Energy Lying Under Oath Lymphoid Tissue