11 Letter Words That Start With 'O'

Find all the 11-letter words in the English language that start with O.

There are 245 11-letter words that begin with O.
There are 0 11-letter abbreviations that begin with O.
There are 96 11-letter phrases that begin with O.
Oarsmanship18 Obfuscation18 Obfuscatory21 Objectified26 Objectively28 Objectivity28 Objurgation21 Obligations14 Obliqueness22 Obliterable15 Obliterated14 Obliterates13 Obliterator13 Obnoxiously23 Obscenities15 Obscuration15 Obscureness15 Obscurities15 Observables18 Observances18 Observantly19 Observation16 Observatory19 Observingly20 Obsessional13 Obsessively19 Obsessivity19 Obsolescent15 Obstetrical15 Obstinately16 Obstipation15 Obstructing16 Obstruction15 Obstructive18 Obtrusively19 Obviousness16 Occasioning16 Occultation15 Occupancies19 Occupations17 Occurrences17 Odoriferous15 Odynophagia21 Oecumenical17 Off-Broadway26 Off-centered20 Offenceless19 Offenseless17 Offensively23 Offhandedly25 Officership24 Officialdom22 Officialese19 Officialise19 Officialize28 Officiating20 Officiation19 Officiously22 Off-the-clock28 Off-the-shelf26 Oktoberfest20 Old-womanish20 Oligochaete17 Oligodontia13 Omnifarious16 Omnipotence17 Omnipresent15 Omniscience17 Omphalocele20 Oncological16 Oncologists14 Oneiromancy18 Onerousness11 One-sixtieth21 Onomasticon15 Ontogenesis12 Ontogenetic14 Ontological14 Onycholysis22 Opalescence17 Open-and-shut17 Openhearted17 Openmouthed19 Operational13 Operatively19 Operculated16 Operoseness13 Ophthalmics23 Opinionated14 Opportunely18 Opportunism17 Opportunist15 Opportunity18 Oppositions15 Oppressions15 Opprobrious17 Optionality16 Optometrist15 Orange-brown17 Orange-sized22 Orangish-red16 Orchestrate16 Orchidalgia18 Orchiectomy23 Orderliness12 Ordinations12 Organically17 Organisable14 Orientalise11 Orientalism13 Orientalist11 Orientalize20 Orientating12 Orientation11 Originalism14 Originality15 Originating13 Origination12 Originative15 Originators12 Ornamenting14 Ornithology18 Ornithopter16 Orthochorea19 Orthodontia15 Orthodontic17 Orthodoxies22 Orthography23 Orthonormal16 Orthopaedic19 Orthopedics19 Orthopedist17 Orthopteran16 Orthopteron16 Orthostatic16 Oscheocoele18 Oscillating14 Oscillation13 Oscillators13 Oscillatory16 Oscillogram16 Osmotically18 Ostensorium13 Ostentation11 Osteoclasis13 Osteologist12 Ostracoderm16 Otoganglion13 Out-and-outer12 Outbuilding15 Outcropping18 Outdistance14 Outdoorsman14 Outercourse13 Outmaneuver16 Outnumbered16 Out-of-bounds17 Out-of-pocket22 Out-of-school19 Out-of-the-way23 Outpatients13 Outperforms18 Outpointing14 Outpourings14 Outsourcing14 Outspokenly20 Outstanding13 Outstations11 Outstripped16 Outwardness15 Outweighing19 Oval-fruited18 Ovariectomy21 Overachieve22 Overanxiety24 Overanxious21 Overbalance18 Overbearing17 Overcareful19 Overcasting17 Overcharged21 Overclothes19 Overcoating17 Over-correct18 Overcrowded21 Overcurious16 Overdressed16 Overdubbing20 Overexcited24 Overexploit23 Overexposed24 Overfatigue18 Overfeeding19 Overfishing21 Overflowing21 Overgarment17 Overgrazing25 Overhanging19 Overhauling18 Overhearing18 Overheating18 Overindulge16 Overjealous21 Overlapping19 Overloading16 Overlooking19 Overmanning17 Overnighter18 Overpayment21 Overplaying20 Overpowered20 Overprinted17 Overproduce19 Overprotect18 Overreached20 Overreacted17 Overrefined18 Overrunning15 Oversampled19 Overserious14 Overshadows21 Overstaffed21 Overstating15 Overstepped19 Overstocked21 Overstretch19 Overstuffed21 Over-the-hill20 Overturning15 Overvaliant17 Overweening18 Overwhelmed23 Overworking22 Overwriting18 Overwritten17 Overwrought21 Overzealous23 Oviraptorid17 Owner-driver18 Oxalacetate20 Oxidisation19 Oxidization28 Oxygenating23 Oxygenation22 Ozonosphere25
Oak Chestnut Obesity Diet Object Glass Oblique Case Obovate Leaf Obtrude Upon Obtuse Angle Occam's Razor Ocean Bottom Oceanic Bird Ochna Family Oconee Bells Odds And Ends Oeil De Boeuf Off Her Guard Off His Guard Office Block Office Staff Offshore Rig Of Necessity Of Sound Mind Oil Business Oil Industry Oil Of Cloves Oil Painting Oil Pipeline Oil Pressure Oil Refinery Oil-rich Seed Olive Branch Olive Family Olive Ridley Olla Podrida Omelette Pan One Thousand Onion Butter Onion Mildew Onion Thrips On-off Switch On/off Switch On One's Guard On That Point On The Button On Your Guard Ooze Leather Ooze Through Open Account Open Circuit Open-end Fund Opening Line Opening Move Open Primary Open Society Opera Bouffe Opinion Poll Opium Addict Opossum Wood Optical Disc Optical Disk Optical Lens Optic Chiasm Oral Fissure Orange Daisy Orange Grass Orange Grove Orange Juice Orange Pekoe Orange Toast Orbit Period Ore Dressing Oriel Window Original Sin Originate In Osage Orange Os Capitatum Os Palatinum Os Pisiforme Os Temporale Os Trapezium Ostrich Fern Otitis Media Outdoor Game Outer Planet Out Of Bounds Out Of The Way Outside Door Outside Loop Outsider Art Oval Kumquat Ovarian Cyst Ovarian Vein Over And Over Overseas Cap Ox-eyed Daisy Oyster Plant Oyster Shell