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There is 1 meaning of the phrase Ninth Cranial Nerve.

Ninth Cranial Nerve - as a noun

Sensory nerve to the pharynx and back of the tongue; motor fibers innervate muscles that elevate the pharynx and larynx; includes parasympathetic fibers to the otic ganglion

Synonyms (Exact Relations)
glossopharyngeal nervenervus glossopharyngeus

Example Sentences

"The ninth cranial nerve controls taste sensation in the back of the tongue."
"Damage to the ninth cranial nerve can result in loss of taste."
"The ninth cranial nerve also controls the function of salivary glands."
"The ninth cranial nerve is responsible for transmitting sensory information from the pharynx."
"Injury to the ninth cranial nerve can cause difficulty in swallowing."
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