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There is 1 meaning of the word Kinaesthetic.

Kinaesthetic - as an adjective

Of or relating to kinesthesis

Synonyms (Exact Relations)

Example Sentences

"She has a strong kinaesthetic sense and learns best through hands-on activities."
"The dance instructor emphasized the importance of kinaesthetic awareness while learning the choreography."
"Playing sports requires good kinaesthetic coordination and body control."
"The kinaesthetic feedback from the steering wheel helped the driver stay on the road."
"The artist used kinaesthetic movements to create fluid brushstrokes on the canvas."
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Word Game Points

Is KINAESTHETIC a valid Scrabble word?
Yes, kinaesthetic is valid for Scrabble UK/EU only
US/CA Invalid UK/EU Valid

KINAESTHETIC has a SCRABBLE points total of 21.

Is KINAESTHETIC a valid Words With Friends word?
No, kinaesthetic is NOT valid for Words With Friends
Invalid Word
KINAESTHETIC is not a valid Words With Friends word.

Is KINAESTHETIC a valid WordFeud word?
Yes, kinaesthetic is valid for WordFeud
Valid Word
KINAESTHETIC has a WORDFEUD points total of 22.

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