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There is 1 meaning of the word Ethanal.

Ethanal - as a noun

A colorless volatile water-soluble liquid aldehyde used chiefly in the manufacture of acetic acid and perfumes and drugs

Synonyms (Exact Relations)

Example Sentences

"Exposure to ethanal in high concentrations can be harmful to human health."
"The production of ethanal involves the oxidation of ethanol."
"Many perfumes and fragrances contain ethanal."
"The smell of ethanal is often described as fruity or pungent."
"Certain medications may contain small amounts of ethanal as a preservative."
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Word Game Points

Is ETHANAL a valid Scrabble word?
Yes, ethanal is valid for Scrabble UK/EU only
US/CA Invalid UK/EU Valid

ETHANAL has a SCRABBLE points total of 10.

Is ETHANAL a valid Words With Friends word?
No, ethanal is NOT valid for Words With Friends
Invalid Word
ETHANAL is not a valid Words With Friends word.

Is ETHANAL a valid WordFeud word?
Yes, ethanal is valid for WordFeud
Valid Word
ETHANAL has a WORDFEUD points total of 10.

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