13 Letter Words That Start With 'H'

Find all the 13-letter words in the English language that start with H.

There are 140 13-letter words that begin with H.
There are 0 13-letter abbreviations that begin with H.
There are 112 13-letter phrases that begin with H.
Habitableness20 Haematochezia32 Haematocolpos22 Haematohiston21 Haematologist19 Haemodialysis22 Haemophiliacs25 Haemorrhaging23 Hagiographist23 Hairsplitting19 Half-evergreen23 Halfheartedly26 Half-heartedly26 Half-intensity22 Hallucinating19 Hallucination18 Hallucinatory21 Halobacterium22 Handkerchiefs29 Haphazardness31 Hard-of-hearing24 Harmonisation18 Harmonization27 Hazardousness26 Healthfulness22 Heartbreaking23 Heartlessness16 Heartsickness22 Heat-absorbing21 Heat-releasing17 Heatresistant16 Heebie-jeebies27 He-huckleberry30 Hellenistical18 Hellgrammiate21 Helminthiasis21 Helterskelter20 Helter-skelter20 Hematocyturia23 Hematogenesis19 Hematological21 Hematopoietic22 Hemimetabolic24 Hemiparasitic22 Hemispherical25 Hemming-stitch26 Hemosiderosis19 Hen-of-the-woods26 Hermaphrodism26 Hermaphrodite24 Herpetologist19 Herrerasaurus16 Heterogeneity20 Heterogeneous17 Heterogenesis17 Heterological19 Heterosexuals23 Heterosporous18 Heterostracan18 Heterothermic23 Heterotrophic23 Heuristically21 Hieroglyphics27 High-and-mighty30 High-ceilinged24 Higher-ranking25 High-muck-a-muck36 High-potential22 Histiocytosis21 Hole-and-corner19 Hole-in-the-wall22 Holidaymakers26 Holocephalian23 Holographical24 Holometabolic22 Homewardbound25 Homeward-bound25 Homochromatic27 Homoeroticism22 Homogeneously22 Homoiothermic25 Homomorphisms27 Homosexualism27 Homosexuality28 Honey-coloured22 Honorableness18 Horizontality28 Horripilation18 Horse-and-buggy24 Horsewhipping27 Horticultural18 Housebreakers22 Housebreaking23 Housebuilders19 Housebuilding20 Housecleaning19 Human-centered21 Humiliatingly22 Hundredweight25 Hyalinisation19 Hyalinization28 Hybridisation22 Hybridization31 Hydrarthrosis23 Hydraulically25 Hydrocephalic29 Hydrocephalus27 Hydrochloride26 Hydrocracking29 Hydrodynamics28 Hydroelectric24 Hydrogenation21 Hydrokinetics26 Hydromagnetic25 Hydromorphone27 Hydroxymethyl38 Hymenopterous23 Hyperactivity29 Hyperboloidal24 Hypercalcemia27 Hypercritical25 Hyperglycemia29 Hyperhidrosis25 Hyperlipaemia25 Hypermetropia25 Hypermetropic27 Hypermotility26 Hypernatremia23 Hypersplenism25 Hypertonicity26 Hypertrophied27 Hypervelocity29 Hypervolaemia26 Hypnoanalysis24 Hypocalcaemia27 Hypochondriac29 Hypochondrium29 Hypoglycaemia29 Hypoglycaemic31 Hypothesising25
Hairy Wood Mint Half-free Morel Hamburger Roll Handball Court Handheld Drill Hang By A Thread Harassing Fire Hard-boiled Egg Hard-cooked Egg Hard-shell Clam Hard-shell Crab Hardware Error Hardware Store Hare And Hounds Hare's-foot Fern Haricots Verts Harlequin Opal Harness Racing Hatchback Door Have A Good Time Have-to Doe With Head Over Heels Head Restraint Health Problem Heat Exchanger Heating System Heat Lightning Heavy Hydrogen Heavy Particle Hedge Bindweed Heels Over Head Heliothis Moth Hemerobiid Fly Hemizygos Vein Hempen Necktie Hen Of The Woods Hepatic Artery Herbal Therapy Herniated Disc Heroic Couplet Hero Worshiper Herpes Simplex Heuristic Rule Hidden Reserve Hide And Go Seek High-angle Fire Highball Glass High Explosive High Frequency High-hat Cymbal Highland Fling High Muckamuck High-water Mark Highway System High-yield Bond History Lesson Hit The Ceiling Hit The Jackpot Hoarded Wealth Hoary Plantain Hog-nosed Skunk Hognosed Skunk Holandric Gene Holding Device Holiday Resort Holiday Season Home Appliance Home Economics Home Territory Homing Torpedo Homocercal Fin Honeydew Melon Honey Mesquite Honey Mushroom Honours Degree Horizontal Bar Horse Breeding Horse Chestnut Horse Latitude Horse Mushroom Horseshoe Arch Horseshoe Crab Horse Wrangler Hospital Train Hot-air Balloon Hot-fudge Sauce Hot Water Plant Household Arts House Of Prayer House Painting Housing Estate Hubbard Squash Human Activity Humpback Whale Hundred And One Hunger Marcher Hunting Ground Hunting Permit Hunting Season Hunting Spider Huntsman's Cups Huntsman's Horn Hurricane Deck Hurricane Lamp Hurricane Roof Hybrid Petunia Hydrated Oxide Hydraulic Pump Hydrazoic Acid Hydriodic Acid Hydrogen Azide Hydroxyl Group