11 Letter Words That Start With 'R'

Find all the 11-letter words in the English language that start with R.

There are 462 11-letter words that begin with R.
There are 0 11-letter abbreviations that begin with R.
There are 204 11-letter phrases that begin with R.
Rabbit-sized25 Rabelaisian13 Racecourses15 Racketiness17 Racquetball24 Radiatively18 Radiculitis14 Radioactive17 Radiocarbon16 Radiogalaxy23 Radiographs18 Radiography21 Radiolarian12 Radiolocate14 Radiologist13 Radiolucent14 Radiometric16 Radio-opaque23 Radiopacity19 Radiophonic19 Ragamuffins20 Railroading13 Raimentless13 Rainforests14 Rallentando12 Randomising15 Rangefinder16 Rapaciously18 Rapporteurs15 Rapscallion15 Rapturously16 Rarefaction16 Rare-roasted12 Raspberries15 Rastafarian14 Ratatouille11 Rateability16 Rathskeller18 Ratiocinate13 Rationalise11 Rationalism13 Rationalist11 Rationality14 Rationalize20 Rattlepated14 Rattlesnake15 Ravishingly21 Razor-backed29 Razorblades23 Reactionary16 Reactionism15 Reactionist13 Reactivated17 Reactivates16 Readability17 Readerships17 Readjusting20 Readmission14 Ready-cooked22 Ready-to-wear18 Reaffirming20 Realignment14 Realisation11 Realization20 Reallocated14 Reallocates13 Reallotment13 Reallowance16 Realpolitik17 Reanimating14 Reappearing16 Reappointed16 Reapportion15 Reappraisal15 Reappraised16 Rearranging13 Reassembled16 Reasserting12 Reassertion11 Reassigning13 Reassurance13 Reattribute13 Reawakening19 Rebalancing16 Rebarbative18 Rebroadcast16 Recalculate15 Recalibrate15 Recantation13 Recapturing16 Receivables18 Receptacles17 Receptively21 Receptivity21 Recessional13 Recidivists17 Reciprocals17 Reciprocate17 Reciprocity20 Recirculate15 Recitations13 Recitatives16 Reclaimable17 Reclamation15 Recognisers14 Recognising15 Recognition14 Recollected16 Recombinant17 Recombining18 Recommenced20 Recommences19 Recommended19 Recompensed18 Recompenses17 Recompiling18 Recomputing18 Reconciling16 Recondition14 Reconfigure17 Reconnected16 Reconnoiter13 Reconnoitre13 Reconsiders14 Reconstruct15 Reconsulted14 Reconvening17 Reconverted17 Recoverable18 Recreations13 Recriminate15 Recruitment15 Rectangular14 Rectifiable18 Rectilineal13 Rectilinear13 Rectoplasty18 Recuperated16 Recuperates15 Recurrences15 Recurrently16 Recursively19 Reddish-gray20 Reddish-grey20 Reddish-pink22 Redecorated15 Redemptions16 Redeploying18 Redeposited15 Redesigning14 Redetermine14 Redeveloped18 Red-flowered19 Redirecting15 Redirection14 Rediscovers17 Rediscovery20 Rediscussed15 Redisplayed18 Red-lavender16 Redoubtable16 Red-streaked17 Reductivism19 Redundantly16 Reduplicate16 Re-emphasise18 Re-emphasize27 Reenactment15 Reestablish16 Referencing17 Referendums17 Referential14 Refinancing17 Refinements16 Reflectance18 Reflections16 Reflexively27 Reflexivity27 Reflexology25 Refocussing17 Reformation16 Re-formation16 Reformative19 Reformatory19 Reformatted17 Reformulate16 Refractions16 Refreshable19 Refreshment19 Refrigerant15 Refrigerate15 Refurbished20 Refutations14 Regenerated13 Regenerates12 Regimentals14 Regionalism14 Registering13 Registrable14 Regressions12 Regretfully18 Regrettable14 Regrettably17 Regularised13 Regulations12 Regurgitate13 Reharmonise16 Reharmonize25 Reification16 Reimbursing16 Reimporting16 Reincarnate13 Reinfection16 Reinforcing17 Reinstalled12 Reinstating12 Reinsurance13 Reintegrate12 Reinterpret13 Reintroduce14 Re-introduce14 Reinventing15 Reinvention14 Reiterating12 Reiteration11 Reiterative14 Rejiggering21 Rejustified22 Rejuvenated22 Relabelling14 Relatedness12 Relatiative14 Relativists14 Relaunching17 Relaxations18 Reliability16 Religionism14 Religionist12 Religiosity15 Religiously15 Reliquaries20 Relistening12 Relocatable15 Relocations13 Reluctantly16 Reluctivity19 Remaindered15 Remastering14 Remediation14 Remembering18 Remembrance19 Reminiscent15 Reminiscing16 Remittances15 Remodelling15 Remonstrate13 Remorseless13 Remunerated14 Remunerator13 Renaissance13 Renegociate14 Renegotiate12 Renominated14 Renormalise13 Renormalize22 Renovations14 Renumbering16 Reoccupying21 Reorganised13 Reorganises12 Reorganized22 Reorientate11 Reparations13 Repartition13 Repatriated14 Repellently16 Repellingly17 Repentantly16 Repertoires13 Repetitions13 Repetitious13 Replaceable17 Replacement17 Replenished17 Replicating16 Replication15 Replicators15 Repopulated16 Repositions13 Repossessed14 Represented14 Repressions13 Reprimanded17 Reproachful21 Reproaching19 Reprobation15 Reprocessed16 Reproducing17 Reprogramme18 Reprojected23 Reprovingly20 Republicans17 Republished19 Republishes18 Repudiating15 Repudiation14 Repudiative17 Repulsively19 Reputations13 Requirement22 Requisition20 Rescheduled18 Rescindable16 Researchers16 Researching17 Reselection13 Resemblance17 Resentfully17 Resentments13 Reservation14 Resharpened17 Reshuffling21 Residential12 Resignation12 Resistances13 Resistively17 Resistivity17 Resolutions11 Resourceful16 Respecified19 Respectable17 Respectably20 Respiration13 Respirators13 Respiratory16 Resplendent14 Respondents14 Responsible15 Responsibly18 Restartable13 Restatement13 Restaurants11 Restfulness14 Restitution11 Restiveness14 Restoration11 Restorative14 Restraining12 Restricting14 Restriction13 Restrictive16 Restructure13 Resubmitted16 Resurfacing17 Resurrected14 Resuscitate13 Retaliating12 Retaliation11 Retaliatory14 Retardation12 Retentively17 Retentivity17 Reticulated14 Retinopathy19 Retirements13 Retractable15 Retractions13 Retranslate11 Retransmits13 Retribution13 Retributive16 Retributory16 Retrievable16 Retroactive16 Retrofitted15 Retroflexed22 Retrorocket17 Retrovision14 Revaluation14 Revealingly18 Revelations14 Reverberant16 Reverberate16 Reverential14 Reversioner14 Revisionary17 Revisionism16 Revisionist14 Revitalised15 Revitalized24 Revivalists17 Revivifying24 Revocations16 Revoltingly18 Revolutions14 Rewardingly19 Rhabdomancy24 Rhabdomyoma24 Rhabdovirus20 Rhapsodical19 Rheological17 Rhetorician16 Rhinoplasty19 Rhizoctinia25 Rhizomatous25 Rhythmicity27 Ribonucleic17 Ricketiness17 Rickettsial17 Ricocheting19 Right-angled17 Righteously18 Righthanded20 Right-handed20 Righthander19 Right-hander19 Rightminded19 Right-minded19 Right-side-up18 Rightwinger19 Right-winger19 Rigidifying20 Rijsttaffel24 Ringleaders13 Ripple-grass16 Ritualistic13 Rock-and-roll18 Rodomontade15 Roentgenium14 Roguishness15 Roleplaying17 Rollerblade14 Romanticise15 Romanticism17 Romanticist15 Romanticize24 Rose-cheeked21 Rose-colored14 Rosicrucian15 Rosy-cheeked24 Rosy-colored17 Rotogravure15 Rottenstone11 Rough-haired19 Rough-spoken21 Roundabouts14 Round-backed21 Round-bottom16 Roundedness13 Roundheaded17 Rubberstamp19 Rubefacient18 Rudderstock19 Rudimentary17 Rumbustious15 Ruminations13 Rumormonger16 Rupturewort16 Rust-colored14 Rustication13 Rustproofed17 Ruthfulness17
Rabbet Joint Rabbet Plane Rabbit Brush Rabbit Fever Rabbit Hutch Rabbit Punch Race Meeting Racemic Acid Race Problem Racing Shell Racing Skate Racing Skiff Racing Start Racing Yacht Rack Railway Radar Beacon Radar Target Radial Nerve Radial Pulse Radiant Flux Radiator Cap Radical Cell Radical Chic Radical Sign Radio Aerial Radio Beacon Radio Signal Radio Source Radish Plant Ragged Robin Railroad Bed Railroad Car Railroad Man Railroad Tie Railway Line Railway Yard Rainbow Fish Rainbow Pink Rain Buckets Rainy Season Raise A Stink Raisin Bread Raising Hell Raison D'etre Rallying Cry Rampant Arch Range Animal Range Finder Ranging Pole Rangpur Lime Rank And File Ransom Money Rapeseed Oil Rape Suspect Rapid Growth Ratchet Down Rat Kangaroo Rat-tail File Rattail Fish Raw Material Reading Desk Reading Lamp Reading Room Ready To Hand Real Storage Reaping Hook Rear Admiral Record Album Record Cover Red Amaranth Redback Vole Red Bird's Eye Red Bordeaux Reddish Blue Red Goatfish Red-hot Poker Red Mulberry Red Rat Snake Red Rockfish Red Saunders Red Squirrel Red Trillium Red Valerian Reed Bunting Reed Section Reflex Angle Refugee Camp Regular Army Relief Valve Removal Firm Renal Artery Renal Cortex Renal Pelvis Rescue Party Research Lab Reserve Bank Reserve Fund Reset Button Residual Oil Res Judicata Resort Hotel Retail Chain Retail Store Retinal Cone Revenue Bond Reverse Gear Reverse Hang Ribbed Vault Ribbon Grass Ribbon Snake Riddle Canon Riding Habit Riding Horse Riding Light Riding Mower Rigger Brush Right Atrium Right Hander Rights Issue Right To Life Right To Vote Rigor Mortis Rima Pudendi Rima Vocalis Ring Disease Ringed Snake Ring Of Color Riot Control Rise To Power Rising Slope Risk Capital Ritual Dance River Bottom River Cooter River Limpet River Red Gum Roach Holder Road Builder Road Surface Rock And Roll Rock Climber Rock Concert Rock Crystal Rocket Cress Rocket Range Rocket Salad Rock Lobster Rock Outcrop Rock Sea Bass Rock Sunfish Rock Wallaby Roentgen Ray Rogue Nation Roller Blind Roller Skate Roller Towel Rolling Mill Rolling Wave Roman Candle Roman Collar Roman Fleuve Roofing Tile Root Climber Rooter Skunk Rose Campion Rotary Joint Rotary Press Rotator Cuff Rouge Et Noir Round Of Golf Round Window Router Plane Rowlock Arch Row Of Bricks Royal Agaric Royal Casino Royal Family Royal Osmund Royal Purple Royal Tennis Rubber Plant Rubber Stamp Rubbish Dump Rubbish Heap Rudder Blade Rug Merchant Rule Of Thumb Ruling Class Rum Cocktail Rummage Sale Run Batted In Runic Letter Running Away Running Back Running Game Running Hand Running Head Running Mate Running Pine Running Play Running Shoe Running Suit Running Time Rydberg Unit