12 Letter Words With 'X'

Did you mean? Words containing the letters X in any order

We have listed all the words in the English dictionary that have the exact letters X in (in order), have a look below to see all the words we have found seperated into character length.

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There are 177 12-letter words with X in.
There are 0 12-letter abbreviations with X in.
There are 108 12-letter phrases with X in.

Words with...
Ambidextrous24 Annexational19 Anorexigenic22 Antioxidants20 Approximated26 Approximates25 Archeopteryx29 Asphyxiating28 Asphyxiation27 Axiomatising22 Circumflexes28 Colpoxerosis23 Complexifier28 Complexioned26 Complexities25 Contextually24 Crossexamine23 Crucifixions26 Cyclohexanol29 Cytotoxicity29 Dextrocardia23 Dextrorotary23 Dicarboxylic29 Dorsiflexion23 Dyslexically28 Ethosuximide25 Ethoxyethane28 Even-textured23 Ex-serviceman26 Exacerbating24 Exacerbation23 Exaggerating22 Exaggeration21 Examinations21 Exasperating22 Exasperation21 Excellencies23 Exchangeable27 Excitability26 Exclamations23 Exclusionary24 Excogitation22 Excogitative25 Excruciating24 Excruciation23 Excursionist21 Executioners21 Exemplifying30 Exenteration19 Exhaustively28 Exhibitioner24 Exhilarating23 Exhilaration22 Exhortations22 Exophthalmos29 Exorbitantly24 Expansionary24 Expansionism23 Expansionist21 Expatriation21 Expectancies25 Expectations23 Expectedness24 Expectorated24 Expectorator23 Expenditures22 Experiencing24 Experiential21 Experimental23 Experimented24 Experimenter23 Explanations21 Explicitness23 Exploitation21 Exploitative24 Exploitatory24 Explorations21 Expostulated22 Expressively27 Expropriated24 Exsanguinous20 Exterminable23 Exterminated22 Exterminates21 Exterminator21 Externalised20 Exteroceptor23 Extinguished24 Extinguisher23 Extinguishes23 Extortionate19 Extortionist19 Extraditable22 Extramarital21 Extrapolated22 Extrasensory22 Extrasystole22 Extravagance25 Extravagancy28 Extravaganza32 Extraversion22 Extraversive25 Extravertive25 Extroversion22 Extroversive25 Extrovertish25 Extrovertive25 Fine-textured23 Flexibleness24 Heterosexism24 Heterosexist22 Heterosexual22 Homosexually27 Hyperpyrexia32 Inexactitude22 Inexpedience24 Inexpediency27 Inexperience23 Inexplicable25 Inexplicably28 Inexpressive24 Inexpugnable24 Inexpungible24 Inextensible21 Inextirpable23 Inextricable23 Inextricably26 Intermixture21 Intoxicating22 Intoxication21 Ipsedixitism24 Jack-in-the-box37 Jackinthebox37 Lexicography30 Lexicologist22 Maximisation23 Maximization32 Methotrexate24 Morphallaxis26 Multiplexers23 Multiplexing24 Multiplexors23 Myxobacteria28 Nonexistence21 Nonexplosive24 Nonextensile19 Nonlexically24 One-sixteenth22 Overexertion22 Overexposure24 Overextended24 Oxaloacetate21 Oxyacetylene27 Perplexities23 Phensuximide27 Pneumothorax26 Preexistence23 Propoxyphene31 Psychosexual29 Pyridoxamine27 Quixotically33 Retroflexion22 Sexagenarian20 Shadowboxing29 Soixante-neuf22 Taxidermists22 Tetrodotoxin20 Text-matching27 Toxicologist22 Unexcitingly25 Unexpectedly27 Unexpendable24 Unexportable23 Unexpressive24 Unexpurgated23 Unoxygenated24 Uxoriousness19
Ad Valorem Tax Anemic Anoxia Anoxic Anoxia Aortic Plexus At Any Expense Ataxic Abasia Axillary Node Axillary Vein Axis Vertebra Back Exercise Bank Examiner Blue Toadflax Box End Wrench Breadth Index Calcium Oxide Cedar Waxwing Coaxial Cable Conic Waxycap Context Of Use Corn Exchange Cranial Index Cross Examine Crucifix Fish Departure Tax Entrance Exam Epilating Wax Epsilon Toxin Escape Expert Estimated Tax Exchange Rate Exercise Bike Exhaust Fumes Exhaust Valve Exotic Dancer Expansion Bit Expansive Bit Export Credit Express Mirth Express Trust Exterior Door Extra Innings Extreme Point Fixed Storage Flexor Muscle Foxtail Grass Franchise Tax Giant Foxtail Graduated Tax Green Foxtail Hexanoic Acid Homeobox Gene Hydroxide Ion Inborn Reflex Innate Reflex Lemon Extract Lexical Entry Like An Expert Liquid Oxygen Low Explosive Lumbar Plexus Luminous Flux Magnetic Flux Marmalade Box Minor Expense Mixed Economy Mixed Farming Mixing Faucet Neck Exercise Nitrous Oxide Oculus Dexter Oxytocic Drug Post Exchange Prompter's Box Rectal Reflex Reflex Action Reflex Camera Sacral Plexus Saddle Oxford Scalar Matrix Sex Character Sex Chromatin Sexual Climax Sexual Desire Silicon Oxide Sixpenny Nail Snuffbox Fern Spiral Galaxy Square Matrix State Tax Lien Storax Family Styrax Family Sulphur Oxide Tax Advantage Tax Avoidance Tax Collector Tax Deduction Tax Liability Telephone Box Telex Machine Time Exposure Titanic Oxide To That Extent Trade Expense Vegetable Wax Visual Cortex Wheel And Axle White Wax Tree Wind Exposure