12 Letter Words That Start With 'N'

Find all the 12-letter words in the English language that start with N.

There are 170 12-letter words that begin with N.
There are 0 12-letter abbreviations that begin with N.
There are 67 12-letter phrases that begin with N.
Naked-muzzled38 Namedropping20 Name-dropping20 Namelessness14 Nanocephalic21 Narcissistic16 Narcotraffic22 Narragansett13 Narrow-bodied19 Narrowminded19 Narrow-minded19 Nasalisation12 Nasalization21 Nationalised13 Nationalists12 Naturalistic14 Nauseatingly16 Nauseousness12 Navigability21 Navigational16 Nebulousness14 Necessitated15 Necessitates14 Necromancers18 Necrophiliac21 Necrophilism21 Needle-shaped19 Needleworker20 Neencephalon19 Negativeness16 Neglectfully21 Negotiations13 Negotiatress13 Neighborhood22 Neighbouring19 Neoclassical16 Neo-Darwinian16 Neo-Darwinism18 Neoplatonist14 Nephroptosia19 Nephroptosis19 Nerve-racking22 Neurasthenia15 Neurasthenic17 Neuroanatomy17 Neurobiology18 Neurofibroma19 Neurogenesis13 Neurohormone17 Neurological15 Neurologists13 Neurosarcoma16 Neuroscience16 Neurosurgeon13 Neurosurgery16 Neurotically17 Neurotropism16 Neutralising13 Nevertheless18 Newspapering20 Newspaperman21 Newspapermen21 Nierembergia17 Nightclothes21 Nightcrawler21 Nightdresses17 Nightingales17 Niminy-piminy24 Nine-membered19 Nitrobenzene23 Nitrocalcite16 Noctambulism20 Noctambulist18 Nomenclature16 Nomenklatura18 Nominalistic16 Nonabsorbent16 Nonaddictive19 Nonadsorbent15 Nonagenarian13 Nonalcoholic19 Nonalignment15 Nonalinement14 Nonarbitrary17 Nonassertive15 Non-automatic16 Nonbelievers17 Noncandidate16 Noncausative17 Nonchalantly20 Nonchristian17 Noncivilised18 Noncivilized27 Nonclassical16 Noncombatant18 Noncombining19 Noncommittal18 Noncompliant18 Nonconductor17 Nonconscious16 Nonenzymatic28 Nonessential12 Nonexistence21 Nonexplosive24 Nonextensile19 Nonfictional17 Nonfinancial17 Nonflammable21 Nonflavoured19 Nonflowering19 Nonglutinous13 Nonheritable17 Nonimitative17 Nonindulgent14 Nonlexically24 Nonmandatory18 Nonmedicinal17 Nonmigratory18 Nonmonotonic16 Nonnormative17 Nonobjective26 Nonobservant17 Nonparasitic16 Nonpasserine14 Nonpoisonous14 Non-poisonous14 Nonpolitical16 Nonrenewable17 Nonresilient12 Nonresistant12 Non-resistant12 Nonsectarian14 Nonsegmental15 Nonsensitive15 Nonsovereign16 Nonspherical19 Nonsteroidal13 Nonstrategic15 Nonsymbiotic21 Nonsynthetic20 Nontechnical19 Nontricyclic21 Nonturbulent14 Nonunionised13 Nonunionized22 Nonviolently18 Nonvoluntary18 Noradrenalin13 Normalisable16 Normotensive17 Normothermia19 North-central17 Northeastern15 Northernmost17 Northernness15 Northwestern18 Notationally15 Not-for-profit20 Noticeboards17 Notification17 Nouveau-riche20 Novelisation15 Novelization24 Numerologist15 Numerousness14 Nurse-midwife21 Nutmeg-shaped21 Nutritionary15 Nutritionist12 Nymphomaniac26
Naive Realism Naked Mole Rat Narrow Escape Narrow Margin Nasal Canthus National Bank National Debt National Flag National Park Native Orange Native Sulfur Natural Event Natural Fiber Natural Fibre Natural Glass Natural Order Natural Resin Natural Shape Natural State Nautical Mile Naval Academy Naval Attache Naval Missile Naval Officer Neat's-foot Oil Neck Exercise Necklace Tree Needle Biopsy Needle Blight Negative Muon Negative Pole Nematode Worm Nerve Impulse Nerve Pathway Nesting Place Nether Region Nettle Family New Criticism News Bulletin News Magazine New York Strip New Zealander Nickel Bronze Nickel Silver Night Jasmine Nipple Shield Nitrous Oxide Nodding Onion Nominal Value Noncoding DNA Normal School North African Northern Pike Northern Scup Notary Public Not Intrusive Not Surprised Not To Mention Nuclear Power Nucleus Niger Nude Painting Number System Nursery Rhyme Nutmeg Family Nutmeg Flower Nutrient Agar Nuts And Bolts