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There are 11 meanings of the word Jam.

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Jam - as a noun

Preserve of crushed fruit

Hypernyms (Closely Related)
Hyponyms (Broadly Related)

Informal terms for a difficult situation

Example: "He got into a terrible fix"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)
fix13hole7kettle of fishmess6muddle10pickle14
Hypernyms (Closely Related)
Hyponyms (Broadly Related)

A dense crowd of people

Synonyms (Exact Relations)
Hypernyms (Closely Related)
Hyponyms (Broadly Related)

Deliberate radiation or reflection of electromagnetic energy for the purpose of disrupting enemy use of electronic devices or systems

Synonyms (Exact Relations)
electronic jammingjamming19
Hypernyms (Closely Related)
ecmelectronic countermeasures
Hyponyms (Broadly Related)

Jam - as a verb

Press tightly together or cram

Example: "The crowd packed the auditorium"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)

Push down forcibly

Example: "The driver jammed the brake pedal to the floor"

Crush or bruise

Example: "Jam a toe"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)

Interfere with or prevent the reception of signals

Example: "Jam the voice of america"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)
Hypernyms (Closely Related)
break upcut offdisrupt10interrupt11
Hyponyms (Broadly Related)

Get stuck and immobilized

Example: "The mechanism jammed"

Crowd or pack to capacity

Example: "The theater was jampacked"

Synonyms (Exact Relations)
chock upcram8jampackram5

Example Sentences

"I spread jam on my toast in the morning."
"The traffic jam lasted for hours."
"My mom made homemade strawberry jam."
"We danced to the old jams at the party."
"My favorite jam is raspberry."
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Word Game Points

Is JAM a valid Scrabble word?
Yes, jam is valid for both Scrabble US and EU
US/CA Valid UK/EU Valid

JAM has a SCRABBLE points total of 12.

Is JAM a valid Words With Friends word?
Yes, jam is valid for Words With Friends
Valid Word
JAM has a WORDS WITH FRIENDS points total of 15.

Is JAM a valid WordFeud word?
Yes, jam is valid for WordFeud
Valid Word
JAM has a WORDFEUD points total of 14.

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