11 Letter Words That Start With 'C'

Find all the 11-letter words in the English language that start with C.

There are 937 11-letter words that begin with C.
There are 0 11-letter abbreviations that begin with C.
There are 478 11-letter phrases that begin with C.
Cabbageworm23 Cabinetwork22 Cacodemonic20 Cacogenesis16 Cacophonous20 Cadwallader18 Calabazilla24 Calceolaria15 Calcicolous17 Calciferous18 Calcifugous19 Calcination15 Calculating16 Calculation15 Calculative18 Calculators15 Calefacient18 Calefaction18 Calefactive21 Calefactory21 Calendrical16 Calibrating16 Calibration15 Calibrators15 Californian16 Californium18 Calisthenic18 Calligraphy22 Callipygian19 Callipygous19 Callosotomy18 Callousness13 Calorie-free16 Calorimeter15 Calorimetry18 Calvinistic18 Camaraderie16 Cameroonian15 Camouflaged20 Camouflages19 Campaigners18 Campaigning19 Campanology21 Campanulate17 Camphorated21 Camphorweed24 Canafistola16 Canafistula16 Canalicular15 Canaliculus15 Cancellated16 Candelabrum18 Candidature15 Candidiasis15 Candleberry19 Candlelight18 Candlemaker20 Candlepower19 Candlestick20 Cannibalise15 Cannibalism17 Cannibalize24 Cannonballs15 Cannulation13 Canonically18 Capableness17 Capacitance19 Caparisoned16 Capillaries15 Capillarity18 Capitalised16 Capitalises15 Capitalists15 Capitalized25 Capitulated16 Capitulates15 Cappadocian20 Cappelletti17 Caprimulgid19 Captainship20 Captivating19 Captivation18 Car-mechanic22 Carabinieri15 Caramelised16 Caravanning17 Caravansary19 Carbocyclic24 Carbonation15 Carborundum18 Carboxylate25 Carbuncular17 Carburettor15 Carcinogens16 Card-playing20 Cardholders18 Cardinalate14 Cardinality17 Cardiograph20 Cardiologic17 Cardiopathy22 Cardiospasm18 Cardsharper19 Carefulness16 Caressingly17 Caricatured16 Caricatures15 Carminative18 Carnivorous16 Carolingian14 Carotenemia15 Carpenteria15 Carposporic19 Carrageenan14 Carrageenin14 Carriageway20 Carringtons14 Cartography22 Cartoonists13 Carunculate15 Carunculous15 Carvel-built18 Casino-hotel16 Casselberry18 Cassiterite13 Castellated14 Castigating15 Castigation14 Castleberry18 Casuistical15 Catachresis18 Cataclysmal20 Cataclysmic22 Catadromous16 Cataloguers14 Cataloguing15 Cataphatism20 Cataplastic17 Catapultian15 Catapulting16 Catastrophe18 Catchphrase23 Catechismal20 Catechistic20 Categorical16 Categorised15 Categorises14 Categorized24 Cater-corner15 Catercorner15 Caterpillar15 Catheterise16 Catheterize25 Catholicise18 Catholicity21 Catholicize27 Catoptrical17 Catty-corner18 Cauliflower19 Causalities13 Caustically18 Cauterising14 Ceaselessly16 Ceftriaxone23 Celebrating16 Celebration15 Celebratory18 Celebrities15 Celestially16 Cellularity16 Cenobitical17 Cenogenesis14 Cenogenetic16 Centenarian13 Centerboard16 Centerfield17 Centerpiece17 Centimetres15 Centralised14 Centraliser13 Centralises13 Centralized23 Centrarchid19 Centreboard16 Centrefolds17 Centrepiece17 Centrifugal17 Centrifuged18 Centrifuges17 Centripetal15 Centromeric17 Centrosomic17 Cephalalgia19 Cephalaspid21 Cephalopods21 Cephalothin21 Ceratopsian15 Ceratozamia24 Cerebration15 Ceremonials15 Ceremonious15 Certainties13 Certifiable18 Certifiably21 Certificate18 Chaetognath20 Chaffinches27 Chain-smoker22 Chainsmoked23 Chairperson18 Challengers17 Challenging18 Chamberlain20 Chambermaid23 Chamberpots22 Championing21 Chancellery21 Chancellors18 Chancroidal19 Chandeliers17 Changeovers20 Channel-surf19 Channelling17 Chantarelle16 Chanterelle16 Chaotically21 Charcuterie18 Charioteers16 Charismatic20 Chartaceous18 Chauffeured23 Chaulmoogra19 Chauvinists19 Cheapskates22 Checkpoints24 Cheerleader17 Cheerlessly19 Cheeseboard19 Cheesecloth21 Chef-d'oeuvre23 Chelicerate18 Chelicerous18 Cheliferous19 Chelyabinsk25 Chequebooks31 Cherry-sized29 Cherrystone19 Chessboards19 Chiaroscuro18 Chickenfeed26 Chickenshit25 Chieftaincy24 Chilblained19 Chimaerical20 Chimpanzees29 Chin-wagging22 Chinchillon21 Chinoiserie16 Chippendale21 Chirography25 Chiromancer20 Chiromantic20 Chiropodist19 Chiropteran18 Chittamwood22 Chittimwood22 Chlamydeous22 Chlamyphore26 Chloramine-T18 Chlorinated17 Chlorofucin21 Chlorophyll24 Chlorophyte24 Chloroplast18 Chloroprene18 Chloroquine25 Chock-a-block30 Chockablock30 Choirmaster18 Chokecherry28 Cholangitis17 Cholestasis16 Cholesterin16 Cholesterol16 Cholinergic19 Chordophone22 Choreograph22 Christening17 Christianly19 Chromatinic20 Chromophore23 Chromoplast20 Chromosomal20 Chromosomes20 Chronically21 Chroniclers18 Chronicling19 Chronograph22 Chronometer18 Chronoscope20 Chrysarobin21 Chrysoberyl24 Chrysomelid22 Chrysoprase21 Chupacabras22 Church-state21 Churchgoers22 Churchgoing23 Churchyards25 Chyliferous22 Chylomicron23 Cigar-shaped20 Ciliophoran18 Cinnamon-red16 Circularise15 Circularity18 Circularize24 Circulating16 Circulation15 Circulative18 Circulatory18 Circumcised20 Circumpolar19 Circumspect21 Circumvents20 Circumvolve23 Citizenship27 Clairvoyant19 Clamatorial15 Clamorously18 Clandestine14 Clapperclaw22 Clarinetist13 Classically18 Classicists15 Classifiers16 Classifying20 Clean-handed18 Clean-limbed18 Clean-living17 Clean-shaven19 Cleanliness13 Cleanliving17 Cleanshaven19 Clearheaded18 Cleistocarp17 Cleistogamy19 Clericalism17 Clericalist15 Cliffhanger23 Climacteric19 Climatology19 Close-hauled17 Close-minded17 Close-packed22 Closed-chain19 Closefisted17 Closelipped18 Closely-held20 Clostridium16 Clothesless16 Clothesline16 Clothespegs19 Cloudbursts16 Cloudscapes18 Co-defendant18 Co-occurrent17 Co-ordinated15 Coagulation14 Coal-burning16 Coalescence17 Coalescency20 Coarctation15 Coastguards15 Coauthoring17 Cobblestone17 Coccidiosis18 Cock-a-leekie23 Cockatrices21 Cockleshell22 Cockroaches24 Codebreaker20 Codefendant18 Coeducation16 Coefficient21 Coelenteron13 Coelophysis21 Coexistence22 Coextension20 Coextensive23 Coffeeberry24 Coffeehouse22 Cogitations14 Cognitively20 Cognoscente16 Cognoscenti16 Cognoscible18 Coincidence18 Coinsurance15 Cold-blooded18 Coldblooded18 Coldhearted18 Coleridgean15 Coleridgian15 Collaborate15 Collagenase14 Collagenous14 Collapsable17 Collapsible17 Collectable17 Collectedly19 Collectible17 Collections15 Collectives18 Collembolan17 Colligation14 Collimation15 Collisional13 Collocation15 Colloidally17 Colonialism15 Colonialist13 Colonoscope17 Colonoscopy20 Coloradillo14 Colorimeter15 Colorimetry18 Colostomies15 Colour-blind16 Colouration13 Colourblind16 Colourfully19 Colourising14 Columbarium19 Columniform20 Combat-ready21 Combatively23 Combination17 Combinative20 Combinatory20 Combustible19 Comestibles17 Comeuppance21 Comfortable20 Comfortably23 Comfortless18 Commandment20 Commemorate19 Commendable20 Commendably23 Commensally20 Commentator17 Commercials19 Commination17 Comminatory20 Commiserate17 Commissions17 Commitments19 Commodities18 Commonality20 Commonplace21 Commonsense17 Communalise17 Communalism19 Communality20 Communalize26 Communicant19 Communicate19 Communiques26 Communistic19 Communities17 Commutation17 Commutative20 Compactions19 Compactness19 Comparative20 Comparators17 Comparisons17 Compartment19 Compatibles19 Compatriots17 Compendious18 Compendiums20 Compensable19 Compensated18 Compensates17 Compensator17 Competences19 Competently20 Competition17 Competitive20 Competitors17 Competitory20 Compilation17 Complacence21 Complacency24 Complainant17 Complaining18 Complaisant17 Complements19 Completable19 Completions17 Complexions24 Complexness24 Complicated20 Complicates19 Compliments19 Comportment19 Composition17 Compositors17 Compounding19 Comprehends21 Compressing18 Compression17 Compressive20 Compressors17 Compromised20 Compromiser19 Compromises19 Comptroller17 Compulsions17 Compunction19 Computation17 Computerise17 Computerize26 Comradeship21 Concatenate15 Concaveness18 Concealment17 Conceitedly19 Conceivable20 Conceivably23 Concentrate15 Conceptions17 Concernedly19 Concert-goer16 Concessions15 Conciliable17 Conciliator15 Conciseness15 Conclusions15 Concoctions17 Concomitant17 Concordance18 Concretions15 Concubinage18 Concurrence17 Concurrency20 Condemnable18 Condescends17 Conditional14 Conditioned15 Conditioner14 Condolences16 Condominium18 Condonation14 Conductance18 Conductress16 Cone-bearing16 Confabulate18 Confections18 Confederacy22 Confederate17 Conferences18 Confessedly20 Confessions16 Confidantes17 Confidences19 Confidently20 Confidingly21 Configuring18 Confinement18 Confirmable20 Confiscated19 Confiscates18 Conflagrate17 Conflicting19 Conflictual18 Conformable20 Conformably23 Conformance20 Conformists18 Confounding18 Confronting17 Confusingly20 Confutation16 Confutative19 Congealment16 Congelation14 Congenerous14 Congenially17 Congregated16 Congressman16 Congressmen16 Congruences16 Conjectural22 Conjectured23 Conjectures22 Conjugating22 Conjugation21 Conjunction22 Conjunctiva25 Conjunctive25 Conjuncture22 Conjuration20 Connections15 Connectives18 Connoisseur13 Connotation13 Connotative16 Conquerable24 Consanguine14 Consciences17 Consciously18 Conscripted18 Consecrated16 Consecutive18 Consentient13 Consequence24 Conservancy21 Conservator16 Considerate14 Considering15 Consignment16 Consistence15 Consistency18 Consolation13 Consolatory16 Consolidate14 Consolingly17 Consonantal13 Consortiums15 Conspecific22 Conspicuous17 Conspirator15 Constellate13 Consternate13 Constipated16 Constituent13 Constituted14 Constitutes13 Constrained14 Constraints13 Constricted16 Constrictor15 Constructed16 Constructor15 Consultancy18 Consultants13 Consumables17 Consumerism17 Consumerist15 Consummated18 Consumption17 Consumptive20 Contactable17 Containable15 Containment15 Contaminant15 Contaminate15 Contemplate17 Contentedly17 Contentions13 Contentious13 Contentment15 Contestable15 Contestants13 Continental13 Contingence16 Contingency19 Contingents14 Continuable15 Continually16 Continuance15 Contortions13 Contractile15 Contracting16 Contraction15 Contractors15 Contractual15 Contracture15 Contradance16 Contradicts16 Contraflows19 Contraption15 Contrarians13 Contrariety16 Contrarious13 Contrasting14 Contrastive16 Contravened17 Contravenes16 Contredanse14 Contretemps17 Contributed16 Contributes15 Contributor15 Contrivance18 Controllers13 Controlling14 Controversy19 Conurbation15 Convenience18 Conventicle18 Conventions16 Convergence19 Convergency22 Conversance18 Conversancy21 Conversions16 Convertible18 Conveyancer21 Convictfish24 Convictions18 Convincible20 Convivially22 Convocation18 Convolution16 Convolvulus19 Convulsions16 Cooccurring18 Cookie-sized27 Cooperating16 Cooperation15 Cooperative18 Coordinated15 Coordinates14 Coordinator14 Copiousness15 Copperplate19 Coppersmith22 Coprocessor17 Coprophagia21 Copulations15 Copyrighted23 Coreference18 Cornerstone13 Cornflowers19 Cornhusking21 Corollaries13 Coronations13 Corporality18 Corporately18 Corporation15 Corporatism17 Corporatist15 Corporeally18 Corpuscular17 Correctable17 Corrections15 Correctness15 Correlating14 Correlation13 Correlative16 Corresponds16 Corrigendum17 Corroborant15 Corroborate15 Corrugation14 Corruptedly19 Corruptible17 Corruptions15 Corruptness15 Coruscation15 Coryphantha24 Corythosaur19 Cosignatory17 Cosmetician17 Cosmetology19 Cosmography24 Cosmologies16 Cosmologist16 Cosmopolite17 Costcutting16 Coterminous15 Cotoneaster13 Cottonmouth18 Councillors15 Counselling14 Counsellors13 Countenance15 Counteracts15 Counterblow18 Counterbore15 Countercoup17 Counterfeit16 Counterfire16 Counterfoil16 Counterglow17 Countermand16 Countermine15 Countermove18 Counterpane15 Counterpart15 Counterplan15 Counterplay18 Counterplea15 Counterplot15 Counterpose15 Countershot16 Countersign14 Countersink17 Countersuit13 Countervail16 Countrified17 Country-bred19 Countryfied20 Countryfolk23 Countryseat16 Countryside17 Countrywide20 Courteously16 Courtliness13 Covariances18 Covariation16 Covenanters16 Crabbedness18 Crackerjack32 Crackleware22 Cranberries15 Craniometer15 Craniometry18 Crap-shooter18 Crapshooter18 Crashlanded18 Creamy-white24 Creaseproof18 Creationism15 Creationist13 Credentials14 Credibility19 Credulously17 Crematorium17 Crenelation13 Crenellated14 Crepitation15 Crepuscular17 Crestfallen16 Criminalise15 Criminalism17 Criminality18 Criminalize24 Criminative18 Criminatory18 Criminology19 Crinkle-root17 Crinkleroot17 Cripplingly21 Criterional13 Criticality18 Criticising16 Criticizing25 Crocodilian16 Cromwellian18 Crookbacked26 Crookedness18 Crop-dusting17 Cross-banded17 Cross-legged16 Cross-shaped19 Cross-stitch18 Crosschecks24 Cruciferous18 Crucifiable20 Crucifixion25 Crumbliness17 Crustaceans15 Crustaceous15 Cryesthesia19 Cryobiology22 Cryocautery21 Cryosurgery20 Cryptically23 Cryptogamic23 Cryptograph24 Cryptologic21 Cryptomonad21 Cryptophyte26 Crystalised17 Crystalized26 Crystalline16 Crystallise16 Crystallite16 Crystallize25 Culminating16 Culmination15 Culpability20 Cultivating17 Cultivation16 Cultivators16 Cummerbunds20 Cunnilingus14 Cupronickel21 Curableness15 Curatorship18 Curettement15 Curiosities13 Curiousness13 Curly-coated19 Curly-haired20 Curly-leafed20 Curly-leaved20 Curmudgeons17 Currentness13 Curtailment15 Curtainless13 Curvilineal16 Curvilinear16 Cuspidation16 Custard-like18 Custom-built17 Customarily18 Customhouse18 Customising16 Cut-and-dried16 Cutlassfish19 Cutting-edge16 Cyanohydrin23 Cyanuramide19 Cybernation18 Cybernetics20 Cyberphobia25 Cyclopaedia21 Cycloserine18 Cyclothymia26 Cyclothymic28 Cylindrical19 Cyprinodont19 Cystoplegia19 Cytogenesis17 Cytogenetic19 Cytokinesis20 Cytokinetic22 Cytological19 Cytomegalic21 Cytoplasmic22 Cytoplastic20
Cabbage Bark Cabbage Palm Cabbage Tree Cable Length Cable System Cactus Mouse Cadmium Cell Caesar Salad Calabar Bean Calabur Tree Calendar Day Calf's Tongue Calico Aster Call It Quits Call The Tune Call To Order Call Waiting Calling Card Calves' Liver Camel Racing Camera Angle Camomile Tea Camp Meeting Campaign Hat Camphor Ball Camphor Tree Camping Area Camping Site Canary Grass Cancer Juice Candle Flame Canella Bark Canine Tooth Canker Brake Canned Goods Canopic Vase Cape Jasmine Caper Family Caper Spurge Capital Cost Capital Gain Capital Levy Capital Loss Capital Ship Caproic Acid Capulin Tree Car Boot Sale Car Sickness Caranda Palm Caraway Seed Carbon Black Carbon Cycle Carbon Paper Carbon Steel Card Catalog Card Sharper Cargo Vessel Carissa Plum Carnal Abuse Carnauba Wax Carob Powder Carotid Body Carpet Grass Carpet Shark Carpet Snake Carriage Dog Carrick Bend Carrick Bitt Carrier Wave Carrion Crow Carrot Juice Carrot Stick Carry To Term Carry Weight Carry-the Can Carrying Out Carte Du Jour Carving Fork Casaba Melon Cascade Down Case History Case In Point Case Officer Casein Paint Cash Account Cash Advance Cash Machine Caste System Caster Sugar Castile Soap Casting Lots Casting Vote Castor Sugar Cat And Mouse Cat Squirrel Catbird Seat Catch Phrase Catch Up With Cattle Drive Cattle Guard Cattle Ranch Cattle Thief Cattle Trail Catty Corner Caudal Block Causal Agent Caustic Lime Caustic Soda Cavalier Hat Cave Dweller Caviuna Wood Celery Stick Celiac Trunk Cell Nucleus Cement Mixer Census Taker Center Field Center Punch Center Stage Central Bank Central Body Central City Centre Stage Ceramic Ware Cereal Grass Cerotic Acid Cervical Cap Cervix Uteri Chafing Dish Chafing Gear Chain Armour Chain Letter Chain Stitch Chain Wrench Chalcid Wasp Chalice Vine Chance Event Change Hands Change State Channel Bass Charge Plate Charge Sheet Chariot Race Charity Case Charity Shot Charity Toss Chatter Mark Cheddar Pink Cheek By Jowl Cheek Muscle Cheese Pizza Cheese Press Cheese Sauce Chemin De Fer Cherry Apple Cherry Birch Cherry Stone Cheshire Cat Chess Master Chess Player Chest Cavity Chestnut Oak Cheval Glass Chicken Coop Chicken Farm Chicken Feed Chicken Hawk Chicken Kiev Chicken Soup Chicken Stew Chicken Taco Chicken Wing Chicken Wire Chicken Yard Chicory Root Chiffon Cake Chili Pepper Chili Powder Chin Wagging China Closet Chinning Bar Chinook Wind Chittam Bark Chittem Bark Chloric Acid Choir School Choking Coil Choroid Coat Choroid Vein Chrome Green Chromic Acid Chump Change Church Bench Church Mouse Church Music Church Tower Cichlid Fish Cigar Cutter Ciliary Body Cinder Block Cinder Track Cinnamon Bun Circle Round Circuit Card Circular Saw Cirrus Cloud Citrus Fruit City Council City Manager City Slicker Civic Center Civic Leader Civic Spirit Civil Action Civil Leader Claim Jumper Clam Chowder Class Action Class Fellow Class Period Clastic Rock Claw Hatchet Cleaning Pad Cleanup Spot Clear The Air Cleft Palate Clever Clogs Click Beetle Cliff Diving Clipper Ship Clog Dancing Close At Hand Closed Chain Closed Curve Closely Knit Closet Auger Closet Drama Closet Queen Closeup Lens Closing Time Clothes Moth Clothes Tree Cloud Seeder Clown Around Clupeid Fish Cluster Bean Cluster Bomb Clutch Pedal Co-occur With Coaching Job Coal Scuttle Coat Of Paint Cobalt Bloom Cochin China Cock Sucking Coco De Macao Cocoa Butter Cocoa Powder Coconut Cake Coconut Meat Coconut Milk Coconut Palm Coconut Tree Cod Liver Oil Cod-liver Oil Codfish Ball Codfish Cake Codling Moth Coffee Berry Coffee Break Coffee Cream Coffee Maker Coffee Royal Coffee Senna Coffee Stall Coffee Table Cognate Word Coin Machine Cola Extract Cold Cathode Cold Comfort Cold Storage Cold Weather Colic Artery Collage Film Collect Call College Girl Collet Chuck Collide With Colon Cancer Color Bearer Color Circle Color Scheme Color TV Tube Color Vision Colour Of Law Combat Pilot Come Forward Come In Handy Come Through Come To Grips Come To Light Comfort Food Comfort Zone Command Line Command Post Comme Il Faut Common Alder Common Basil Common Beech Common Birch Common Broom Common Camas Common Caper Common Chord Common Daisy Common Eland Common Elder Common Fault Common Front Common Heath Common Lilac Common Louse Common Madia Common Meter Common Morel Common Murre Common Osier Common Scold Common Sense Common Shrew Common Stock Common Thyme Common Topaz Common Touch Common Viper Common Wheat Common Zebra Compact Disc Compact Disk Company Name Compass Card Compost Heap Compost Pile Compound Eye Concave Lens Concert Band Concert Hall Condole With Conenose Bug Conical Buoy Contact Lens Content Word Contour Line Contra Danse Contract Law Contract Out Control Grid Control Room Convex Shape Convict Fish Cooccur With Cookery Book Cookie Sheet Coonskin Cap Coping Stone Copper Beech Copper Color Copper Oxide Copper's Nark Copy Editing Coquilla Nut Coral Fungus Cordate Leaf Corn Campion Corn Chowder Corn Earworm Corn Fritter Corn Mayweed Corn Pudding Corn Spurrey Corn Whiskey Corvine Bird Cost Cutting Cost Overrun Cottage Pink Cottage Tent Cotton Candy Cotton Fiber Cotton Grass Cotton Mouse Cotton Plant Couch Potato Coude System Counter Tube Country Club County Agent Coup De Grace Court Favour Court Tennis Courtly Love Cover Charge Cover Letter Covered Smut Cow-nosed Ray Cowpea Plant Cowpen Daisy Coyote Brush Crack Addict Crack Willow Crank Handle Crank Letter Crape Myrtle Crash Course Crash Helmet Crawfish Out Cream Cheese Cream Violet Credit Entry Credit Order Credit Union Creme Brulee Crenate Leaf Crepe Flower Crepe Myrtle Crepe Rubber Crested Myna Cricket Ball Cricket Frog Criminal Law Crinkle Root Crochet Hook Crop Failure Croquet Ball Cross Street Cross Thwart Crosscut Saw Crown Jewels Crown Monkey Crown Prince Crowned Head Crucian Carp Cruise Liner Crushed Rock Cry-baby Tree Crybaby Tree Crystal Ball Cuckoo Bread Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo's Nest Culinary Art Cuneate Leaf Curb Crawler Curb Service Curling Iron Curly Endive Currant Bush Current Unit Curry Favour Curry Powder Curtain Call Curtain Ring Curved Shape Custody Case Customs Duty Cut Of Mutton Cut-rate Sale Cutting Edge Cutting Room Cutting Tool Cycad Family Cyma Reversa Cynipid Wasp Cynthia Moth Cypress Pine Cypress Tree Cypress Vine Cytochrome C