13 Letter Words That Start With 'L'

Find all the 13-letter words in the English language that start with L.

There are 61 13-letter words that begin with L.
There are 0 13-letter abbreviations that begin with L.
There are 128 13-letter phrases that begin with L.
Laboriousness15 Labyrinthitis21 Lackadaisical22 Lactobacillus19 Ladies'-eardrop17 Lady-in-waiting21 Lady's-eardrops20 Lagophthalmos24 Lamb's-quarters26 Lamellibranch22 Late-flowering20 Latin-American17 Laughingstock24 Leatherjacket29 Leather-leafed20 Leather-leaved20 Lecherousness18 Legislatively20 Leishmaniasis18 Leishmaniosis18 Leisureliness13 Lepidocrocite20 Lepidopterist18 Leptocephalus22 Leptodactylid22 Leptomeninges18 Leptorrhinian18 Leptospirosis17 Lethargically22 Letter-perfect20 Leucocytozoan29 Leucocytozoon29 Lexicographer28 Lexicographic30 Librarianship20 Liebfraumilch25 Liechtenstein18 Light-fingered22 Light-handedly25 Light-headedly25 Lightlessness17 Lightsomeness19 Limitlessness15 Linsey-woolsey22 Lithoglyptics24 Litigiousness14 Loathsomeness18 Lobster-backed24 Localisations15 Logogrammatic21 Longsuffering21 Long-suffering21 Lowerclassman20 Low-resolution16 Lucrativeness18 Ludicrousness16 Luxembourgian25 Luxuriousness20 Lymphadenitis24 Lymphocytosis28 Lymphopoiesis25
Labor Contract Labor Movement Lachrymal Duct Lacrimal Gland Ladies' Slipper Ladies' Tobacco Ladies' Tresses Lady's Earrings Laissez Passer Lake Whitefish Lambda Hyperon Lamboid Suture Lampoon Artist Lance Corporal Lancewood Tree Landlord's Lien Land Resources Lantern Pinion Laryngeal Vein Last Mentioned Latchkey Child Latency Period Late-night Hour Latent Content Lateral Rectus Laughing Hyena Launching Site Laundry Basket Lauryl Alcohol Lawn Furniture Law Of Averages Lead By The Nose Lead Carbonate Leading Astray Lead Poisoning Leaf-cutter Bee Leaf-footed Bug Learned Person Learning Curve Leather Flower Left Ventricle Legal Document Legal Guardian Legal Jointure Legal Relation Legal Transfer Legless Lizard Lemon Geranium Lemongrass Oil Lemonwood Tree Lemon-wood Tree Leopard Lizard Leporid Mammal Lesser Burdock Lesser Hemlock Lesser Omentum Lesser Rorqual Letter Carrier Letters Patent Level Crossing License Number Licorice Stick Life Assurance Life Insurance Life Preserver Life Principle Life Scientist Lifting Device Light Reaction Ligneous Plant Like Clockwork Lily Of The Nile Limestone Fern Limited Review Linear Algebra Linear Measure Line Engraving Line Of Defence Line Of Defense Line Of Descent Line Of Destiny Line Of Inquiry Line Of Thought Line Personnel Lingual Artery Linkage Editor Linolenic Acid Linoleum Knife Lipstick Plant Liquid Crystal Liquid Ecstasy Liquid Measure Liquor Licence Liquor License Literary Agent Literary Genre Literary Study Little Brother Little-leaf Fig Little Leaguer Little Theater Little Theatre Liver Chestnut Livery Company Living Granite Livingroom Set Lobelia Family Lobe Of The Lung Lobster Butter Locking Pliers Lodgepole Pine Logical System Lollipop Woman Long Beech Fern Longcase Clock Long Underwear Longways Dance Loose Sentence Lottery Winner Lotus Position Low-pass Filter Low-sodium Diet Lumberman's Saw Luminance Unit Lunar Calendar Lunar Latitude Lunatic Fringe Lupus Vulgaris