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There is 1 meaning of the phrase Metallic Element.

Metallic Element - as a noun

Any of several chemical elements that are usually shiny solids that conduct heat or electricity and can be formed into sheets etc.

Synonyms (Exact Relations)
Hypernyms (Closely Related)
chemical elementelement9
Hyponyms (Broadly Related)
heavy metalbase metalnoble metalal2
aluminium13aluminum12atomic number 13am4americium15atomic number 95antimony13atomic number 51sbatomic number 56ba4barium10atomic number 97berkelium17bkatomic number 4be4beryllium16glucinium14atomic number 83bi4bismuth14atomic number 48cadmium14cdatomic number 20cacalcium13atomic number 98californium18cfatomic number 58cecerium10atomic number 55caesium11cesium10csatomic number 24chromium17cratomic number 27cocobalt10atomic number 29copper12cuatomic number 96cmcurium10atomic number 66dydysprosium18atomic number 99eeinsteinium13es2atomic number 68er2erbium10atomic number 63eueuropium12atomic number 100fermium14fmatomic number 87frfrancium15atomic number 64gadolinium14gdatomic number 31gagallium10atomic number 72hafnium15hfatomic number 67holmium14atomic number 49in2indium9atomic number 77iriridium10atomic number 26fe5iron4atomic number 57la2lanthanum14atomic number 82lead5pbatomic number 3li2lithium12atomic number 71lulutecium12lutetium10atomic number 12magnesium14mgatomic number 25manganese12mnatomic number 80hghydrargyrum24mercury14quicksilver29atomic number 42mo4molybdenum20atomic number 60ndneodymium17atomic number 93neptunium13npatomic number 28ninickel12atomic number 41nbniobium11atomic number 76os2osmium10atomic number 46palladium14pdatomic number 84po4polonium12atomic number 19kpotassium13atomic number 59prpraseodymium22atomic number 61pmpromethium19atomic number 91pa4protactinium18protoactinium19atomic number 88raradium9atomic number 75re2rhenium12atomic number 45rhrhodium13atomic number 37rbrubidium13atomic number 44ruruthenium14atomic number 62samarium12smatomic number 21scscandium13atomic number 11na2sodium9atomic number 38srstrontium11atomic number 73ta2tantalum10atomic number 43tctechnetium17atomic number 65tbterbium11atomic number 81thallium13tlatomic number 90ththorium12atomic number 69thulium12tmatomic number 50sntin3atomic number 22ti2titanium10atomic number 74tungsten9wwolfram15atomic number 92uuranium9atomic number 23vvanadium14atomic number 70ybytterbium16atomic number 39yyttrium12atomic number 30zinc15znatomic number 40zirconium22zralkali metalalkaline metalalkaline-earth metalalkaline earthiron group element

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Example Sentences

"Iron is a metallic element often used in construction."
"Gold is a highly valued metallic element."
"Copper is a common metallic element found in electrical wiring."
"Aluminum is a lightweight metallic element used in various industries."
"Silver is a shiny metallic element frequently used in jewelry."
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