13 Letter Words That Start With 'A'

Find all the 13-letter words in the English language that start with A.

There are 268 13-letter words that begin with A.
There are 0 13-letter abbreviations that begin with A.
There are 182 13-letter phrases that begin with A.
Abbreviations20 Able-bodiedism21 Abnormalities17 Abolitionists15 Abortifacient20 Accelerations17 Accelerometer19 Acceptability24 Accessibility22 Accidentprone20 Accident-prone20 Acclimatising20 Accommodating23 Accommodation22 Accommodative25 Accompaniment23 Accomplishing25 Accreditation18 Acculturation17 Acculturative20 Accumulations19 Acetaminophen22 Acetylcholine23 Achievability26 Achromaticity25 Acidification21 Acidulousness16 Acknowledging25 Acquaintances26 Acrimoniously20 Acrylonitrile18 Actinomorphic24 Actinomycetal22 Actinomycosis22 Actinomycotic24 Actinotherapy23 Actualisation15 Actualization24 Acupuncturist19 Addictiveness20 Adenoidectomy22 Adiabatically21 Adjudications24 Administering17 Administrable18 Administrated17 Administrator16 Administrivia19 Admirableness18 Admissibility21 Adrenalectomy21 Adrenosterone14 Adulterations14 Adventuresome19 Adventuristic19 Adventurously20 Advertisement19 Advertizement28 Aerodontalgia15 Aerogenerator14 Aeromechanics22 Aerophilately21 Aeschynanthus24 Aesthetically21 Affenpinscher26 Affirmatively27 Affordability25 Afforestation19 Afterthoughts23 Agglomerating18 Agglomeration17 Agglomerative20 Agglutination15 Agglutinative18 Aggravatingly22 Agranulocytic21 Agreeableness16 Agriculturist16 Agrochemicals23 Airworthiness19 Alchemistical22 Aldosteronism16 Algebraically21 Allegorically19 Allelomorphic22 Alligatorfish20 Alliterations13 Allochthonous21 All-victorious18 Almond-scented19 Alpha-naphthol26 Alphanumerics22 Alternatively19 Aluminiferous18 Amalgamations18 Ambassadorial18 Ambidexterity28 Ambitiousness17 Aminoaciduria18 Aminophylline23 Amitriptyline20 Amniocentesis17 Amphidiploidy27 Amphiprostyle25 Amphitheatres23 Amphitheatric25 Amplification22 Anachronistic20 Anaerobically20 Anaesthetised17 Anaesthetists16 Anagrammatise18 Anagrammatize27 Analbuminemia19 Analphabetism22 Anaphrodisiac21 Anemometrical19 Anencephalous20 Angiospermous18 Anglicisation16 Anglicization25 Anglo-catholic21 Animadversion19 Animalisation15 Animalization24 Animal-worship23 Anisometropia17 Anisometropic19 Ankyloglossia21 Anniversaries16 Announcements17 Anomalopteryx27 Anomalousness15 Anorthography25 Answerability21 Antepenultima17 Anthelminthic23 Anthophyllite24 Anthropogenic21 Anthropolatry21 Anthropometry23 Anthropophagy27 Anthroposophy26 Antiapartheid19 Antibacterial17 Anticipations17 Anticlimactic21 Anticlockwise24 Anticoagulant16 Antidiarrheal17 Antiepileptic19 Antifertility19 Antiflatulent16 Antiheretical18 Antihistamine18 Antilogarithm19 Antimicrobial19 Antinomianism17 Antiparticles17 Antipersonnel15 Antipollution15 Antiprotozoal24 Antipsychotic25 Antisatellite13 Antisepticise17 Antisepticize26 Antispasmodic20 Antisubmarine17 Antisymmetric22 Apathetically23 Aperiodically21 Aphrodisiacal21 Apocalyptical24 Apoplectiform24 Apostrophised21 Appealingness18 Applicability24 Apportionable19 Apportionment19 Appreciations19 Apprehensible22 Apprehensions20 Appropriately22 Appropriating20 Appropriation19 Appropriative22 Approximately29 Approximating27 Approximation26 Approximative29 Arachnophobia25 Arbitrariness15 Arbitrational15 Arboriculture17 Archaeologist19 Archaeopteryx30 Archangelical21 Archbishopric27 Archeological21 Archepiscopal24 Archidiaconal21 Archimandrite21 Architectonic22 Architectural20 Architectures20 Argentiferous17 Argentinosaur14 Argumentation16 Argumentative19 Aristocracies17 Arithmetician20 Armamentarium19 Arteriectasia15 Arteriectasis15 Arteriography22 Arteriovenous16 Arthrosporous18 Articulations15 Artificiality21 Arundinaceous16 Ascertainable17 Ascertainment17 Aspergillosis16 Assailability18 Assassinating14 Assassination13 Assemblywoman25 Assertiveness16 Assiduousness14 Associability20 Associateship20 Associational15 Associatively21 Associativity21 Astereognosis14 Asthenosphere21 Astonishingly20 Astrodynamics21 Astronautical15 Astrophysical23 Atheistically21 Atherogenesis17 Atmospherical22 Atrociousness15 Attainability18 Attentiveness16 Attributively21 Audaciousness16 Audiocassette16 Augmentations16 Authentically21 Authenticated19 Authenticates18 Authenticator18 Authorisation16 Authoritarian16 Authoritative19 Authorization25 Autobiography24 Autocatalysis18 Autocatalytic20 Autochthonous21 Autoeroticism17 Automatically20 Automatonlike19 Automorphisms22 Availableness18 Axiomatically27
Abandoned Ship Abdominal Wall Abducens Nerve Abducent Nerve Above One's Bend Abrading Stone Absolute Pitch Absolute Scale Absolute Space Absolute Value Accaroid Resin Accordion Door Acetyl Radical Acorn Barnacle Acoustic Modem Acoustic Nerve Acoustic Power Acquired Taste Acrobatic Feat Across The Pond Acrylate Resin Action Officer Active Citizen Active Placebo Actual Damages Acuminate Leaf Acute Glaucoma Acute Leukemia Acute Triangle Adding Machine Adhesive Agent Adipose Tissue Adjutant Stork Admiralty Mile Adrenal Cortex Adult Male Body Advisory Board Aerial Torpedo Aerial Tramway Afferent Fiber Afferent Nerve After A Fashion Again And Again A Hair's Breadth A Hundred Times Air Compressor Airmail Letter Airplane Pilot Aldehyde Group Aldol Reaction Alfalfa Sprout Algarroba Bean A Life Of Its Own Alkaline Earth Alkaline Metal Alligator Clip Alligator Pear Alligator Weed Alloy Cast Iron Alluvial Plain Almond Extract Alpha And Omega Alpha Globulin Alpha Particle Alpha Receptor Alpha Software Al-Rashid Trust Aluminium Foil Aluminum Oxide Alveolar Point Alveolar Ridge Amended Return A Million Times Amnionic Fluid Amniotic Fluid Amount Of Money Amusement Park Anal Retentive Anal Sphincter Analysis Situs Anchovy Butter Anemic Hypoxia Angel Food Cake Angel's Trumpet Angiotensin II Angle Of Attack Angostura Bark Angoumois Moth Angular Artery Animal Disease Animal Fancier Animal Kingdom Animal Pigment Animal Product Animal Stuffer Animal Trainer Ankle Bracelet Anomic Aphasia Anterior Naris Anthropoid Ape Antitrade Wind Antitrust Case Antiviral Drug Anxiety Attack Aortic Orifice Aphthous Ulcer Apocrine Gland Apodiform Bird Apple Dumpling Apple Geranium Apple Polisher Apple Turnover Aqueous Humour Arcuate Artery Ardent Spirits Areolar Tissue Argus Pheasant Armed Bullhead Armed Services Aromatic Aster Around The Bend Arrest Warrant Arriere Pensee Arroz Con Pollo Arsenous Oxide Art Collection Art Department Arteria Colica Arteria Glutes Arteria Iliaca Arterial Blood Art Exhibition Artillery Fire Artillery Unit Artistic Style Arts And Crafts Ascending Node ASCII Text File Ask For Trouble Asparagus Bean Asparagus Fern Aspirin Powder Assembly Plant Assert Oneself Astronomy Unit Atactic Abasia At A Lower Place At An Equal Rate Ataractic Drug Ataxic Aphasia At First Glance Athlete's Heart Athletic Field Atlas Vertebra At Loggerheads Atomic Physics Atomic Reactor Atomic Warhead Atomist Theory Atopic Allergy Atrial Auricle Atrium Dextrum Attention Span At The Same Time Attrition Rate Auction Bridge Auditory Canal Auditory Image Auditory Nerve Auditory Sense Auricula Atrii Auricular Vein Auto Accessory Auto Mechanics Autumn Pumpkin Auxiliary Cell Auxiliary Pump Auxiliary Verb Avalanche Lily Axial Rotation Axial Skeleton Axillary Fossa