14 Letter Words That Start With 'B'

Find all the 14-letter words in the English language that start with B.

There are 57 14-letter words that begin with B.
There are 0 14-letter abbreviations that begin with B.
There are 199 14-letter phrases that begin with B.
Bachelor-at-arms23 Bacteriologist19 Bacteriophagic26 Bacteriostasis18 Bacteriostatic20 Basidiosporous19 Bastardisation17 Bastardization26 Battery-powered25 Beatifications21 Beautification21 Behaviouristic24 Benzodiazepine37 Beta-interferon19 Bibliographies24 Bibliomaniacal22 Bigheartedness21 Bioclimatology24 Bioelectricity23 Bioengineering18 Biographically27 Bioluminescent20 Bioremediation19 Biosystematics23 Blabbermouthed26 Blackberry-lily30 Blastodermatic21 Blaxploitation25 Blockade-runner23 Bloodthirstier20 Boisterousness16 Bottom-dwelling23 Bottomlessness18 Botulismotoxin25 Bowdlerisation20 Bowdlerization29 Brachycephalic33 Brachydactylia30 Brachydactylic32 Branchiopodous24 Breadandbutter20 Breathingspace24 Breathlessness19 Breathtakingly27 Bridgebuilding22 Bristle-pointed19 Brobdingnagian21 Bronchodilator22 Brownish-orange23 Brownish-purple26 Brownish-yellow28 Bullheadedness21 Bumper-to-bumper26 Burdensomeness19 Businesspeople20 Businessperson18 Butterfingered21
Babies' Slippers Baby Grand Piano Backhand Stroke Backseat Driver Bacteria Family Bacterial Toxin Badminton Court Balanced Budget Balance Of Power Balance Of Trade Ballet Mistress Ballet Position Ball Nightshade Ball-peen Hammer Ballyhoo Artist Banana Republic Banded Anteater Band-tail Pigeon Banking Company Banking Concern Bank Withdrawal Barbados Cherry Barberry Family Barbituric Acid Bar Examination Bargaining Chip Barium Monoxide Barium Peroxide Barium Sulphate Barrage Balloon Barrage Jamming Barred Pickerel Baseball Clinic Baseball League Baseball Player Baseball Season Basic Principle Basketball Game Basketball Hoop Basketball Play Basketball Shot Basketball Team Bathing Costume Bathing Machine Bathroom Tissue Battery Charger Batting Average Bayberry Tallow Bay-leaved Caper Beach Goldenrod Beaked Hazelnut Be-all And End-all Be All And End All Bearded Vulture Beat Generation Beats Per Minute Bedsitting Room Beefsteak Morel Beefsteak Plant Beef Stroganoff Beef Tenderloin Beef Wellington Beginning Rhyme Belladonna Lily Bells Of Ireland Belt Ammunition Belted Sandfish Benefit Concert Benzene Formula Benzene Nucleus Benzoate Of Soda Benzoyl Radical Bereaved Person Bergamot Orange Beurre Noisette Bicycle Traffic Bidding Contest Big Businessman Biliary Ductule Billiard Marker Billiard Parlor Billiard Player Billiard Saloon Bill Of Exchange Binary Compound Binary Notation Biological Time Biologic Attack Biosafety Level Birchbark Canoe Birch Leaf Miner Bird Cherry Tree Bird Of Paradise Bisexual Person Bissextile Year Bitterwood Tree Bituminous Coal Black Archangel Black Bearberry Blackberry Bush Black-eyed Susan Blackfoot Daisy Black Guillemot Black Hellebore Black Hollander Black Horehound Black Marketeer Blackmouth Bass Black Operation Black Raspberry Black Snakeroot Black Turnstone Bladder Campion Blanching Agent Bleaching Agent Bleaching Earth Blended Whiskey Blessed Thistle Blindman's Bluff Blind Stitching Block And Tackle Blood Corpuscle Blood Dyscrasia Blood Poisoning Blueback Salmon Blue Channel Cat Blue Elderberry Blue-green Algae Blue Marguerite Blue Mold Fungus Blueprint Paper Blue Ribbon Jury Blue-winged Teal Blunt-leaf Heath Boa Constrictor Boarding School Board Of Appeals Board Of Regents Bodily Function Bodily Property Booster Station Border District Borough English Borscht Circuit Bosom Of Abraham Botulinum Toxin Botulinus Toxin Bower Actinidia Box Huckleberry Brachial Artery Brachial Plexus Branchial Cleft Bread And Butter Breadfruit Tree Breakbone Fever Breakfast Table Breathing Place Breathing Space Breathing Spell Breech Delivery Breeder Reactor Breeding Ground Bristlecone Fir Broad-bean Plant Broad Beech Fern Brokerage House Bromphenol Blue Bromthymol Blue Broom Snakeroot Broom Snakeweed Brownish Yellow Brown Soft Scale Brush Discharge Brussels Sprout Buckbean Family Buckler Mustard Buckthorn Berry Buffer Solution Building Permit Bullnosed Plane Bunya Bunya Tree Bureau De Change Bursa Omentalis Bursting Charge Bushman's Poison Bush Nasturtium Business Editor Business Leader Business Letter Business Office Business People Business School Business Sector Busman's Holiday Bust-up Takeover Butterfly Plant Butterfly Valve Button Mangrove By Small Degrees