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Acts6 Alts4 Ants4 Arts4 Bast6 Bats6 Cast6 Cats6 East4 Eats4 Fast7 Fats7 Hats7 Last4 Lats4 Mast6 Mats6 Oast4 Oats4 Past6 Pats6 Rats4 Salt4 Sate4 Scat6 Seat4 Seta4 Slat4 Spat6 Stab6 Stag5 Star4 Stay7 Stoa4 Swat7 Tabs6 Tags5 Tans4 Taps6 Tars4 Task8 Tasm6 Taxs11 Teas4 Tsar4 Vast7 Vats7 Wast7 A-list5 Abets7 Adust6 Angst6 Antes5 Antsy8 Ascot7 Asset5 Aster5 Astir5 Atlas5 Atoms7 Aunts5 Baits7 Basta7 Baste7 Bates7 Baths10 Beast7 Beats7 Blast7 Boast7 Boats7 Brats7 Busta7 Carts7 Caste7 Casts7 Chats10 Clast7 Coast7 Coats7 Costa7 Darst6 Darts6 Datas6 Dates6 Facts10 Fasts8 Fates8 Fatso8 Faust8 Feast8 Feats8 Flats8 Gaits6 Gates6 Gnats6 Goats6 Hafts11 Halts8 Harts8 Hasnt8 Hasta8 Haste8 Hasty11 Hates8 Heats8 Hosta8 Iotas5 Justa12 Karst9 Lasts5 Laths8 Least5 Litas5 Malts7 Masts7 Mates7 Maths10 Meats7 Moats7 Nasty8 Nates5 Oaths8 Pacts9 Pants7 Parts7 Pasta7 Paste7 Pasts7 Pasty10 Patas7 Pates7 Paths10 Patsy10 Peats7 Rafts8 Rants5 Rasta5 Rates5 Roast5 Rotas5 Sabot7 Saint5 Salat5 Salts5 Salty8 Satan5 Sated6 Satin5 Satyr8 Saute5 Scant7 Seats5 Shaft11 Shoat8 Sitar5 Skate9 Slant5 Slate5 Slats5 Slaty8 Smart7 Spate7 Spats7 Splat7 Sprat7 Squat14 Stabs7 Stack11 Staff11 Stage6 Stags6 Stagy9 Staid6 Stain5 Stair5 Stake9 Stale5 Stalk9 Stall5 Stamp9 Stand6 Stank9 Staph10 Stare5 Stark9 Starn5 Stars5 Start5 Stash8 State5 Stave8 Stays8 Stead6 Steak9 Steal5 Steam7 Stela5 Stoat5 Stoga6 Stoma7 Strap7 Straw8 Stray8 Stria5 Stupa7 Sutra5 Swart8 Swath11 Swats8 Sweat8 Tabes7 Tabis7 Tacks11 Tacos7 Tails5 Takes9 Tales5 Talks9 Talus5 Tames7 Tanks9 Tansy8 Tapas7 Tapes7 Tapis7 Taras5 Tares5 Tarns5 Tarts5 Tasks9 Tasse5 Taste5 Tasty8 Tawse8 Taxes12 Taxis12 Teams7 Tears5 Tease5 Teats5 Teras5 Tesla5 Testa5 Texas12 Thaws11 Toads6 Toast5 Togas6 Trams7 Traps7 Trash8 Trays8 Tubas7 Tunas5 Vasta8 Vista8 Wafts11 Waist8 Waits8 Wants8 Warts8 Waste8 Watts8 Yeast8
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